Clipped Wings and Fraudulent Psychics

There are many who think that spiritual stuff and psychics are all fake and woo hoo, and often I don’t blame people who think like that when there are fakes around, or inexperienced people who give spirituality a bad name. There is however another band of people; those who had spiritual gifts, but have lost them due to an abuse of power, and whose gifts are taken away, or their wings are clipped. That usually means a demotion where a Sensitive will not have access to all the frequencies they had before, and many try to wing it (excuse the pun) if they do commercial readings.

There are many frauds out there, especially if they charge large amounts of money, and I’ve always struggled with the concept of ‘fair exchange’ because even when I have done readings, some take longer than others and have more information. I’ve never charged for my readings and only do them if I choose to offer. How can you spot a fraudulent psychic? I prefer to call them low level psychics, because we all have intuitive abilities, but we don’t all choose to use them. The key signs of a low level psychic are:

  • Vague answers that don’t even answer the question.
  • The use of too many words, usually to fill up the word quota of an answer.
  • If they need your name or photo. On the spiritual realm, names and appearances have no relevance.
  • If they offer to read for other people. This is a big no because each Soul must give permission to be read. You cannot pay for a reading for someone who is unaware of it unless it is connected to something specific, for example if a mother wanted to know about the father of her child and the question was related to the child.

Recently I came across a psychic blog, which attracted attention because it predicted that Prince Harry would not get married. It intrigued me enough to read it, and while it was a bit wishy washy in places, the comments were interesting as readers that weren’t psychic agreed that something didn’t seem natural or right. Obviously this gave the psychic in question publicity and the hits on the blog soared, and I imagine they hoped that bookings for readings would too. I have no issue with people making a living out of using their gifts as long as it is genuine and they have the necessary skill and experience to do so.

I made a few comments, and after a couple of weeks I had an uneasy feeling about the blog, which was not protected. There was a lot of negative energy around it and I decided to stop posting as did a fellow psychic poster there. Independently, we both knew something was not right, and that the psychic was in fact in league with someone she had made predictions for in order for them to source information to use against people, and to keep the story in the news. This is an obvious and blatant abuse of power, and the Guide who was guiding the low level psychic should have stopped things there and then. They didn’t because of the ego. The psychic then began to make YouTube videos, and that was to gain more publicity and revenue; the pattern for the thirst for fame was obvious.

What I realized is that the psychic is inexperienced and while they can open portals to communicate, they don’t protect the area and fail to close the portal. This is dangerous because it allows uninvited spirits and negative energies in. On the website, some of the clients had mentioned experiencing spiritual attacks after a reading, it is no coincidence as this occurs when portals are not closed properly (read my post on opening and closing portals).  Spiritual attacks are real but subtle, and some may not even know if they have been ‘attacked’ for it is when a negative energy force sucks the energy from another. The results maybe headaches, fatigue, and nausea, for no reason and no medication works, and then it goes. Negative energies are devious and suck enough without anyone getting suspicious, and it means it can tap into them again later.

When I heard that this occurred, the only thing another Sensitive can do is heal and protect. Closing the portal is possible, but even so it doesn’t banish the negative energies that have crept in. I then discovered this was not an accident, and that the Guide failed to notice this and as a result I felt the need to reprimand the Guide as well as creating a protection spell for all that were harmed. There are some unspoken laws in spirituality in that one cannot interfere with the work of other Guides when Soul Lessons are in play, but when innocent bystanders are being harmed as a consequence, then that doesn’t apply.

The Guide in question knew I was coming, as I had thought about it for a few days and didn’t think it was my place until I found out some former clients were suffering badly. I didn’t have to search for the Guide, nor did they attempt to defend themselves. They held their head down in shame and remorse, yet I felt the need to clip their wings (slightly) because their charge had allowed them to be manipulated. My Higher Self took over and to be honest it came out loudly and laid down the facts, and I left because other Elders were waiting to state their thoughts, and they too clipped different parts of the wings. They had not only failed to guide their charge, they had also failed to seek assistance and allowed others to be harmed under their watch.

Wings are like the Soul and are made up of different fragments allowing specific abilities, therefore clipping is taking a step back to retake those lessons. Think of it in terms of a manager having access to all 5 floors of a building, but once demoted they only have access to 2 floors. Currently, the Guides are attempting to make amends, however in the wrong way, by trying to find ways to reclaim their wings by eavesdropping on my conversations when I reply to people asking me how wings are regained. There is no quick way, because trust must be regained, and by eavesdropping all they have done is violated that trust again in an act of desperation. You can lose your wings within seconds, but regaining them will not occur until the subsequent incarnation, but in the meantime steps can be taken to make genuine amends and not band aid ones. You cannot fool Elders who can tell the difference between those who have learned a lesson, and those who are saying and doing what they think TPTB wish to see and hear. It’s in fact an insult.

The clipping of wings is not an action that is taken lightly, as there are warnings and additional guidance involved, but in this case it was apparent the charge was manipulating the Guide for financial gain, and that is also a big no in the spiritual world. From what I gather, those who made posts that opposed the secret client were attacked. It’s also no coincidence the next day the psychic claimed to have had a visit from God. No, for that was I and some other Elders who told them that they had chances to stop what they were doing, but chose to allow harm to come to others for the sake of financial gain. We all make mistakes, but when an act is calculated and deliberate, that can only lead to wing clipping and any gifts that were given will be taken away.

At it stands the psychic in question has had her gifts taken away and while her Guides remain, they are to learn lessons too. They are all being watched, and there was more than one Guide, but it was the senior one that failed to act. The fates of the other Guides depend on how they act. Someone asked me if powers can be regained, and they can with genuine remorse and if the lesson has been learned. However, the powers will be weaker and will not be restored fully. Apparently the psychic in question is attempting to contact those harmed for forgiveness, yet I sense that is a smokescreen to try and regain the lost gifts. One doesn’t need to open a portal to ask for forgiveness, you merely need to state that intent and the Higher Self of the Soul will convey that apology for consideration.

Be very wary of commercial psychics, especially ones that solicit their clients for reviews. While many readers do like feedback, I offer it only so people can ask me to clarify something, and see if my interpretations were easy to understand. I don’t feel this psychic had intended to be greedy, but the sudden fame and possible fortune created ego issues that clouded their judgment. They also recently dismissed spiritual churches which I find disrespectful because no Guide would tell you what to do, and if God did communicate with you, that is for your personally and not to be broadcast in a bid to gain clients and to attempt to validate your gifts.

Beware of the psychic that makes arrogant claims that boast, for a truly gifted reader doesn’t need to get testimonials or tell the world what God has told them, for these are the signs of a low level and fraudulent psychic. Be guided with what you feel, and not by what you see, for your eyes can deceive, and don’t believe everything you read.


3 thoughts on “Clipped Wings and Fraudulent Psychics

  1. I know who you are talking about, but I’m confused. Are you saying this psychic made up predictions? She made them up with another psychic or a client or her guides?!


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