How do you decide to help a Soul in Distress?

Souls exist on the physical realm and the Spiritual Realm, but does helping one take precedence over another? Recently I have faced this dilemma, and I had to search deep for my reasons for or against helping. Take for example, you see someone being attacked in the street; that is a Soul in distress that […]

Souls unable to R.I.P. @meredithkercher

Sometimes the soul cannot be at peace and move on to the next stage, especially if they were murdered or justice had not been served. Not only do they remain stuck and blocked, but their ability to communicate with psychics and other realms is limited and is more difficult to interpret as they continue to […]

Believing in the Bigger Picture

With so much backstabbing in a world that thrives and accepts misleading truths as a norm it is a wonder anyone knows what the truth is anymore. Reports and figures are fudged, documents enhanced and elaborated and white lies become justifiable in a persons conscience. ‘If someone bullies you or is rude to you, then […]