Spiritual ‘Anarchy’

When I first coined the phrase ‘the Rebel Earth Angel’ for myself it was tongue in cheek for I was on a spiritual path, but challenging things that didn’t resonate with me that people expected me to accept just because I was supposed to. To me there should always be a reason or purpose behind an action or an outcome, but I’ve always known that we aren’t privy to all the reasons or answers. That however doesn’t stop me wanting to know (like most), and it’s only when you realize that knowing would disappoint you that you learn to accept that you don’t need to know everything. I admit it helps to understand things and why they occurred, but it doesn’t always give you a feeling of satisfaction or that ‘aha’ moment you believe you will get. Disappointment is far worse than not knowing, and I know that sounds strange, but trust me it’s true.

I don’t believe that everything is set in stone, because stone etchings fade away and get worn, but it doesn’t mean that what has transpired or what was is no longer relevant. I’ve always found hierarchies distasteful especially as a child, and I do believe in equality or I like to. However, as I grow older I see the necessity for a kind of hierarchy simply because not all people can be trusted and some will take advantage. Therefore hierarchies exist to protect the vulnerable rather than to control. This applies in the Spirit Realm too, and yes, there will be disagreements over how things should come to pass, and there will always be a battle when that line is crossed or about to be crossed. So, should those lines be redrawn, and how does one know whether it is an acceptable challenge?

When the Soul has completed all its stages (Young, Mature, and Old) and each stage has multiple phases (initial, intermediate, and advanced), it then may opt to become a Guide and again goes through the same phases. Guides in training are the ones that can be ambitious (like Young Souls), but also are prone to twisting rules to help their charges achieve their goals. You may ask why don’t the Guides who are mentoring them step in, but that is how they learn too. If a teacher sees a pupil doing something wrong or make a mistake, they allow them to experience the consequences and take them to one side later. I know that sounds risky when it comes to the fate and path of a charge, but no Guide can protect a charge fully as a Soul has free will to go against what a Guide advises.

So what is Spiritual Anarchy? This is when spiritual gifts are used for ulterior motives to benefit others through harming others, and when Guides misuse their gifts or information they are privy to. Perhaps they try and justify their actions, especially when a Guide asks for an opinion from another and they concur and assist? Each Guide acts differently in the same given situation, although should they need guidance they must ask. No Guide (except Elders in exceptional circumstances) can intercede, for that allays the trust in a Guide and prevents them from learning. Can they ignore the advice of Elders? Yes they can, but with it will come consequences such as the clipping of wings, or if a Guide is at a certain phase they will have to redo it again. They will not realize these consequences until their review once their charge has transitioned.

Contrary to belief, perfection is something that is not definitive for it will differ in the minds of all, and while it is something to strive for, actual perfection cannot exist indefinitely, but can do so transitorily. Perfection is like a belief; you have a basis for it, but it can always be added to and can differ according to the circumstances and this is the same in the Spirit Realm. People are misguided in thinking Elders wish to rule, punish, and dictate; their aim is merely to counsel and help protect those who are vulnerable or have been misguided due to emotion, empathy, or through negative influences. You can’t tell a stubborn person why they are wrong; you can try but they need to discover why their actions or thoughts maybe harmful to others.

Call it spiritual stubbornness perhaps when a Guide thinks what they are doing is the right thing, but it turns out it wasn’t. I can hear you asking how can a Guide make a mistake, because we are led to believe they don’t. Some call it a mistake, others may say they didn’t act in time (or they weren’t permitted to), or they made the choice not to intervene or allow the charge to follow a path that was not in their best interest in order for them to learn or gain. The consequences that arise are that others may get harmed in the process and that’s when other Guides get blamed for not doing anything. The thing is Guides cannot interfere unless it was negotiated beforehand. Think about it, if you were at work and someone from another department or company decided to muscle in and take over what you were doing, you wouldn’t like it? However, if there was a pre-existing agreement beforehand to assist, then that’s acceptable, but how many of us would set up something like that?

