Spiritual Privacy

Is there such a thing as absolute privacy? If Spirit, our Guides, and The Powers That Be can see and hear everything, why would we need affirmations? Personally, I think our thoughts should be private, limited to the Higher Self, direct Guides and their Mentors. That is to say, not all Spirits can see or hear our thoughts and intents. It’s important because even in the Spirit Realm, information can be open to inadvertent abuse.

If you have a nasty thought, who else knows? You assume only yourself, well on this plane unless you keep a diary, write it down and someone else reads it. As humans and Souls we are not immune to bad thoughts, for if we only had good thoughts, how could we quantify and differentiate? Obviously there are levels, for instance calling someone names and stupid I think is bad, but is nothing compared to someone wishing physical harm upon another. I am human, and at times I have wanted to give my sibling a slap, not to hurt them but because they annoy me. Is that a bad thought? Some would say yes (myself included), and others who know them would say they need a slap!

This does lead to confidentiality, and if Soul is given access to the thoughts of others it is to protect others or to help in some way. It is not to answer questions from the nosy and curious. Often I am asked things and I choose not to answer because;

a) It’s not that person’s business

b) The information is not useful at the present time.

I find because on the physical plane it’s become the norm to delve into the private affairs of others, some consider it acceptable to delve into the Spiritual Realm for information that has nothing to do with them. This is considered crossing the line, and you will find attention seeking bloggers and YouTube channels with tarot or astro readings, invading the privacy of others. Naturally this is wrong on so many levels, it’s obvious, so why do people flock to read or watch these invaders? By doing so all they do is enable and encourage.

All Souls have a right to privacy, which is why no one should be read without permission. It’s like someone entering your bedroom without your knowledge at night while you are asleep and going through your things. You wouldn’t like that, so why would you encourage someone to do it others because you are curious about a celebrity? 

As for affirmations, for some people it helps them put their thoughts in some kind of order, even though I find them a bit wishy washy. To me people make affirmations and expect them to work, while really those are your desires and thoughts, that may or may transpire. The reason why I say this is because your Higher Self and Guides can already see and hear your thoughts, so there is no need for an affirmation. I do find it useful to write specific requests down, especially if it involves altering a path or to do with a Soul Contract. This is because everything needs to be exact to the word literally. Also when you wish to communicate with other members of the Soul Group, not all may be aware if there is no current contract and by writing things down, you can open a channel to the rest of the group. This is because having too many open channels that aren’t necessary can be confusing, and some Spirits do slip through when portals are left open.

Very few thoughts, actions, and desires are completely private although the Higher Self and Guides may just turn away every now and then. Sometimes the Soul needs to work through moral dilemmas alone, and the Higher Self will stay in the background, a little like a mother watching over a toddler while they are playing. I guard my privacy as closely as I can, for there are many who are just nosy for the sake of it and like to intrude for fun. Each Soul has a right to privacy, and that must be respected, because you wouldn’t want others seeing you naked, or to see your bad thoughts without your permission would you?


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