Spiritual Silence ~ When A Cry For Help Goes Unanswered

At times life can feel lonely, when you can’t talk to anyone or express how you really feel, and when you ask for help whether it’s on the physical plane or spiritually and there is silence. No one can or wants to help, and there is nothing, so what can you do? All of that rhetoric about help will find its way to you, and that you are protected by the Powers That Be mean nothing. That’s when you discover and realize what true spirituality is about. Now I know some people may say I can’t be spiritual to say this, or that I don’t know what I am on about, but this is my opinion and my experience, so believe what you will.

Sometimes there will be no help, and it will be tough and whatever lesson you learn, take that as the positive from it. When there is spiritual silence, there is little you can do, but yes, your thoughts and requests will be heard. That doesn’t mean that ‘they’ can do anything about what is fated to be, or what needs to happen. I have spoken to many people who are spiritual and they have all had at some point difficult paths where they were given no answers, or that’s what they felt at least. Perhaps we expect too much, but that’s why I get frustrated at people who have little cause to grumble, and who make a fuss over nothing.

Maybe we are asking for things to be resolved as an easy way out, but what if you seek guidance and direction only? You look and wait for the signs, but none appear, just emptiness and silence. How do you cope? How can you maintain your faith and hope, strength or will to continue? My only answer is that you dig deep, cry if you wish and let it out, but you know somehow you will survive. It would be nice for a bit of help to make things less stressful or burdensome, but we don’t always have that available. I’d like to think it’s because the Powers That Be know that you are capable of surviving and haven’t abandoned you per se, but know you will cope. That doesn’t help much, but maybe it will give you faith, knowing that others have faith in you.

Spiritual silence when you don’t want it is disconcerting, but it happens even when you have done nothing wrong. The problem is once your requests for guidance and help are answered, you expect that to happen again, but it doesn’t always. I have had some requests answered (of sorts), and then when I tried again it went quiet. Was it a one off or just a fluke? I see it as them helping you to get onto the cliff, but then you have to find your own way up the rocky ascents.

However, after all is said and done, it’s tiring trying to survive each day without any help either on the physical plane or from the spiritual plane. You get despondent, lose the will to have hope or faith, and stop wanting to fight at times. Somehow you must muster up the strength to carry on, even if it’s painful and hard where each day you dread because things aren’t getting better. It’s about surviving, yet I think those in the spiritual realm could do more, not to help but to comfort at least when the going gets tough and muddy. That’s not too much to ask is it?

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