Trust And Betrayal

Trust and betrayal are two of the most fundamental Soul Lessons that the Soul will learn eternally, and ones we will all encounter during each incarnation, but also while we are in the Spiritual Realm. There has to be trust with Guides, and also the Higher Self, so how do know when to trust, and how much to trust? How can you learn to trust again when you have been betrayed?

When we are born, we have little choice but to trust those who are around us because we aren’t able to actively make decisions. That’s when we must go by instinct, and sense danger, or know that something is safe. We have to trust our parents, those who they trust, and our teachers, the priest, and the local police officers because they are supposed to be trustworthy, yet we know that is not always the case. A minority will always abuse the sacred trust and use it as a weapon (some to exert power) and of course that is wrong, but that doesn’t mean we should never trust. Trust is earned, and gained through time, but sometimes we must use instinct. Betrayal is usually premeditated for a reason, but we all need to know the signs so that we can avoid it, and help others who have been betrayed. Therefore, betrayal is one of the harsh Soul Lessons we must learn.

However, helping others who can’t see that they are being used, manipulated or being betrayed is not easy. You also have the dilemma of whether or not you should intervene as it’s their life lesson to learn and we must accept the consequences of our choices. Recently someone asked me if a child of mine was behaving badly and destroying the family, would I cut them off. I said ‘yes’ without hesitating because although it may seem cruel, you do what is the right thing for the best outcome for all.

Trust isn’t tangible, so there are levels of trust that build up, or decline depending on interactions. However, actions can also be manipulated so that trust is gained under false pretenses. Trust is something we must learn, and it can be a case of trial and error, as is the same with betrayal. When we find someone we can trust it feels good, and when we discover someone who has betrayed you, understandably you question whether trust is a good thing. We must learn to trust, but with caution and listen to the gut instinct and not just what you hear or from the words you read.

As humans we aren’t perfect, so when we do betray someone (that includes lying) why do we do it, and how does it make us feel?  If the roles were reversed, how would you feel? We lie when we know the consequences will be bad, and white lies seem harmless but once a child gets away with it then they carry on. My friend’s son was playing with the cat, but then the cat ended up with a broken leg, but the child wouldn’t say how, probably because he knew he would get told off. The point is, sometimes the consequences of telling the truth are minimal compared to those incurred with lies, but because we don’t know the outcome, we fear the truth if it means we must admit a mistake.

At times we have to ask people to trust us blindly and that’s never easy. How can we trust our Guides when we don’t know them, even thought they are supposed to always have our best interests at heart? I’ve had a few tough love Guides, and in hindsight that was good because too often we expect too much from the misconception that Guides come to protect and save us. Well, some may do in a a roundabout way, but they are there to ‘guide’ and to offer advice when there is nowhere else to turn (sometimes).

As we get more experienced, Souls can be cautious and wary, but they still trust with reservation, and can sense the onset of betrayal more readily. Without having experienced and survived betrayal, the Soul would not have learned the lesson and gained the knowledge and ability to sense it again, thus both trust and betrayal are lessons a Soul will encounter and learn during each incarnation at different levels. This is what protects the Soul and helps it evolve.

Souls tend to trust Lightworkers more readily, because they can sense that they mean no harm. Often I get Souls who barely know me trusting me, and usually later on they tell me they could just sense that they could trust me, although I do caution them to be wary in future. Lightworkers can also sense betrayal, and this can help warn others, although at times I choose to steer clear because again, betrayal isn’t tangible, and when you have no proof you can’t always act, but you look for inconsistencies that indicate that all is not what it seems.

Don’t be afraid of betrayal, and don’t be afraid to trust as these are natural Soul Lessons that each Soul must learn, and with it comes the ability to use the natural instincts that can protect from harm. Trust also enables Soul Contracts to be fulfilled, as well as having those nearby who can be relied upon for unconditional support during an incarnation. Finding a balance is a lesson in itself, for we must trust others and gain the trust of others too.

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