Sensitivity to Smells ~ Finding a Balance

You may have read about the ‘clair’ abilities, and clairscent is one of the lesser known ones compared to say clairvoyance, and it’s understandable how one would think what harm can smelling something supernatural do? However, it’s not just perhaps the scent of a Spirit that is around you that you may sense, but it can be smells from prior lives that you pick up on that can also cause issues on the physical plane.

Over the last few years, my sensitivity to smells has increased and it’s only now that I am struggling to find a balance because they can disrupt your life and sleep, just as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance can. The latter is my main clair which I rarely discuss because simply put, it scares people and they don’t understand. Many Sensitives struggle to find a balance, especially when a clair abillity increases suddenly.

With clairscent it can help you identify what Spirit is around you that wishes to communicate. It can be hard to figure out if it’s a Spirit or whether you are just very sensitive to smells, and I often ignore things until they linger for more than a day. I’ve had various Spirits around me for various reasons and their smell can be overwhelming at times, staying with me for a couple of weeks until I have received or understood the message they wanted me to get. There is no choice but to accept the message especially if a Spirit requests help because they will just remain until you do.

Not all smells are pleasant, and because they are so strong they can impede your life and there is nothing you can do, and that’s a downside of being Sensitive in that you can’t switch it on and off.  I discovered this when I finally found the information I needed  in relation to a project I was working on, and the smell disappeared after staying with me for early 3 weeks. When I say it stayed with me, it wasn’t constant, but was around me wherever I was, and at times was stronger and then it would fade away only to return later.

However, you can also be sensitive to smells that remind you of difficult or traumatic past lives, and this is just my theory. I can’t stand the smell of incense, but never understood why as it makes me anxious and nervous and even banned a flatmate from using it and discovered years later I had a difficult death in a temple. The smell of certain spices and Indian foods like curry make me nauseous, and even if I walk past somewhere it can make me physically ill. People don’t understand the severity of it all, and I have to air places or avoid places where these smells are. In the past I had managed the odd bite of naan bread or vegetable samosa, but not any more as my sensitivity has increased, and I hold my breath when there is incense around, and avoid shops that burn it.

It’s kind of life or death without sounding too dramatic, but the smells can disrupt the other senses, and recently I fell ill for no reason with a migraine and a fever, all because of the smell of spices that had not been cleared completely in the kitchen. Some thought me over the top or paranoid, but you know instinctively when something is wrong and if you react to avoid it, it’s because you are protecting yourself, and at times I have find myself choking from smells, and having anxiety attacks, and people around me just see me as being difficult. I actually like Thai curry and have no problems with it, but there must be some certain spices that in Indian food that cause an adverse reaction and for me to feel anxious–– I don’t know why, but it has always existed since childhood and has heightened in adulthood.

Both of the above are very different from what others call being sensitive to smells, as in they can smell when food is off, or stale smoke, because this is from a spiritual aspect where the scent and smells can’t be sensed by others or the effect is a personal one based on a previous experience. These scents can be triggers for warnings, or can be a sign that the clair abilities are strengthening and so the Soul needs to find a balance to adapt. In both cases (the scent of Spirits and scents reminiscent of past lives), smells that you can’t control can be disruptive to everyday life, leading to headaches, feeling sick, and being unable to concentrate or sleep. Trust me, it’s hard when you can’t get rid of a smell that follows you around 24/7 and to pretend it’s not there. It can be disorientating which is why it can create an imbalance with other abilities.

To give you an idea of the difficulties, scents can be so strong they supersede all other smells around you, for example if you are cooking, you can’t smell your food (I love the smell of freshly baked bread), when you go for a walk outside for fresh air, the scent remains around you and it can be at times suffocating. One answer is to ask the Spirit to ease off and give you a break or to leave, sometimes they do, but they can and do return. You may ask why do I get this when I didn’t ask for it or call the Spirits, but when you are Sensitive and Spirits need help, this is one way of them making their presence known, or they are a sign that you are on the right path. In terms of smells that make you feel anxious or nauseous, go with your instinct and avoid them––people won’t necessarily understand, and that is another issue Sensitives have to work around and hide. At times you can’t explain the intangible, but after feeling ill, weak, and sick due to certain smells I know what to avoid. The hardest problem is getting others to respect my sensitivities and to convince them that I am not crazy!

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