Practical or Ruthless Spirituality?

Spirituality has a reputation for being airy fairy, impractical, and unrealistic at times and that is why it’s often mocked. I know, because I used to smirk, and I see the same smirk on the faces of others with any vague mention of spiritual talk. The fact is that spirituality isn’t all roses, love and light, perfect, or free from stress, pain, or drama. Anyone that tells you that it is, is fibbing or are a little deluded. A Spiritual Path is hard work, and there are the lows, with the odd high point ~ do not expect things to go perfectly just because you have opted for a spiritual way of life because you will be disappointed.

At times I can appear ruthless, but I’m actually being practical and honest which others misunderstand. You won’t get sympathy from me if you created your own mess through lying or deception, and I will call you out on it. To me that is honest spirituality by helping someone to be honest and to address things in order to alleviate any adverse karma that was generated. At times it takes a brave soul to call someone out and to confront them with the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is. I did this recently when I discovered someone had lied to me ( I knew they would, but wanted them to prove me wrong), and they then asked another friend to lie for them. Even when I confronted them with the email evidence they didn’t want to admit it and tried to excuse their actions. What I was actually doing was giving them a chance to make amends, but by failing to apologize and own up to their deceit their adverse karmic debt remains. Some may say ask what was the purpose if I knew that they had lied, and the point is to give them a choice to spiritually atone for their actions for I was the one of many who had been aggrieved (others were uncomfortable addressing the situation). That is practical spirituality by aiding others to evolve and to lead by example.

Death and illnesses are also misunderstood, because I see things from an Old Soul perspective and while it’s sad when someone dies, one must understand this is part of life. A school friend of mine died recently, leaving a young family and I cried because a group of us had been trying to get together but it never happened. I cried because I felt I should have pushed harder, and because I didn’t get to say goodbye. It was cancer and we knew her time was limited, and so her death was not unexpected.

Some illnesses arise because of karmic issues and they are there to help a Soul to learn their lesson by slowing them down, or stopping them making things worse, and other times they are used as exit points. Deaths can also occur to help others learn their lessons (such as learning how to be independent, or how to deal with loss), so there is always a reason for a death or illness as well as biological reasons such as poor diet, genetic conditions, and old age when the physical body has naturally aged.

I’m pragmatic about death and illnesses because both are part of life on the physical realm. Even healthy people get ill, and everyone will die one day. These are facts, and at times others may see me as ruthless when I don’t show sympathy, but sometimes these are brought on through adverse karmic acts and there is no sympathy to be had here when it is fate merely rebalancing things. Also, when someone has suffered, death means they are at peace and are no longer in pain. Living in pain isn’t really living but is existing which is why some cancer patients prefer to live out their last days free of treatment so they can do what they wish with the time left. It really is about quality, and not quantity.

One must be realistic about spirituality in that it doesn’t solve and cure everything which many (myself included) are led to believe. That’s why I have this blog, to tell the truth about the Spiritual Path in that it isn’t always that great, and there will be difficult and bad times that you will learn from. People will misunderstand you, and others will be wary. To me, spirituality is a way of looking at why Souls exist, and our purpose on the physical plane. However, understanding doesn’t always make it better either, but it can help make sense of some things, and there will always be things that we are not supposed to know or understand, and being spiritual means that you accept this.

Spirituality can be practical, but can be misunderstood too. Some may question whether I am spiritual, but that’s because of unrealistic expectations that have been prevalent in the media and populist spirituality. True spirituality lies in honesty, and also understanding why the Soul exists, and accepting that with life comes death, yet the Soul is eternal and the challenge is for the Soul to balance the two concepts.

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