Doreen Virtue ~ Why Did Her Path Suddenly Change?

It’s been nearly two years since Doreen Virtue renounced all that she said she believed in and turned her back on what she calls ‘New Age’ spirituality. She said she had been deceived by the devil all these years, but she built up a cult following and still has one, although some have been left confused and lost. That’s what happens when people follow blindly, and then realize their guru got it all wrong. But how can people trust her when she basically preached to millions, and now says it was all the work of the devil? I would like to think she had good intentions, but got side tracked by the business side of things. She was always doing workshops and courses for people that wanted to feel and be spiritual, but doing a workshop doesn’t (as I have said many a time) make you spiritual.

I first encountered Doreen Virtue about 7 years ago when a friend mentioned reading a book of hers, and another had a deck of her cards. I was skeptical for several reasons because she seemed to churn out lots of airy fairy books and decks of cards, but she did balance it with her free talks and readings. With all things spiritual, you must take what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t feel right and that’s what I did with Doreen. Some of her theories on angel numbers appeared to be comforting, but I was concerned at the cost of her workshops and that she had the temerity to award people certificates to certify them as card readers. That was a big red flag because it was all about the money, and I’m sure any sane person can see that. No one, and I mean no one can certify and verify someone as a card reader. It’s the same as in the spiritual retreat I was at and left when they ran a course on how to become a spiritual mentor and guide at a cost of $3k. Common sense tells you that this is fake or that they are trying to extort you.

I bought one book, but read the first page and nothing resonated. A friend wanted to borrow it and I never asked for it back. When I read only a few weeks ago that Doreen had turned her back on all of her work I was not surprised, but I was at the hostility of some of her followers. The fact she has denounced all her work maybe confusing to many, and how did she get it so wrong? Who is to say she hasn’t got it wrong again? I don’t use her cards and never have, but I did try a reading online several times and they did bring comfort and hope, and when you are down that’s when people generally do readings.

I recall a while back I listened to her radio show when I was going through a Dark Night of the Soul, and from that I did get some comfort, so she did do some good and I believe her intent was genuine but misdirected. When she said her creating the archangel deck was wrong, she was right. It was arrogant to make such a deck, and she is also right in that angels are not for all and sundry to summon. Your Guides are for that, and not angels, which is why whenever I see someone claiming to channel from ‘angels’ I know that is not real, because the work of angels is not to preach messages. I have a friend who churned out channeled messages, but then she went AWOL for a couple of years, due to a spiritual incident is all our mutual friend would say.

How did Doreen get it wrong? Was she misguided, motivated by ego (books, fame, fans and money) or could she not see clearly? I have always stated from the outset that I won’t teach people how to become spiritual or how to guide because by holding a workshop, you take money from people and can’t guarantee the outcome. People were angry that they didn’t get refunds or that the courses had stopped, but Doreen was probably in a state of confusion herself not knowing what she believed in. This is why I offer my advice freely and there is no donate button, and my books are free as well. I have never charged for a reading, but I offer them only to those who feel they need them.

Doreen is now Christian and is now following the bible; I have always said you can be spiritual and not be religious and that still stands. You can be religious but not spiritual too. The bible one must remember is translated, and must be interpreted for the era we are in. Use it as a guide, but not to the letter, for example the bible talks of slaves and servants, something that the western world has abolished. What about Bilhah and Zilpah who were forced to be concubines? Is that something acceptable today (watch The Handmaid’s Tale)? There are other tales that guide us such as ‘The Good Samaritan’ and the ‘The Widow’s Offering’ and the 10 Commandments which are slightly outdated:

  1. You shall have no other Gods but me.
  2. You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.
  3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
  4. You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy. (Sadly many people work on Sunday these days and have no choice if they want to make a living).
  5. Respect your father and mother. (Respect is earned regardless of who they are, because parents who abandon, mistreat, and harm you do not deserve respect).
  6. You must not commit murder.
  7. You must not commit adultery.
  8. You must not steal.
  9. You must not give false evidence against your neighbour. (This basically means lying, and people do lie hence why people sue in court all the time, why they pray for forgiveness and repent.)
  10. You must not be envious of your neighbour’s goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour. (Gender equality for start, as women own and run households, and these days people are always trying to get one up on others).

I for one am glad Doreen has realized that some of her work was brainwashing others, and perhaps this is her karmic consequence? However, she compiled an A-Z of ‘evils’ which seem a little far fetched to me, and that’s why I caution as to whether she has been misguided again? I personally only use tarot to reconfirm a message when I need more clarification, or if a spirit is trying to communicate and aren’t clear, but this is for personal use only. In fact I hadn’t picked up my cards for at least a year until recently when I needed reconfirmation of something. There are always dark entities that prey on those who are wishing to seek things, and only your intuition will tell you whether that is the case. Divination tools are not to be toyed with, and I have friends who refuse to have anything to do with cards, but they like crystals and believe in their healing power (I am a skeptic, but it does seem to work for some people, and that is harmless as long as you don’t rely on it).

