Underestimating Spiritual Power and Energy

What is spiritual power, how do you know if you have it, how do you get it, and what can it do? If you said to me you needed to protect your spiritual power a decade ago, I would have smirked at you, but since then I have seen what happens when someone or another entity tries to steal it from you. Spiritual power is much stronger than one can imagine, and because it’s not always used (nor do you need to), not everyone knows how to harness it.

We all have some spiritual power, yet it lies dormant for many because they choose not to use it if they don’t wish to awaken. Some may have more power (and be unaware), and others will yearn to have more power. You cannot buy or exchange things for power, but you gain power through good and honest deeds during incarnations and it is priceless. There is a dark side though too, because spiritual power and energy can be stolen too from those who are not shielded, the vulnerable (under the influence of substances), and what I have recently seen through brainwashing of cult like behavior. Also those who have dark or negative energies around them are more susceptible to having what energy they have ‘stolen’ too for they attract the dark energies like a magnet and suck it in.

Recently I came across a scammer who pretended to be someone she was not, but there was no harm to me anyhow as I knew they were not 100% genuine. People tend to fib or exaggerate, and that is fairly normal in society, and so you take things with a grain of salt and not at face value. However, why do they do it? To make them feel better about themselves or to try to impress others? It then became apparent it wasn’t just an unstable person doing it for fun, but it was a group that were all in on it, but what was their motive? Was it money, for kicks, or what?

Ask yourself, what does a cult entail? What does a dictator yearn for? The single common denominator is power over others, their thoughts and their behaviors. We see it in religions, and groups, and it becomes a cult in my mind when people cease to think for themselves and follow what others say blindly, and take it at face value. That is why I am uncomfortable with terms like guru because it implies someone who has control over others. One may guide and advise, but to follow another blindly I would say is on the verge of being a cult.

Spiritual power is an accumulation of energy that the soul emits, so it can fluctuate and isn’t like physical power. Say for instance, Richard Hawking had limited physical power but a high level of spiritual power. Those who seek power and not through earning it can steal power, but they are unwise to do so for many reasons. First of all it is wrong to steal, secondly even if they don’t act, but plan to steal. they still generate adverse karma, and whatever powers they ‘steal’ are never truly theirs for they can be taken away at anytime, and an amalgamation of random powers are actually ineffective. It’s like stealing someone’s new Chanel shoes, but they are a size 7 and you are a size 4. They don’t fit and are useless.

I’ve never understood the need for collective powers for each has its own character, and like a recipe if you mix the wrong things together you don’t get the desired outcome. Take this analogy of a squatter in a mansion; it’s not theirs but they have taken over it while the owner was ill or absent. It can never be theirs to sell, rent out, or to enjoy fully, but they can take advantage of the mansion while the owner is absent or is unaware that someone has occupied what was theirs. Then they try on the clothes, but they don’t fit because they were not meant for them. That is the same with spiritual power, when it is not yours you don’t know how to use it. Say for example there is a ball gown for a tall lady over 5’10 and a 5’2 woman tries to carry it off, that’s the same with stolen power in that you can try and use it but it won’t work. Power is tailor-made and not a one size fits all.

What about amassing small amounts of power from many souls? Again, that won’t work. Imagine you want to furnish a house and you steal what you can find. Tables will be too big, drapes too short, the colors don’t match, and nothing works together. It’s a matter of quality and not quantity of power that matters. However, why would a collective yearn to steal the powers of the vulnerable? A truly spiritual soul would not, but ambitious ones who seek power and who believe they are entitled to it may attempt to do so.

That is what I see a cult as doing when there is no apparent financial gain, for some see spiritual power as the ultimate goal, such as in some religions. You can’t prove it, but harm can be done when those involved make their followers dependent on them and also nurture and groom them to feel safe. The fact is no entity can guarantee 100% safety and that includes God; each soul must take responsibility for their own choices and to protect their soul and spiritual powers. Eventually followers will believe whatever the leaders say, trust them blindly, and do whatever they say. It is very dangerous.

I once lived on a retreat that was borderline cult like, and during my time there I saw people change from having their own mind and beliefs to being brainwashed. A dorm mate of mine who was completely brainwashed reported a private conversation that I was having with another because they felt it was their duty to do so. We were reprimanded for ‘gossiping’ and we retorted it was in our own time and in our own space. Later people would arrive to join, then pack their cars and leave without saying a word. Another arrived with a guardian to collect some items they had left behind, as he’d left without packing and had been in recovery for several months before he could face returning. When you see these behaviors in real life it’s worrying, because those who do the ‘brainwashing’ feel empowered, and they suck the spiritual power and energy out of others to do so.

I challenged them, and I left too but on my own terms and confronted them about my reasons for my departure. I learned many things, and one was that under the guise of spiritualism, there are some who have their own agendas, and seek to gain power for the next life (not actually possible by the way, it must be earned and only at the review stage will any loss or gain be ascertained). Others just like to feel as if they have power over others because in their real life they have no status or power. It is a dangerous game to play with the minds of others and to steal power that doesn’t belong to you.

Protect yourself by keeping a distance, and if you are being tested, then ask is that reasonable and why. Cut ties, delete messages and end relationships if you must because those who seek power through devious means will try and make you look like you were in the wrong. That’s how they brainwash others, by making those who challenge them as the bad guys. It’s a mind game where they use it to control others, so never take things at face value; use your instincts and if something feels like it’s a cult, then it more than likely is and you should get out while you can. No need to announce it, just go quietly and never look back.




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