Butterflies, Feathers, And Channeling

At times (most of the time) I yearn for a simple and peaceful existence; I don’t want to have to keep looking for signs or to try and figure them out, or to have visions and dreams that I need to decipher. I know many relish in the above, but not I, therefore while I do spot them, I often don’t read into things because I do feel as if I have been let down spirituality before, so what’s the point in getting your hopes up again? Signs indicate possibilities only after all.

I saw a large black feather walking home one day, and I felt a sense of foreboding, but not for me, for the world at large. I let it go. A few days later I went into the kitchen late at night to find something flying towards me and hit me; it was a butterfly! I had no idea how it got in, but opened the kitchen door and willed it out. It was late and didn’t give it much thought, but I’d never had a butterfly in the house, or was it a moth? It was too big for a moth, and well, a butterfly was a good omen, but I read nothing into it. Several days later while I was in the bathroom, a butterfly sat on my head. As I was relaxing I had no idea, and this time I got a closer look. It was brown with spots and stayed for the duration of my bath. I left the window open for it to find its way out, but twice in one week had got my attention. Earlier that day, a black cat crossed my path, but again I read nothing into it.

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what the message might be if there is one at all. Some say a butterfly is the soul of someone who has passed on, and that day I had said a prayer for a relative that passed a couple of months ago in a local Cathedral. I don’t pray often, when I feel the need to, nor do I feel the need to attend church. I left it at that, but then the next evening, again, somehow a butterfly appeared in my room before I went to sleep, and I shooed it out of the room into the rest of the house because again it was late. Fine, it had my attention, and yes, okay I see it perhaps as protection and a message there will be some changes. I was already aware of the potential changes, but no matter how prepared you are I know you can only do so much.

That wasn’t the end, as a butterfly appeared again yesterday, after I’d resurfaced from taking a bath. Four times in a week! I guess I will only truly know the significance when things come to pass if at all. However, it comes as no coincidence that early this morning I had a vivid vision on channeling, but I was not channeling but I was teaching a class on channeling.

I looked at the board, and so many had signed up for the class that I was reluctant to take. They were all eager and waiting in a room, similar to one in my old college, and I went in to try and deter some from wanting to stay. That may sound very unguide like of me, but often when I find those who wish to learn, many do so for the wrong reasons and aren’t usually ready.

There were 23 of them, and they were surprised at my direct and less than enthusiastic manner which was more military, but spirituality is not supposed to be for fun. It’s real and serious and can cause harm. I told them them if they wanted to channel famous people of the past to forget it such as Princess Diana; I looked at one girl and it was a young Diana. I also told them that note taking was useless, as many had big pads, and I allowed them only one small sheet of paper to write down trigger words. They all looked at one another in silence, but no one bowed out.

I can’t explain my reluctance to teach the class, but people fail to see that channeling or trying to channel spirits who have no connection to you is futile. People can try and then choose what they wish to see, hear, and to believe, but how much of it is real? To me channeling or attempting to channel those who have no connection is like cold calling or desperate networking. Obviously it’s different for Sensitives who are used as a middle man, but even so, as an interpreter, how much of what they see or hear is accurate or true?

The lesson I taught was not so much about how to channel, but why you shouldn’t try too hard, and to alllow what messages to come through as and when. I stressed the importance of privacy and protection while I held the class in a room with a view of a football game being played live, but with the curtain drawn. Perhaps it was to signify when we can’t see things clearly, we cannot assume we know things from what we hear? Also, that we had access to all, including behind the scenes without others knowledge, and channeling or viewing without cause is like spying and is an invasion of privacy. How comfortable would the students feel if they were on the other side?

Most left the class hoping to learn how to channel, but instead they learned why they shouldn’t be. Channeling opens up portals, and maybe what you hear or see is not what you desire. It can leave you disappointed and confused, and what for? Often I see people ‘brag’ about whom they have channeled and claim to have passed on messages from the once famous who have passed on. Souls are private, so why would they entrust information to a stranger?

Seek answers when you have a valid reason and if you are entitled to ask, other than that channel only when necessary and the messages then should be easier to interpret. Each of us need to check our boundaries and validate the reasons why we request information. Trust that the information you need will find its way to you as and when you need it. As for signs, when they hit you in the face (as the butterflies did) you can’t ignore them, but I also know that nothing is definitive either. The spiritual skepticism in me remains, and it grounds me.

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