Why Guides Must Take Responsibility For Their Actions

My last post (Clipped Wings and Fraudulent Psychics) got a mixed response from spiritual folks, people who believe they are spiritual, and those who aren’t and didn’t really understand it all. Some have messaged me directly and I have responded to clarify elements that were unclear, but it has come to my attention that some people have misread the extract, or simply do not yet have ability to comprehend its message at present. Others that have understood the ‘messages’ have either backed off from harming and attacking others (as a reminder of Karma), and to some it makes logical sense to what has happened to them.

In the interests of clarity, I feel it is pertinent to try and explain the reasons and the purpose of the post.  I am an Ancient Soul, but I don’t claim to be advanced, evolved or to be an Elder. That is my Higher Self and not I. Here, I am an incarnated soul with ancient knowledge that I can choose to use. The terms ‘advanced’ and ‘evolved’ are terms that are used on the physical realm, for we are all Souls that are evolving. I hear and see everything the Higher Self does, but that doesn’t mean that is always my choice.

Advanced Souls or Evolved Beings (terms that I’m uncomfortable with as they denote a hierarchy, but are necessary to distinguish for ease of understanding) that are incarnated are human, behave as such. Often people get misguided after reading too many books and have preconceptions of how Elders or Old Souls ought to behave and what they do. The reality is that there is no blanket answer for each Soul is different. They are not saints, they don’t go around necessarily preaching, and the work they do is dependent on the needs of those around them. Many who become disillusioned do actually choose to opt out of assisting mankind and that is their free will too. Incarnated Souls that maybe more evolved are no different in that they must have jobs, study, they must read and write, make phone calls, they need to eat, poop and pee, get ill, and also suffer heartbreak. They will feel guilt, pain, sadness, and make errors too. In a nutshell they are human, just with more experience and knowledge that they can tap into.

Most Old and Ancient Souls prefer to keep a low profile, and surface or make themselves visible only if necessary. The aforementioned post was a response to more than one entity (human and spiritual) who were mildly attacking people who had interacted on a spiritual level with a psychic. Often with novice Sensitives they are unaware that they must close a portal or don’t close it properly, and that allows negative spirits to sneak in and they steal light energy from others. That is a spiritual attack when you feel ill for no reason, yet of course it can be a coincidence. I accept that possibility but when more than four people come to you with the similar experiences, and reveal when it occurred (after a reading) separately then it’s usually not an accident, or if it was then it needs to be remedied.

I gave the psychic the benefit of the doubt, and their Guides should have been a backup and warned them of any dangers. How it works is that the Guides of the Souls discuss things to resolve matters, and I allowed that to happen, but it failed. The Guides of the psychic knew what they were doing, and were aware of the attacks (some so mild you would write it off as a headache which is the intent), and chose not to do anything. Why? You can ask them, but all I can say is that their intentions were geared to further the career of the psychic and saw the mild harm as a necessary consequence. That is not morally right of course (you cannot intentionally harm others for personal gain) and they chose not to listen, therefore a more direct approach was needed to stop them, and to deter others.

I was accused of being arrogant, and someone claimed Elders had better things to do than to blog. Blogging is communicating and is sending a message of information, and stating an intent. Obviously they aren’t  aware of  the spiritual impact of spreading a message that the use of gifts for financial gain, and to harm others (no matter how small) is the job of those who are more evolved. That is the role; to reaffirm what is right and when a line is being crossed. If you are not an Elder, how can you possibly know what their roles are and what their jobs are? The lesson is do not judge or assume in matters where you have no knowledge. Contrary to belief they don’t all live in a monastery or convent, they don’t also necessarily go to church either. They are normal people who happen to mentor and guide others, and that means they guide the Guides in training and if they need to reprimand them to teach them a lesson then that is their job.

Consider a physical plane example; a boss must reprimand an employee who was caught misusing company expenses. They are given a verbal warning, followed by a written one later on when the employee is caught still abusing company funds. In the end the boss has no choice but to reprimand the employee and demotes them, and takes away the expense account. In effect the boss has ‘clipped their wings’ with the trust and perks they once had.

There is nothing god like or arrogant about removing the powers of an entity that abuse their powers who don’t heed the warnings to stop. If they ignore the warnings and have grown arrogant in thinking that they can get away with it, for the sake of saving the innocents from more harm it’s a small price to pay. If you read the Bible, then you will know of fallen angels. I do keep a low profile, very low, and my need to act was due to several innocents being harmed continually, to the point I could see it was not going to stop unless action was taken. For the record, the senior Guide was already hanging his head down in shame upon arrival; no one made him feel that way for he knew he was the master of his own fall. He must take responsibility for his own actions as must the psychic. Both are culpable.

On the physical plane and in the spiritual realms, whenever one sees another being harmed and they are able to do something to help, they have a moral obligation to do so. That is what I chose to do, and only after watching some innocents suffer, while I was hoping their Guides could intervene and reason with those who were causing harm. I actually felt guilty for leaving it as long as I did. Those causing harm ignored the warnings, and like employees at work who abuse their position, they get a verbal and written warning, but when those are ignored it calls for actual action to prevent harm to others.

Look at the bigger picture, and do not judge when you have no knowledge of what has actually transpired. Guides intervene only when necessary, and each must be responsible for those they guide as well as their charges. That means they must also face any consequences too. When bad things happen under a CEO’s watch they resign (or there’s a call for a resignation), and this is no different from a Guide who allows others to be harmed consistently under their watch. Action is necessary to maintain the Karmic balance and to keep order, and that is the job of Elders and the Ancient Souls to try and keep some kind of balance. I gain nothing out of my actions except the fact I was able to prevent others from being harmed, and hoped to remind others of the karmic consequences of their thoughts and actions.




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