An Abundance Of Signs, And A New Moon

A question I get asked quite often is ‘how do you become spiritual?’ and ‘how do you know when you are?’ and there is no real answer for only you will truly know. After a week of seeing so many butterflies, there have been more signs. From time to time I do hear ringing, but I am quite used to ignoring it, and while some say it’s a download of information I disagree and it’s merely your Soul that has been on a different dimension hence the frequency change. It no longer bothers me, and is usually a high pitched noise like a radio that needs tuning, but this morning it woke me up. What was unusual is that it was a light buzzing and I thought it was a mosquito, but it wasn’t as I got up at 6 a.m. and walked around the house and the ringing was still there. It was most annoying as I wanted some sleep, and it eventually stopped. What was unusual is that it woke me up and lasted longer than normal. Often I hear ringing when I get up, but it doesn’t usually wake me up.

I don’t usually take notice of the moon phases, but I feel them and today or rather last night (July 31st/August 1st) is a Black Supermoon. I don’t need charts, I just go with what happens to me! So what are the signs and messages? I feel a shift, an uncomfortable one for the world and in my own life there are changes that I cannot control as the outcome is dependent on the actions of others. I am aware of that, and it is something I have accepted reluctantly though at times.

When we meet other spiritual folks it can be enlightening and also can rejuvenate you. Recently I crossed paths with a jeweller who could sense I wasn’t really interested in the objects. They were beautifully created, but I have never been one to wear jewellery. She could sense my energy field and we chatted briefly about what I do, and she about her passion and offered me a crystal. As we (me and some friends) stood at her stall a butterfly landed on the table (white). My friends who were with me know I have spiritual beliefs, and know that what I had foreseen has come to pass, but they didn’t truly believe until they heard someone else mention my spiritual energy. In all honesty I rarely discuss it with anyone because not many believe, and few will understand, and I get that because I am a skeptical spiritualist.

That evening while I was in the bath a purple butterfly came into the bathroom and perched itself there well, for my entire bath. I had no idea they were rare, but it was medium sized and an amethyst colour. Maybe that was another sign after meeting the jeweller? With so much going on, butterflies, ringing, a new moon, and some thought provoking visions, I should brace myself.  I have felt change in the air for a while, and one can only prepare so much, but perhaps they have heard my requests and are going to fulfill some of them? We cross paths with others when we least expect it, and a simple exchange for a few minutes can alter what we see, believe and can change our paths too.

The truth is even when we see signs, they can appear to be a beacon of hope or for some act as a warning, but either way nothing is guaranteed. Signs can make you more aware, and that’s what I take from what I have seen and heard, but does it make me more spiritual? Not really because seeing and interpreting signs doesn’t make you more spiritual than others, but at times when things can seem bleak they remind you to keep the faith and to keep going. Life isn’t perfect, and signs don’t mean everything will get sorted either, but that you shouldn’t give up hope even when a path looks hopeless and dark, for there is always a light, even if it’s a small flicker. New moons are always a good time for change, and my mood does change with the moon phases. I just hope the changes aren’t going to be too rocky this time.

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