The Phases in an Incarnation

When I first heard a Sensitive tell me I was ‘entering a new phase’ during a reading, I was perplexed to say the least. I didn’t want to sound stupid and ask what it meant, and felt I would figure it out somehow. I remember her telling me that I had a new Guide with this new phase, and it sounded promising because let’s face it we go for reading (I no longer have readings) when we are stuck in a rut or when we feel unsure of what direction to take. I have since discovered a ‘new phase’ doesn’t always mean things will get sorted, but it means that a new lesson or goal will be introduced regardless of whether others are completed or not.

Unlike planning your day in your diary where you can allocate so much time to a meeting, or for a journey to get somewhere, entering a new phase is not in your control. Yes, you will have ‘planned’ this before your incarnation, but there is no exact time or set date for it as the phase will gradually become evident. What if you aren’t aware of it or if you reject it? Often you won’t be aware of a new phase as it will be subconscious, but what if you reject it? Sometimes when you resist and the natural forces push you, then you may find yourself pushed into a new phase. It’s disconcerting when all is fine and steady, and you’re okay and then things start to go wrong. It’s uncomfortable and you try to fix it but nothing works. That’s often when you fight the forces of a new phase being introduced.

A new phase sounds like a fresh start, however that is not always the case either. A new phase may mean  if you are an Old Soul or Mature Soul in the latter stages, that you will encounter some heavy lightworking or other challenges that you are ready for. Phases may be long or short, and no, you don’t know when one ends and when another begins, maybe in hindsight. Guides maybe assigned for specific phases and that is one way of recognizing that a new phase has begun when you sense a different Guide around you. When they have gone, that indicates their job has been done. Actually, I was sad when one of phase Guides left, because at first he was intense and it took a while to get used to him. However, I stopped seeing his style of messages and I guessed his work had been done and what I needed to do. I’m not sure what that was exactly, and even now as I reflect it could have been a number of things. Part of me hopes that he can return if I need him, because I feel there is some unfinished business. When it comes to Soul Lessons, it’s very rare to be able to say you have learned or completed a lesson because there is always more to learn. However, if you have completed the basics, then the work of the Guide to guide you has been done.

You may wonder how many phases will a Soul encounter in an incarnation, and that depends very much on the Soul Lessons they have opted to learn, and also how long the Soul has decided to remain on the physical plane. There will always be more than one phase, some longer than others, and so you can never know for sure how long a phase will last. Some phases will be periods where everything works out, and others where there will be struggles.

The best advice I can give and that I have learned, is to appreciate the times when there is relatively no drama and to step back and enjoy life (rather than to plan to do more which some alphas attempt to do). Then, when things are difficult, take one day at a time and know things will pass, and that whatever the case it will make you stronger and you will learn from it. You can’t prepare for a phase either, but you will feel a shift when a new phase approaching. Things maybe out of your control (for good or bad), and they rarely end suddenly, but tail off gently.

By recognizing we have different phases in our incarnation, we can see how the Soul has progressed and evolved, learned, and achieved. Some phases may appear to be familiar and others will feel as if they are dragging on, but phases can overlap, and that’s when life can seem confusing and difficult, however, that’s why phases will have specific Guides for a particular phase. This is why some will experience a number of different ones to their main Guide. Some maybe difficult to adjust to especially when you aren’t expecting them, and learning to interpret their way of communicating with you. Phases are necessary for the Soul to evolve, and by accepting that and understanding that some will be good and others may not be so great, it makes an incarnation less of an ordeal at times.

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