The Spiritual Realm isn’t perfect and learns constantly too, but more so about what Souls expect and what is realistic. I say this because not everything can be fixed or erased for how would anyone learn? I challenge some things not because I don’t think they are fair, but because I feel there are more logical paths to the same end. In addition there are so many myths about the Spiritual Realm, Souls have come to expect and demand more from their Guides and the Spirit Realm as a whole and that too is wrong. People are misguided in believing Spirit will always provide and protect them, even when they do wrong, but it’s a two-way thing. Yes, Spirit will provide and protect, but the agreement is that you fulfill your agreed Soul Lessons in conjunction with your Soul Group members and fulfill the Soul Contracts agreed. Spirit won’t necessarily harm you, but they won’t make it easy for you if you’ve made no effort to learn.

Recently I have been felt some Guides, and those with spiritual gifts abusing their powers, but only just crossing the line (so it’s not noticeable) or disguising their acts and trying to justify them. Every being is subject to temptation you see, and the Elders take a dim view of this kind of behavior. Many think it’s gone unnoticed but it hasn’t. It’s very much like a parent who waits for a child to admit they lied about something, or that waits until they are caught out by another lie. One can only learn when they consciously realize the errors of their ways. The problem is the more a Guide feels they can push the boundaries, the more they edge away from what the role actually is and verges on the abuse of the powers they have been entrusted with.

This is obviously different from those who question and challenge spiritual actions and wherefores, as opposed to those who circumvent what they know is on the fringe of the immoral or unjust. Everyone has the right to ask questions or challenge an action, but that doesn’t mean they are right or that they will receive an answer. Through asking questions we learn, but by doing so we understand more about why certain things are so. Now that may sound cryptic to you, but when you’ve experienced it you’ll understand what I mean. Challenging what is expected of a Soul can be a headache for Guides, but they expect some questions and to be challenged and so are prepared. In my case my Guides were told to stay back and that was on my orders before I incarnated, and this is because I needed to see how I would feel and react when I was faced with circumstances that weren’t supposed to happen or that ‘didn’t seem fair or logical’ and I can tell you now it hasn’t been much fun. I’ve been broken and tried to piece myself back together, but you can never be the same for you will always carry the scars of what it felt like to feel broken. However, it gives you a different perspective and a more empathic one when you see others in similar situations.

I don’t regret challenging some of the paths that have been placed in front of me, for I have always been one that has sought logic. What I have learned is logic is all well and good, but Fate and Destiny are not logical always and are more powerful. That doesn’t mean I don’t trust logic because I still do, but now I am open to the illogical happening and while I would still question it, I know that the reasons may not be mine to know and that they happen for a reason (not always a good one though). On the other hand when I get charges that ask questions and challenge me, I can see what a handful I must be at times. How do I get around this knowing how they feel? It’s down to trust and guiding them towards the best path without actually telling them.

Some good has come from my being a ‘rebel’ because I know how it feels to be expected to do something and accept a theory because I am supposed to. My advice is ask questions and challenge only when necessary, for example if there is a logical reason or explanation then maybe you don’t need to challenge it. Listen to the answers or if there are none, accept that is the answer for the time being. In time (and I’m talking years here) the answer may arrive when you are ready. I’m a conventional rebel with a cause, because I question to seek logical answers, yet in doing so I discovered the illogical can become logical eventually.

As for Spiritual Anarchists that defy and knowingly push the boundaries by abusing their gifts, they are aware of the potential consequences. However, if they have not been stopped, they may give themselves a false feeling of justifiability, yet this is not so. Spirit allows them to continue in the hope they will stop for the right reasons, and if not then in the case of Guides, some will be sent back to reincarnate to experience the repercussions. For Souls who abuse their gifts, they will have karmic debt to repay and will also have to go back a stage in order to relearn, so a Mature Soul will have to go back to a Young Soul stage and relearn all the lessons again. Think of it as being caught cheating on the final exams at school, and so you have to re sit the entire year again. Just because Spirit stays silent doesn’t mean they aren’t aware for they are. Each of us knows exactly what we do and why. Spirit doesn’t exist to dictate for we have free will, but helps Souls to evolve and does its best to protect and guide those of us who genuinely need it.

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