Are there defined Spiritual Paths?

I logged onto a spiritual forum I hadn’t been on for a while out of curiosity to see if it had changed for the better. It had not, in fact it looked worse than when I was last there. I left, mainly because the philosophy of the forum and most of the posts and topics no longer resonated with me, nor did I approve of some of the comments the admins made. It made the decision to leave easy, but I did leave a few friends I had made behind. I do believe if our paths are meant to cross again they will, and had given most of them my blog or email so they can find me should they wish.

What surprised me was a poll on whether people were ‘doing’ a specific Spiritual Path, and I clicked in bewilderment because I wasn’t sure what was meant by that. The penny clicked when I saw a list of ‘courses’ or books that some people choose to follow, and the OP explained they meant that you followed the exercises outlined. I shook my head, and apparently the OP had pursued at least five of these courses.

I can’t call them paths, because a path is unique and it is something you create and do not follow. Spiritual guidebooks aren’t supposed to be followed to the letter in my opinion, but what one can do is guide others through their experience and advise. I consider courses to be misleading for it’s not like a course in learning say a language because there is an outcome and a definitive answer, say a french translation of ‘I Love you’ is’ Je t’aime’ and there is no ambiguity about that. With a Spiritual Path, there is no specified outcome because we have choices whether we think we do or not.

One the issues I have with these specific and defined spiritual paths is that they can give people false hope, in that they expect certain results; to feel better, to be healed, to be spiritual, and think they have become a better person. While these may inspire and motivate, they do not always yield results. Another danger is that people try and convince themselves that certain things have happened because a book says it should have. Again, this is dangerous because people then rely and cling to what is written, whereas an actual Spiritual Path is what you discover by yourself. Admittedly it takes time and it won’t be instant, but when you feel it, then you will understand what I mean.

I do understand why people do read and follow guidebooks, and I have done this myself and one left me disillusioned as some of what I read just didn’t sit right with me (a book on Guides and Angels), and I decided not to read anymore. Once I stopped, I was able to focus and see for myself what the role of a Guide or an Angel was, not straightaway but once I had cleared and left those preconceptions and misconceptions behind. You see, what one person sees isn’t always factual; it’s their interpretation and only you can determine what sounds right to you. This is where you use your instincts and intuition, or where you learn to enhance them. It’s all to easy to accept and believe the word of someone else because it sounds credible, but what do you learn from that? How can you enhance your intuition from reading and accepting things without any actual experience?

I also tried another guidebook, and let’s say I never finished reading it. It was good on advice, but following the steps led to disappointment and it felt wrong and contrived, so I used it as a foundation. I followed the protection guidelines which I added to and think are essential before you embark on any spiritual activity, and then went with the flow. I did try and go back and follow the book, but it led to more frustration, and that’s when I decided again to stop reading it and to refocus and try and let my Guides actually guide me and then did.

Look at it this way, say you have a teacher who is teaching you, but you have someone else tutoring you that isn’t connected. Having more than one teacher on the same topic can lead to confusion. Who is right? Guides are with you before an incarnation, and you the Soul actually chose them. So when you choose to follow other guides, it’s obvious the Soul gets confused and doesn’t know whom to actually listen to. Books may help others connect to their Guides though, but how do you know if you have connected or not? There is no universal answer to that, for each of us realizes in our own way.

Some use courses and books because they are impatient and want answers immediately, yet that again is never guaranteed, and is it an actual outcome or a perceived one that ensues? There are no defined Spiritual Paths because a path is always evolving, and no one Soul can ever have the same as another. Perhaps these courses are created for the masses, but think about it; Souls are not identical, so how can the path of one be the same for another (or the thousands who follow the exercises and courses)? Simply put they can’t; a true Spiritual Path is tailor made, not mass produced where everyone turns out the same.



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