The Shift, The Coronavirus Pandemic, And Challenges To Humanity

About 6 years ago I felt a huge shift in the Universe and it made me shudder for I knew it would be something like a war or an outbreak that would change the world. You can read some of my thoughts back then when I wrote about it. Usually I keep these thoughts to myself, but I did mention it to a friend at the time, and when the Syrian war demanded the attention of the world, I thought that was it, but it wasn’t for I knew it was much darker and would affect all of humanity. While the war led to many refugees, it didn’t impact every soul as the coronavirus has.Sometimes as a Sensitive you want to be wrong when you see darkness, but life exists with both light and dark balancing each other. For too long, humanity has been dark in terms of how humans prioritize things, and how they choose to behave, and as an Ancient Soul you accept certain things, but adapting for the sake of it is not an option. Thus, like many Old Souls I choose a hermitage lifestyle as far as possible in order to live on the physical plane as it is.

To be honest, I thought it would be a war because with advanced medical technology an outbreak like the Black Death could be controlled. What I didn’t bank on was the sheer selfishness, and recklessness of humanity that spread the coronavirus––some unwittingly, and others who deceived authorities to avoid quarantine. Then to add to it, it appeared to have begun in a communist state where any information proffered was going to be limited. The two elements made for a quick spreading virus that is now a worldwide pandemic. Now named Covid-19, the virus has spread across the world, and in a democratic world, ordering a lockdown has far greater issues than in a communist state. Countries were reluctant to order a lockdown, and even when they did, people didn’t take it seriously. That was until the death toll rose each day, and when the medical experts said there was no vaccine or cure, people began to panic.

The question some may ask is why now? If we look at the world from the outside, over the last 4-5 years I would say, humanity has evolved into a largely selfish race, and the most recent generations (millennials and Gen Z) have little respect or regard for others. Materialism, finding fame on social media, making profit irrespective of how, and a lack of respect for others opinions have been gradually increasing in society and somehow, no matter how obtuse, the older generations had to accept it because the millennials were in management positions, and forcing their opinions on the world. However, it’s not all on the millennials, as there are other unscrupulous beings that are from other generations, but the millennial entitlement has exacerbated what has already been tolerated.

Most countries are finding ways to tackle the pandemic, but trying to control a population that have enjoyed democratic freedoms is hard, for not all beings are sensible or think about their fellow citizens. The simple message was to stay at home, and limit travel and contact with others in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Many people ignored the guidelines and carried on as normal which forced several countries to close their borders, order the shutdown of shops, and to fine people on the streets who didn’t have a good reason to be there (as in going for food or medicine, or work if they couldn’t work from home). Even then, people complained and flouted the laws, and is this nature attempting to reset humanity?

Having read some of the queries people have been posting online since the lockdown and the guidance for self-isolation, they are all about the ‘me’ which is in the bigger picture the possible point of the pandemic. The purpose is not to think about the ‘me’ but others and learning to help each other if and when you can. Selfish shoppers have stockpiled items so that often there is nothing left for the elderly or medical staff to buy. I have a friend who stockpiled for women in a refuge, and while it’s admirable to help others, I would question their need is greater than a senior in their 80s who wants to buy their weekly shopping but can’t. The elderly are high risk, and medical staff working long shifts don’t have the luxury to shop as and when, so in both cases I would say their need is greater than those living in a refuge that still have access to food and basics.

A mother cried because there were no diapers on the shelf, but a wise one would find a way, and use the old fashioned flannel ones. There is always a solution rather than crying and complaining about inconveniences which is what the current generations are doing. If there are no tins of soup, then make your own, no bread, then bake your own as they did during the war. Others who are self-employed carry on working because they can’t get benefits, but if they catch the virus and die, then what was the point? The reality is that many companies, especially start-ups and ones that depend on consumer spending, and the travel and hospitality industry will either fold or have to begin from scratch again, but that reminds us that the material elements on this plane are transient and can disappear as quickly as the gains were gotten.

Others are worried about rent, and paying the bills, and again whilst they are important if you are dead from the virus then it’s irrelevant. At times we worry about things unnecessarily, because there can easily be a power cut and there will be no wi-fi or electricity even if you can pay for it, and you have to learn to live with it. Being homeless is never a good situation to be in, but there is help available, and when you lose something or the convenience of what you have been used to, then you appreciate it more. I have a friend who had meters for all his utilities and sometimes he goes without because he has no money and has to live with it. I saw first hand at how resilient he was, and also I looked at what we really need versus what we are used to having. Before you ask, yes I did help him, but he chose to spend money on drugs and cigarettes, and so enabling him didn’t help, and instead I filled his freezer with food.

The pandemic is a challenge to humanity, forcing it to change, yet there are many that resist the change despite their actions being selfish and possibly leading to more deaths. I heard of a man on a plane who as he got off admitted to the staff he had coronavirus (thus he may have infected the whole flight), a woman who lied about being in China when she arrived at her destination country to avoid quarantine, a banker who had tested positive for the virus and went to a conference in a city, and a parent who had a household family member infected who took his child to a school sports activity. These are just a few of the reported cases of human selfishness that have spread the virus and that have led to the worldwide situation we as humanity face. Sporting events have been postponed, air travel is virtually grounded, and standards of hygiene have finally been stepped up, but human attitudes still bear a selfish streak.

While I’m not quite OCD, I have always been aware of germs and thus have always carried wet wipes and wash my hands constantly, use gloves on public transport, and tissues to open door handles. Some used to laugh at me, but they aren’t now. Living a semi-hermitage lifestyle means often I don’t leave the house for days, or weeks so I am used to a small stockpile and making do with what I have, so self-isolating isn’t a problem for me, and nor is the enhanced hygiene methods that people are only now adopting.

What has changed is the attitude of people, while some are selfish, others have reached out to help others. The spiritual lesson with coronavirus is not in finding a vaccine, but trying to get humanity to realize and acknowledge they have responsibilities to their fellow citizens. Governments can enforce laws, and fine those who disobey them, but then one must ask why these people behave like this when it’s to help save the lives of others? Those who prize paying the bills and putting food on the table as they say over their lives, again one must question their priorities for people can live on less food, and a well stocked pantry usually lasts a couple of weeks at least. What good is a trolley full of groceries when the breadwinner is dead?

The more I read about the ‘plight’ of some people, they seem to depend on others to give them a solution, or they want others to justify their actions when they contradict the government rules. It appears some people still don’t learn, and try to manipulate the rules to suit them and that’s the problem with humanity, in that people only think about themselves and their circumstances. Life is a lesson where you make your choices and learn from them, and not to make excuses when you want a short cut. Perhaps some people needed to be deprived of what they have taken for granted to appreciate life, and businesses that profited erroneously from others that will fold, may think twice about they choose to operate.

It is a dark and testing time for the world and humanity, and we shouldn’t blame governments for the crisis (maybe China for not being as forthcoming as they could have been), because the spread was due to irresponsible and selfish human behaviour. The shift will come to pass, but how long it lasts depends on how humanity chooses to react, and so far I’m afraid it’s not looking good with people deliberately ignoring the laws, and the continued selfish attitude that a huge percentage of the human race seem to have adopted. Some good has come about, with communities becoming stronger, and others helping neighbours they never knew, but the selfishness persists. There is hope, but how many more deaths need to occur before people listen, and realize it’s not all about them? The message is clear––humanity needs to change its current path.

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