Finding Balance v Grounding

Whenever I hear someone say, “You need grounding,” I can’t help but roll my eyes these days because I actually consider it a rather arrogant statement. To many it means that you are out of balance, or out of synch; but a balance of what exactly? Can one ever be truly balanced? What is spiritual grounding and how can you ground yourself when you have no point of reference? It’s enough to make you worried about what you lack, or to wonder what you have ‘lost’ when you didn’t even know you lacked or lost it. Others say spiritual grounding is connecting with the spiritual world to anchor yourself, but I would heed caution in this, because often I find people who do this find themselves detached from real life on the physical realm. While some may think that is a good thing, the fact is we are Souls here in the physical realm for a reason, and while we can connect to the spiritual realm from time to time, it is important to find a healthy balance of the two realms.

Many consider ‘grounding’ is needed when you have lost your way, disconnected with your guides or spiritual side, or are being influenced by other factors; basically it’s when you are spiritually lost or confused. However, if you aren’t even aware of  these things, how can you consciously choose to ‘ground; yourself?  If you go to other sites they advise on things such as connecting with nature, fasting, and meditating which if you want to do these things then fine, but they won’t guarantee the said outcomes. Not everyone has a beach to walk on around the corner, or a wood they can go for a walk in, and meditating as I have said before can open portals if you are not balanced that can make you more vulnerable. Quite simply put, it’s not always practical and there is the real life issue of stress which people can confuse with the need to ‘ground’ themselves. At times when you feel out of sorts, tired, confused, or lost, that can be a symptom of living in society because often we try to do too much because others appear to do it, and  it pushes people outside of their natural abilities. What I have learned is that it is necessary to slow down, and take your time and do things within your own abilities, because then you are conscious of your actions and learn more.

When someone years ago told me I needed grounding, I didn’t actually know what they meant because I hadn’t ‘awakened’ but had sought a Sensitive for advice. The fact is I wasn’t consciously spiritually active, therefore grounding was unimportant to me, but finding a balance was more feasible and that’s what I consider to be more practical. Not everyone needs to connect to their Guides, because some are quite content to go along with what will be––in fact, I would say the majority of Souls don’t consciously connect with their Guides because it’s not actually necessary. I rarely call upon mine, and they leave me to it! It’s a misconception that all spiritual folks MUST connect with their Guides, because they are there like a reference book, to be used only as and when. However, a Soul should always be connected to the Higher Self, and many are subconsciously, and that is an important bond. If that bond is disconnected, then a Soul may feel lost and disorientated.

As an advisor, I have in the past told others they needed grounding, and in hindsight it was wrong and used the phrase merely because others had used it with me. I see it as wrong because it is making a judgement and assessment of someone, telling them they are weak, or that they have made a mistake somewhere, and that is not always the case. A far better phrase to use is to find a balance, and some say that’s what grounding is, but I see it as others saying someone needs to develop their spiritual side. As Souls on the physical realm it is important to live in the here and now, and that is to find a realistic balance with living and developing the Soul on a spiritual level.

Finding a balance is a daily challenge for us all, and that is why we must create out own boundaries. If someone tells you that you need grounding, the first thing you think of is why, and how? They may sense an imbalance, but there maybe a number of factors, and so grounding techniques and advice won’t always work, and to someone following that advice it will be more frustrating, especially if they are made to feel they must ground themselves to be normal. Each day is like a see-saw where there will be moments of balance that quickly fade away, and with each imbalance we learn how to rebalance. That is learning to live, and is normal for very few have completely balanced lives if they are being honest. Everyone goes through some worries or stress, doubts, or confusion because that is human and normal. Striving for the impossible (and unrealistic) can make things worse as you attempt to achieve something that isn’t necessary.

What’s my advice on finding balance? First of all, don’t put pressure on yourself, and then take a step back and be honest with yourself with what doesn’t seem to be going right. Look at the options, and then decide if you are able to carry them out. If not, then wait until you can because if you try something half hearted, often it won’t work out. Take your time, and make time to do something each day you enjoy such as maybe eating a slice of cake, or to listen to some music even if it’s for 10-15 minutes, because that can make or break a day. Moments of balance are transient at best, but the important thing is to be realistic about a balanced life, and to gain the knowledge and skills to know how to cope and rebalance when things spiral out of control. You don’t learn these skills from books, or videos, but through experiences and accepting that imbalance is part of normal life. 

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