Coping With Difficult Periods During An Incarnation

There are many myths about spiritual folk and that they don’t have bad days, and that they can always turn things around, because, well they are spiritual and that’s what happens right? That’s a nice thought, but completely untrue. How about evolved folks? Do they have an easier time than the rest? Again, that isn’t true. Everyone that incarnates will experience difficult periods, and for some that maybe longer or more intense than others. You can’t escape it, nor can you control when it happens either.

So how do you cope when it happens? Do you accept it and sit and wait until things get better, or do fight it and get angry cry out that it’s not fair? What I have discovered is that there is no such thing as fair, and to try and compare your life to others will inevitably lead to discontentment. That’s hard when you try not to envy the good fortune or lifestyles of others, but that’s why being content and learning to be content is a good trait to have. There’s no magic switch that can make that happen though, but eventually you learn that material things are transient, and those who appear to have a gifted lifestyle still have the same issues that we all face. Things such as illness (no one is immune to the common cold), getting angry at others, aging, and making decisions in their life without harming others. Everyone faces dilemmas, tragedies, death, loss, betrayal, and loneliness at some point.

On the other hand, spiritual folks can become cynical and tired of an incarnation, even if that doesn’t sound particularly spiritual. Some may think, ‘Another lesson?’ or ‘Here we go again!’ when a dark period surfaces or they can see a difficult situation about to erupt, and it’s daunting and tiring. I have been there more times than I care to recall, but is it always a fulfilling experience? Honestly, not always, but lessons aren’t always fun, nor are they experiences you wish to remember either but you do. You take a deep breath and brace yourself, and in all honesty some days you just want to pull the duvet over your head and try not to think about it. Seriously it can make your head hurt wondering what lesson needs to be completed, or whether it’s some karmic debt that needs to be repaid. At times it just feels too much and an incarnation can feel tired and even fruitless. There needs to be a balance, but sometimes those scales never tip the way you prefer.

I have a friend who is going through a break up of a relationship and that’s never easy. Is there ever the right thing to say in such situations when you could see it happening? Naturally one never wishes to say things directly, but when they do happen listening and supporting is the best course of action. In addition a little guidance or advice can help especially if someone is vulnerable and confused. Learning to cope with the loss of a relationship is one of the hardest lessons one can learn. Even teen sweethearts will learn about loss when someone close to them dies. Sadly, this is not something you can learn from a text or guidebook, and learning to cope with the emotions is something that is inevitable for all. No matter how many times you go through it, it never gets easier. Loss is a dark period in one’s life, and you learn to cope. It can make you stronger in time, but also it can reveal your vulnerable side. I cried when I split up with some exes, even though I knew it was better for me in the long run. You mourn something that ends, but by closing that door it allows others to be opened.

How do you define a difficult time? Are you angry because your life isn’t as straightforward as others, or because your plans haven’t worked out? When everything seems to go wrong, but does it really or is that your perception? Blaming Guides, others, and whining doesn’t help, but creates negative energy as well as the Soul leaning towards a degree of entitlement. I have seen it more frequently from church goers because they feel that because they attend church weekly they should have all their requests and prayers answered. That isn’t how it works, and that’s why religion can be misleading for there are no guarantees in whatever we do.

I’ll admit some days are very tiring, lonely and seem fruitless yet that doesn’t make me less spiritual because I am honest about how I feel. I don’t blame my Guides, sometimes I feel frustrated at my charges though because my responsibility towards them does affect my choices and paths. However, I don’t resent them or blame them for I could walk away should I wish, yet I know my conscience would have something to say about that.There are days I wonder what it’s all for, and there are dark bleak periods where there seems to be little light coming through. I know that the strong are more likely to face these more challenging periods (because they can cope), yet this is still little comfort to me. Know that if you are being faced with these challenging times that there is a reason and it’s because you can help others and are strong enough. It may not seem like that at the time, it rarely does, but know you are not alone.

An incarnation is never straightforward, and difficult periods always seem to linger and drag on. I try not to dwell on time which is a physical realm concept, but it’s hard while time dominates society and humanity. Do the best you can and don’t be too hard on yourself, and sometimes it’s not your lesson or karmic debt that is being played out, but you maybe acting as a Guide to support others. Most of all it’s okay to have a duvet day, a day or two or even three off where you do absolutely nothing. Don’t search for reasons before you have learned the lesson for it will lead to frustration, and if no reasons appear then trust that it’s not something you need to know.

Currently I’m staying in an old house of a friend (at least Tudor times), and I don’t feel that there are spirits trapped here; there is a positive energy yet I do find things appearing in my room (no one else here) and maybe it’s a spirit to just let me know they are here? I don’t need to look deeply into it, because I know they are here and it’s a protective feeling. At times we don’t need to understand everything around us (as much as we’d like to) or to know the reasons why something happens. We are all equal, yet some will encounter fewer challenging periods in an incarnation as all incarnations differ. Next time yours may have fewer challenges, and don’t forget we agree to all these challenges before we incarnate whether we remember doing that or not!

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