How Do You Know If You Have Been Spiritually Attacked?

A decade ago if someone said they had been spiritually attacked, I would have raised my eyebrows and rolled my eyes. However, since I have experienced ‘attacks’ first hand, yes they do exist, but often Souls are attacked without realizing they have been attacked. So how do you differentiate between a spiritual attack and say perhaps feeling ill or down? How can you tell, and why would a spirit attack you?

First of all why do spirits attack? There are a number of reasons, mainly because they want to poach your energy (if you are a Sensitive then you are likely to have energy that is desirable), a negative energy wishes to poach and control fragments of a Soul (as they gain power from that) but are generally attracted to those with negative energy already, or they wish to control you for a reason.

It’s very hard to know when you are being attacked, and many Souls are attacked subconsciously and that is deliberate so the Soul doesn’t suspect. An attack can be feeling sick, or weary all of a sudden and for no reason, or when you lose control and you aren’t sure why. It can be a little like a vampire that will slowly suck the life out of you, so it’s important to protect the Soul, and avoid prolonged periods of negativity.

There is the danger of some folks who think they are being attacked when they probably aren’t, but it provides a reason for why they feel ill or if things aren’t going their way. The same is for the Dark Night of The Soul where people will claim to have had one for years as a ‘reason’ for why they have no control over their life. A Dark Night of The Soul will not last for long periods because it would weaken the Soul and the aim is for the Soul to learn. The same is with spiritual attacks, if you believe you are getting them daily then, you would be incapable of functioning or even breathing. The aim is to get what they want without anyone suspecting.

A Sensitive maybe able to sense that a spiritual attack is imminent or that they have been attacked, but for those whose skills aren’t as well honed, how will they know? A Soul that is attacked is weakened and therefore they will struggle to connect to their Higher Self for guidance and lose their ability to sense the attack. This is where instinct and intuition come in handy, but you must be honest with yourself and not tell yourself what you wish to hear because it’s convenient.

Contrary to belief, attacks are not that common, but arise when a spirit wishes to attain something from another Soul. I have been attacked, but at first I shrugged it off as being tired as it was  extremely humid, but they persisted and I knew something was wrong because as soon as I left the house I was fine. I cleansed the house and protected myself as best as I could, but when you are asleep there is only so much protection you can have. I wondered why suddenly was I getting attacked because I’d been in the house for several months and got on fine with most of the spirits.

The reason why is because I was leaving as the landlady had sold the house (she had no choice as it was a divorce), and the spirits did not want me to leave. This is one of the problems with young souls, in that they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. I had confirmation of the attacks when I was sitting on my bed one morning reading, and the whole bed moved and shook as some people came to view the house. Yes, it freaked me out and I asked the landlady if there had been a tremor, but there had been none. You see I would rather it have been a tremor than a spiritual attack. They thought by disabling me it would force me to stay in the house, but that was not possible, yet by attacking me they thought it would get what they wanted. They may also not have seen it as an ‘attack’ but it when a spirit tries to control rather than merely communicate, that is an ‘attack’ because you must fight for control. Why did they want me to stay? They wanted someone to talk to, but I realized that you can’t keep spirits that have not crossed over company for the sake of it. Once you figure out the reason for the attack, you then know how to deal with it.

There is also a difference between an attack and a spirit trying to communicate with you, perhaps in a rough manner. Some will prod you and push you to make themselves known, but not to harm you. It’s just that they don’t know how else to get your attention, which is why at times you need to be conscious of what is around you. Another reason why people get spiritually attacked is because they have dabbled with spirituality and left portals open, or that they have had readings with a Sensitive who didn’t close their channel correctly. This is another reason why readings should be sought with care, and any spiritual activity must be carried out for the right reasons and with precautions.

Often you will realize you have been spiritually attacked in hindsight only, and some Sensitives will be able to tell you that you have been attacked (it explains a sudden illness), or if you are being attacked. I’ve seen Souls attacked, and some who think they had been attacked, and there will always be a reason because the Higher Self does protect within limits. However, it can only do so much if a Soul opts to take drugs or get drunk, or if they dabble with astral projection or contacting spirits without protection. In these cases the Soul has contributed to the attack by making themselves vulnerable. This also extends to discussing malevolent spiritual matters because by clicking on their website or reading their books, you open a portal which is why one should stay away from such things. You may think it’s harmless, but it’s not. Each time you read those words or you think about them, you empower them and give up your energy without realizing it, and that’s what make Souls vulnerable to attacks.

If you think you are being attacked, ask yourself why? Have you been careless, or what is it they seek from you? The most common attacks are on those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or those who have dabbled in magick and spiritual matters when they were ill equipped. I get messages from people who think they are being attacked, and some have been and others it is usually a case of wanting to believe that they are because they don’t want to face certain things.

During the past decade where I have learned through experience of spiritual matters, I often see and hear people use spirituality as an excuse for their choices or their outcomes in life. Some blame spirituality for things, but how does that help them? I can see why people are skeptical of those who say they are spiritual because these behaviors give ‘spirituality’ a bad reputation. Attacks aren’t that common, and if you are really attacked you would be struggling to function and would not be aware of the attack. That’s why prevention and protection is advisable, but not to go over the top because not all spirits are out to attack. Just like you lock up your house at night and close the windows, and make sure everything is switched off, you do the same spiritually; close portals, throw out anything rotten, and make sure you are secure.

How do you stop an attack if it occurs? It depends on how and why it happened, and there is no simple fix it solution. You can cleanse the home or the area and request the spirits in question to leave, and you can request additional protection, but the important thing is not to fear the attack. It will be transitory, and once the spirit knows they will not succeed, they will usually leave. Building a strong aura can help, and that’s why it’s important not to open yourself too much to those you do not know or trust.

That’s an issue with social media where people reveal too much information about themselves, or their feelings and make themselves vulnerable and a target. Consider this if you suspect an attack, and it’s not about finding out who may have sought the information, but why make yourself a target in the first place? What do you achieve by revealing yourself to those who can take advantage of that information? Naturally, one should share with friends and family, but one still needs to know the boundaries between what should be shared, and what should stay in a journal. Spiritual attacks can be draining, but can be avoided with safe spiritual practices, and by being aware of what is around you intuitively. Pets such as dogs and cats are very good at sensing spirits that attempt to attack, so if you do have pets watch their reactions. Most of all do not be afraid, and take control and spirits will usually give up the attack when they know they will not succeed.

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