Baked Beans Dream

I wasn’t going to share this dream publicly as dreams are so personal that they mean something specific to the individual. However, I decided to because it is relevant to my current lightworking activities.

I was hiking and was setting up camp for the night, now while I do like the odd hike, I am not a camper. For some reason I decided to reheat the baked beans for everyone to eat; I knew there were people around, but I didn’t see them. Bizarrely I was cooking them on a blue surface like a tarpaulin, (again, a strange detail that wouldn’t happen), but after a while I decided that the beans needed to be disposed of, and that no one should eat them because they were poisonous or contaminated. I recall scooping them up in a white plastic carrier bag and then putting them slowly down a white sink, making sure they didn’t clog the pipes. I then carefully rinsed the bag. Others asked why, and I just carried on pouring the beans down the sink.

What was the dream about, and why did I have it? I can only hypothesize, and have no definitive answers. Beans metaphorically represent high and pure energy to me; they are a complete food full of fiber, protein and carbohydrates. In real life I don’t eat beans very often these days, just every now and then, and so it’s not a food I often have or crave. The fact is, I was in charge of them indicates that I was in control of the energy levels I was distributing to the others, but for some reason the energy that was assigned was tainted, and I decided to dispose of it rather than it fall into the wrong hands. The white carrier bag perhaps denotes that energy is supposed to be pure, and this energy was going to be misused. Perhaps the bag was significant, because I cleaned it out and kept it afterwards because I wanted to keep it for positive and good energy? It’s strange as I recall exactly what the white plastic bag was like; the size, the handles, and that I turned it inside out to dry.

Another interpretation is that I was supposed to be helping other lightworkers with some tasks, but the energy I would have been giving them would have been wasted or misused, so I chose to dispose of it and not give it to them. It was my energy to give and share, and thus my choice to do with it how I saw fit. I also didn’t hesitate to dispose of the beans, and it was because I sensed that it would not be used for the intent it was going to be given.

I have no craving for beans at all, but I see them symbolic of my transferring energy to others, or that I was in charge of some Guides and was giving them additional powers to use. Dreams are strange in that our subconscious can make rational decisions for us to guide us, and I feel that was the aim of the dream. We all have limited resources, but we must be careful not to exhaust them or use them in the wrong way, and here my Higher Self I feel was telling me to save my energy, for whom I about to share it with was not worthy and it would have been abused, hence destroying the beans prevents that power from being used negatively.

Since I wrote this in the morning, several events have taken place, and I am led to believe that the Guides were not given the additional powers because their charge has blocked everyone. In this instance, because harm is occurring to others (whether the charge is aware of this or not, or maybe they don’t care as it’s a case of can’t see and they can pretend it never happened), the Guides will be replaced temporarily. Instead, Fate will now take over, and that means Spirit will take swift and sharp actions to ensure the actions of the charge no longer harms others. Usually this means loss, and tragedy as that is how Souls learn lessons when they reject the assistance offered and given. It’s not a case of Spirit or Guides failing, but that the Dark side was able to manipulate the charge and veered them off their path.

As an observer it’s hard not to say anything or do anything, but the time has passed for guidance. Quite simply, the assigned Guides left it too late to ask for assistance and too much damage has been done. Think of Noah’s Ark when God took swift and sharp action, and that is what may occur, if the charge fails to see the error of their ways (selfishness, ego, pride, and deceit), as the longer one leaves it the harder and higher the fall. There is a small window of opportunity in that the charge may redeem themselves, but ego prevents them from choosing that option at present. Many will suffer the consequences of their actions, and they have been told that, yet that is why they have blocked all their Guides. They choose not to know and don’t wish to listen and the greatest Soul Lesson is to learn to listen, even if you choose not to take the advice offered. There is still hope that the members of the Soul Group can assist, but as many have been harmed, will they want to or feel that it is deserved?

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