The Clair Senses ~ A Brief Guide

‘Clair’ is the term that is used to describe  intuitive senses and literally means clear in French. Many people talk about them, but don’t really not what they are or how they work. A Sensitive may have one or more of the clair senses, but they aren’t always switched on because it depends on how a Guide or Spirit chooses to send a message. This is a brief guide, and my interpretation of the senses most Sensitives posses, and remember some develop, and others are stronger if a Guide prefers to communicate in a specific way.

Clairvoyance ~ clear seeing

This is the ‘clair’ that most people have heard about, and this means that the Sensitive can SEE visions in the past, present, or the future. This can be through dreams or flashes appear when someone says something or if you touch something, or even if you are in a place (such as an old house)  that triggers a vision. Contrary to belief, the visions aren’t always ‘clear’ as they are usually abstract and fragmented images that the Sensitive has to make sense of. It could be a flash of a future event for the person you are with, or a flash of past life event which could be a warning of something that needs to be resolved.

For example, I was having lunch with a friend and I had a vision of her with two toddlers, less than 18 months apart. I didn’t tell her at the time, and later she told me she’d been trying for a baby. A few days later she told me she was pregnant, and I told her what I had seen. I saw one was a boy, but I couldn’t tell whether the baby was a boy or girl. She hadn’t planned on having another baby straightaway, but it happened as I had told her, and the children were 14 months apart. I also saw they were in a different house and not the one she was living in, and all came to pass.


Claircognizance ~ clear knowing

There’s often confusion about what this ‘clair’ entails because people don’t really understand what it does or how it comes about. This is my strongest ‘gift’ and the only way I can describe it is that I know things without having any reason for it. For example, a friend said to me they were thinking of traveling to Spain to see if things would work out with someone she liked, and I immediately told her not to. I said go to Spain for a holiday, but don’t move there to try and get a relationship as I knew it would end in heartbreak. Very often in situations I will just instinctively know about something whether it’s a past, present, or future event and it’s not a vision but it’s like a Facebook feed where the information just appears and comes to me and it’s not something I can choose to have or can control.

I can control however whether I opt to share what I know, but it’s not information on demand nor can I ask for more information. What I see is what I get and that’s it. That’s claircognizance, well my experience of what it entails.

Clairaudience ~ clear hearing

When Sensitives have clear hearing, it usually means they can hear messages from Spirit, their Guides, or what a spirit is saying. This is more common in Mediums I find who communicate with specific Souls that have passed over. All Guides have different ways of communicating, and some may prefer this method or use it in conjunction with another clair such as clairsentience. Unlike a conversation, a Sensitive will hear phrases or the odd word and has to interpret what the message is so the term ‘clear hearing’ is slightly misleading. Sometimes there maybe ringing and that is when there is a frequency change in what you can hear. The Spiritual Realm consists of several dimensions all with different frequencies; therefore you can only hear things if you have access to that frequency. For example if you have 2G reception that means you won’t be able to communicate with someone who has 4G reception (frequency) or there will be static.

Animals can hear things on different frequencies which is why they can react to spirits they can feel, see, or hear that others cannot unless they are sensitive to the same frequencies.

Clairsentience ~ clear physical feeling

When people talk about clairsentience it means that they can feel Spirit around them, or feel other spirits when they are near. It comes down to intuition that you can sense another presence from other dimensions whether that is a good entity or a negative one. This clair is often coupled alongside another clair ability or several. 

Clairempathy ~ clear emotional feeling

Clairempathy is a term used for people who can sense what others are feeling, whether it’s an illness, honesty, sadness, or other emotions. At times it can be draining when a person is in a crowded area and picks up too much negativity and they must learn to block. Most people are called empaths, not because they feel sorry for them, but can sense their true feelings and intents.

Clairtangency ~ clear touching

When a Sensitive touches an item that belongs to someone, they can hone in on their essence from that item. Often a Sensitive can sense (clairsentient) this before they touch an item, which is useful as a warning if an item holds negative energy. Items such as those should be avoided, and a Sensitive should take care handling antiques or second hand items if they absorb energies readily.

Clairsalience ~ clear smelling

This may seem like a strange clair ability, but it’s when a Sensitive can sense spirits through smell. This may be instead of or in addition to clairsentience or another clair ability, which allows the spirit to be identified. For example, if it was someone who smoked heavily there maybe a smell of tobacco around the spirit to reconfirm their presence, or maybe a grandma who always baked cinnamon buns would have the smell of cinnamon around them. They may have no message to give, but are present for a reason maybe to watch over loved ones.

Whenever a spirit is present, they can make themselves known in a number of ways, which is why there are a several of clair abilities that can be utilized to interpret messages from other dimensions. Sensitives may be stronger in one ability over another, and not all possess all the abilities at the same time. For example, sometimes I can sense a spirit and can smell them, but I can’t hear them. More often though I can sense spirits (clairsentience) and see visions (clairvoyance), and claircogziance is my strongest ability, and by using a combination of my major clair abilities it helps me to interpret messages whether they are for myself or others.

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