Jumping Off A Cliff

I remember at my first job one of the hot topics the girls discussed were psychics and who they thought were worth seeing. I was in a dead end job in a department store and just about everyone was looking to escape, and psychics gave them all hope. I’d always been interested in the supernatural, and it was often a case of ,’I’ll go if you go…’ and even though my own abilities were green, I resisted. I was where I was for a reason (not a great one), but I had like many had fallen into the trap of the ‘fear’ of leaving something that was easy. Plucking up the courage to leave was hard when there were few opportunities around, but some people did leave––one through a divorce, another pregnancy, and one finally got a job on the cruise ships after trying for several years. My own plans were thwarted when a company I had applied to had spoken to one of managers in passing and asked about me without my permission. My manager didn’t want to promote me or to lose me as I made her a lot of commission each month, so she upped my salary by 10% when she found out I was trying to leave. However, it wasn’t about money because I needed a challenge and to do something I actually wanted to do, but when you are surrounded daily by people with the ‘fear’ and who lack courage, it’s hard to make that break.

Lesley was fairly new but was having a difficult time during her marriage, and one day she said she wanted to see the albino partially sighted psychic others had been on about and asked if I wanted to go with her. I was stuck in a rut, we both were, and decided to go. There wasn’t much to lose, and we could take it or leave it. I went first and because we were good friends we listened to each others readings. My main question was should I leave my job for another similar one but in London. She never said yes or no, and that’s the point of this post because she smiled and said I would be staying on the same path if I did. At the time I thought well aren’t we supposed to follow our paths? The test was to see if our readings would be similar and they were completely different, and Lesley’s did focus on her marriage even though she hadn’t asked about it. She had wanted out, and preferred my reading.

Then she said, “You need to jump off a cliff,” and I looked at her in horror. My first thought was ‘isn’t that dangerous?’ and she said, “You’ll be fine, but it’s your choice,” however that didn’t reassure me at that moment in time. Now in hindsight I understand what she meant, that it was a leap of faith because at times the path you are on doesn’t serve you well, but you must choose to stop it and jump off the cliff. She repeated herself that if I chose to move to another job I would remain on the same path (even though I didn’t get it then, because surely leaving a job creates a new path, but it doesn’t always actually), and that would be fine, but reassured me that jumping off the cliff was an option, and one she seemed to be encouraging me to do.

Even though the reading was over 20 years ago, I remember her words and today I thought of her, reassuring me that I would be fine and not to be afraid. I need that courage right now with some of my challenges that I am facing, and it makes standing on the cliff edge a little easier. Sometimes we must choose to stop the path we are on when you feel numb inside and helpless, and it’s probably the worst time to try to do something so drastic. Yet when a path goes around in circles, you must question whether that is healthy for the Soul or not. I have jumped off a few cliffs, and there have been a few scrapes but I survived, and the albino psychic was right––I was okay, but taking that first jump was the hardest. Yes, I was afraid and there was no guarantee of the outcome, but through it I found strength within myself. It wasn’t easy or plain sailing, but my first jump left me crying because I found a freedom within myself that I didn’t know existed, and I was angry at myself for having put it off through fear. That’s the problem with society at times, it hands out all these rules that you are supposed to follow, but they don’t always work out either. I remember that moment of elation when I had chosen to jump off a cliff and it was scary, but it led to a new path, and I feel it’s time maybe to jump off another cliff.

I didn’t have the courage or faith to follow the advice given back then, and that’s why sometimes it’s unwise to visit a psychic if you aren’t prepared to have an open mind. The choice to ‘jump off the cliff’ came later and through a huge nudge and wake up call. In hindsight it was a sign, and that’s why we should follow our hearts and listen to our Souls and not always follow the guidebooks or what others say. Having the courage to listen to your Soul can be hard, but once you do it can be liberating, and you will discover a sense of calm and freedom within that words simply can’t express.

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