Breaking Someone Who Is Already Broken

When people attack others whether it’s physically, mentally or spiritually, often it is when a Soul is vulnerable or weak, and obviously it’s wrong to attack anyone in any case. However, can you break someone who is already broken; who has lost everything and has nothing much more left to lose? Herein, I would say those who choose to attack, all that they gain is karmic debt, and that’s not up for debate, so you say let them dig their own karmic grave. Yet, attacking or breaking someone who is already broken, well isn’t that just pointless then and for dim?

Let’s look at it from an attacker’s viewpoint; they want to destroy someone until they are no longer a threat, but if that Soul doesn’t have much left to lose and they no longer get angry because they have accepted that loss, then it’s actually futile. An attacker attempts to incite anger and that is the kind of negativity they feed off from a perverse sense of control and satisfaction that they have upset another and prevented them from what they desire. Yet, if the target no longer has no desires, and is complacent with what they have then that attacker cannot break them. That is how many cope with attacks, by not expecting much, accepting what happens, and to deal with issues rather than get angry and frustrated.

Another angle to look at is to prevent the attacks and block them, but that requires energy and also by blocking the negativity, you also block the possibility of positivity from flowing. While positive energy can still bypass negative energy barriers, it doesn’t flow as smoothly as it could. Think of a river that is trying to flow over heaps of rocks, it’s slower and less of the river makes it past the rocks than a river that is clear. There’s also the practicality of spending all your energy trying to stop something and you not actually living your own life. One should defend oneself, but if it’s a bit like a bully or troll that keeps calling you names. You can block them and report them, but in the end their aim is to make life difficult and by continuing to acknowledge their existence you encourage them. I know it’s hard to ignore at times, but letting them get to you can ruin your mood and the day, and do you want to give them that satisfaction?

Deep down, all of us are a little broken but we carry on regardless. You can’t break someone who has accepted their losses and who has been broken. Perhaps mentally it will be a strain, but this is coming from someone who has lost pretty much everything, there’s nothing more you can take away. There maybe moments of anxiety or frustration here and there, but every human has those moments even babies. Those who attempt to attack, well it’s their loss as all they are doing is increasing their karmic debt overdraft, because when a man has no money, possessions, or clothes, you can’t steal anything from him.

Intelligence, dignity, and integrity are things no one can ever steal, and no amount of money can buy them either. No matter how difficult life is, no words or actions can take away my integrity or my dignity in myself and towards others. Some things can’t be broken, attacked, or stolen ever, and that’s what a truly spiritual person realizes. You can’t lose something you never had, and even if you do lose things, many are transient and wouldn’t have lasted forever. Take comfort in that, because it helps you to cope with losses when others attack you. Often we are stronger when we have nothing left to lose because others no longer have any power over us. Consider that your power!

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