Lessons And Learning

Every being is constantly learning, and it can be frustrating when you watch someone who is slow to learn, one who can’t see what they need to learn, or thinks they don’t have anything to learn. At times you cannot tell someone they need to learn something because it is for them to discover, although I realize you can hint that it is a lesson that all beings must learn in their own time.

A good Guide doesn’t tell you what you need to learn, but will steer you in the direction. In addition, a Guide also learns from this; how to guide, but also they can reflect on their own lessons and what they learnt. I recall a while back, before I had awoken that an old friend remarked that his guide had told him that he had more to learn. I replied that I was sure I had too, to which he replied, “definitely” which I laughed at, yet in hindsight that was through pure arrogance. As I later discovered this friend constantly put on a public show to appear to be someone he was not. It was sad in a way, but I saw the real side which was condescending at times, mean, and arrogant, whereas I would see him behave differently with those he was trying to impress. Needless to say, it was disconcerting to see this and it was quite arrogant for someone who was false to pass judgement on another.

No one has the right to judge or decide when you learn your lessons, and remember, you have chosen them and have decided how you wish to learn them. Often I watch some charges never learn the lesson they had set out to achieve and I have to let that be. You may ask why, if I am a Guide that I don’t do more, and the answer is that lessons cannot be rushed or forced. If a charge cannot see things in terms of the lesson they need to learn, then they cannot learn. Some may still not be ready either, and it’s like giving a 5 year old chemical equations to balance, when they aren’t interested and haven’t learned the basics yet.

It doesn’t matter how long the lesson takes to get learnt, because an incomplete lesson will always have to be completed at some stage. Learning isn’t about speed, it is about realizing it without being told, or nudged, and those are the ones that many Souls struggle with or are reluctant to accept because they usually incur some loss, pain, or struggle and in general people try to avoid it rather than accept it as part of the lesson. While not all lessons involve the former, some will, and the Soul must be open to taking it on the chin. Until then, they will likely find blocks and feel frustrated, a little like Indiana Jones when he has obstacles to face in order to enter a temple, and you simply have to face them.

Some charges are stubborn, others when I have pushed them have resisted, and more often a lesson has only just begun when I have been involved, and the charge must then carry on alone. We all are learning each day, and the wise are open to listening for it’s often we don’t know what we need to learn until after we have learnt.

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