I am not controlled by anything other than my own conscience and morals, but here is a brief list of what I think of her A-Z of ‘evils’ that the New Age follow; I am not and have never been New Age, but follow what I feel is right for me, and that I can see the logic in:

Affirmations ~ I don’t do them and I see them as part of the Law of Attraction fad where people convince themselves of things to suit them. Fate and Destiny exist, and all the chanting and affirmations will not change the destined path your Soul has chosen to take.

Angels ~ This is where most of her work was centered and angels are God’s aides and not for others to call upon as and when. That is a given, so why it took her so long to figure that out is uncertain. I don’t use angel cards, numbers I look at but don’t take to heart, and angels do not channel.

Ascended Masters ~ They exist but their roles are in the Spiritual Realm and not for the physical one.

Astral Projection or OBE ~ I have always discouraged people from doing this as it is dangerous and leads to opening portals that allows entities to slip through. This can also happen through meditation, which is why I don’t mediate either.

Astrology ~ To me this is a science, and there is some proof of that it can tie in with incarnations plans, but again it’s a money making business that one should be cautious of. Reading a daily horoscope for fun is fine, but paying huge sums for charts to be drawn up is close to being ripped off.

Chakras ~ Something I disregard, but for some people it makes them feel more grounded by dividing the body into segments. The problem is people think they need to heal chakras, but do they? The body is whole, as is the Soul.

Channeling ~ Sensitives channel readings but on request from the spirit for a purpose, but channeled messages and books to me appear to be fake. Angels and spirits are not prophets and do not preach messages.

Crystals ~ You know what, they look pretty and people like them as ornaments or in jewelry so be it, but do not rely on them for healing or protection, but using them won’t do any harm.

Cults ~ Sorry, but Doreen, you were a cult where people followed you blindly and you took money from them including a certificate to say you certified them as a card reader. Follow your instincts for your eyes, and ears can deceive, but your Soul will not.

Drumming ~ For many they find this gives them some peace and is spiritual. I do not drum, never have although I have many friends who do and have one that makes drums. I do not judge and respect my friends who choose to drum. I lived on a spiritual retreat where an eminent drummer held a workshop who invited me to join; I chose not to because it doesn’t resonate with me. It can be seen as a ritual, but I have other reasons why I shun drumming.

Earth Angels and Lightworkers ~ A term she coined, but they do exist.

Law of Attraction ~ To me, just a way to convince people that they can have what they want by affirmations, yet as I said Fate and Destiny exist for a reason.

Mediumship ~ I have spirits that talk to me and I don’t call them, but mediumship is when a spirit is called upon. I have never been comfortable with this because some spirits aren’t good at communicating and a message lost in translation can do more harm. It also allows entities to come through and to deceive.

Past Life Regression ~ It exists, but regressions and recalls of prior lives will only be fragments. I discourage looking into past lives now because it can cause more harm by recalling things you were not supposed to remember. They can be useful for releasing certain blocks, but doing it purely from fascination is wrong and can lead to harms that can’t be foreseen or healed.

Pendulums ~ Never believed in them, unsure why people do, it’s like rolling a set of dice.

Psychics ~ There are good and bad ones, and some that are gifted. Readings may help when there is confusion but should not be relied up. Basically they act as a middle man between your Soul and your Guides, and the Higher Self. You don’t need them if you are connected, and basically they act as an interpreter.

Reiki ~ The fact that people charge huge sums for a session of healing by hovering their hands over you should send more than one red flag waving. Again, when people say they are certified and qualified, who is qualified to hand out certificates? While spiritual healing does exist, it is not the same as reiki.

Sorcery and rituals ~ I do not do rituals and I think it’s a bad idea, and spells to manipulate the natural order is wrong. Those with the power do not have to use it as I choose not to, except spells to protect innocents when they are in danger.

Spirit Guides ~ Yes, we all have Guides, and some are ancestral and others maybe from the Soul Group or Elders. Many will not be aware of them, but they exist in the background.

Tapping ~ Again, something I do not understand why people would fall for this. You can’t heal by ‘tapping’ or clear negativity either.

Tarot ~ I do not encourage tarot readings because often they are result in a false positive. I read for myself only and very rarely. It’s a choice, but many people read into things for their own needs.

Witchcraft ~ It’s not all about spells to manifest, but some do and that is not encouraged. Some can predict the future, but at times a gift can be seen as a curse.

Yoga ~ I don’t see any harm in this, but I don’t like yoga , however the poses are hardly ones that worship. If it helps people to stay fit and healthy, then why not?

You have to remember that Jesus predicted the future with Judas betraying him, and Peter denying him, so the bible contradicts itself when it says predicting the future goes against the will of God. This is why I do not tell people what the future holds, but I steer them in the better direction or advise them with choices.

While I wish Doreen to find some balance in her path (which appears to be evolving), if she wanted advice, I would caution against ‘preaching’ again which was her downfall. She doesn’t need to advertise what she believes and that’s the problem with all the self-help books, workshops, and the movement to empower your life. Pictured is a free gift I got from a magazine a few years ago with a  box and you were supposed to collect each week the cards. This is how commercial Doreen was, and perhaps this was her lesson to learn?


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