Palmistry ~ Is It Real or Accurate?

People have always been fascinated by the lines on the palms of the hands, and what they mean. Everyone wants to hear about the good fortune they have, but is palmistry real, and if not then why do people have lines in the palms of their hands?

When I was a teenager, a group of us had our palms read at college by one of the mature students, his name was Fran. It was a bit of a laugh, and some people he said would have very ordinary lives, then he came to mine. I didn’t know him at all except to say hi to in the refectory, but he raised his eyebrows at mine and this piqued everyones interest. What he said was very different to all the others, he even managed some locations I would live in, when I would be successful, and warned me not to trust someone and that when that time arrives I would remember his words. This morning as I awoke, I recall something else he said, and it has come to pass. Most of my friends knew I was destined to leave the area, and so it didn’t surprise them, and it made me look into palmistry more.

I got a book to read up on the basic lines, but from then on you use your intuition to read if you have spiritual gifts. It’s a combination of knowing how to interpret the lines in conjunction with connecting with the Higher Self of the sitter if they wish a message to be conveyed. I only read to help people with guidance, or if  they feel they need some advice and over the years I have learned to be careful with my readings because most people don’t expect others to know their secrets.

I once read the palm of a friend’s mother and told her that she had not followed her destined path, and she admitted it was so by walking out on childhood sweetheart and marrying someone else. That altered her entire path. A work colleague who handed over her palm to me had no idea that I knew she had a fling while she was in a relationship and that scared her. When I was at a boot camp to pass the time I read palms, and saw one girl was distant from her biological family, and she told me after the reading that she had been adopted.  There are many other things that have been confirmed by my sitters, at times reluctantly so perhaps our paths are etched out in our palms?

However, the lines on the palms can and do change which is why a good reader will compare the two palms; one is the blueprint, and the other is how the incarnation evolves. Due to free will, and the fact that the actions of others in our lives can alter that predestined path, lines can and do change. Basically the fewer lines with no crosses, means a straightforward and steady life. Those with lots of lines and crosses, grilles, or breaks means obstacles, or a change in direction. While some say it can be negative, one must remember this is what makes each incarnation unique and that by overcoming and facing adversity leads to an evolved and wiser Soul.

Reading palms is a skill, and you read the lines in conjunction with each other and is far more accurate than say a tarot card reading where the cards may never be drawn again. If the lines mean nothing then why do they exist? They have no actual function, but even so one must remember that Fate also can change things. Over the years I have noticed some lines have changed since my teenage years when I first started to take notice of them. I think back to that afternoon when Fran read my palm, and while it’s harder to be objective when reading your own palm, for a stranger to read your palm and to hone in on what matters to you led me to believe there was more to palmistry than it being a fairground attraction.

We all have a blueprint destiny, but it is up to the self to fulfill it. The lines on the palms can also reveal your character, how you have developed, what choices you have made, and also the strength of length of the relationships that the Soul has chosen in the incarnation. Sometimes it’s easier to look in hindsight, because you can’t always be honest if you were in love with someone until after the fact, or admit you were headstrong and stubborn until later in life. An incarnation is about learning, and with the good there always has to be some challenges, so never be afraid of obstacles, and a reading can help you understand the lessons you have learnt, and also the ones you still need to work on.

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