What Exactly Is Black Magick?

Is there a difference between white and black magick, and just what is magick? You can ask different people this question and they will all give you a different answer. How can that be I hear you ask, as magick is magick?

This is my opinion, from someone who has experienced magick both consciously and subconsciously. I also have seen and felt the affects and witnessed and experienced the consequences. Magick is when someone invokes assistance from external forces to aid them in what they desire. It can be for good (to help someone) or selfish and bad, when someone desires a particular outcome. Either way, a ritual or a spell that manifests and circumvents a particular outcome is what I deem magick. In a nutshell you are going against the natural forces of nature and what spirit intended.

There is however a fine line between spiritual manifestation and magick, where some deem it acceptable to ask for things and to persuade matters to go their preferred way. That’s magick with personal gain, and there are always consequences! Perhaps it was spiritual intervention instead, you can never be 100% certain which it is.

Black magick is different as it aims to harm another either as an act of revenge, to manipulate others into doing what they want, or to clear the path for a desired outcome. I consider these intents to be dark, and thus black. Often this arises from jealousy, greed, or selfishness and a belief that one is entitled to things and uses magick to assist. I would include love spells in this, as it sounds harmless, but it isn’t. I had a friend who is a witch who used to cast love spells to get the man she wanted, but it failed (she admitted it to me) and she is a celebrity psychic on television now. You see, it doesn’t work no matter how skilled you are, but those with powers like to believe it does.

However, black magick in the hands of those who do have manifestation powers can be dangerous. Why? Because often they do not know they have powers that can cause harm. By manifestation, it means to will or think of something and the ability for that thought or action to occur. That’s why it can be dangerous for those who have that gift to inadvertently use it and harm others unintentionally.

There are some that have these powers and will sell them at a price. That is dark black magick because they are aware that their actions will harm others. I like to believe that those with these gifts will be stripped of them, or they will suffer the three-fold law in triplicate. Gifts are given for a reason and black magick is an abuse of them.

I decided to write on this topic because several people had been discussing on another forum someone in the public eye who was possibly using black magick to get their way. It’s likely that is the case, and when people opt to use black magick, people do get harmed, not only physically but mentally too. Dark energies work on fear and threats, and from that it gains power over those they wish to control. Many are energy vampires too because by making others weak they are able to gain control. Hopefully you’ll see that this is selfish and obviously wrong, and not to even consider dabbling in it.

If you sense someone is using black magick cut ties with them, and that means delete texts, emails, throw out anything they gave you as any connection will bind you to them. It’s a little like getting rid of an ex, but with black magick once a bond is formed that negative energy can latch onto you like a leech. The only way to get rid is to burn it off, or in this case get rid of any trace of the person who maybe using black magick. I advised one person to do this as they were getting weak all the time for no reason until he told me the candles he was using were a gift from the person using black magick. I told him to destroy them and take them away from where he lived because that is how black magick can linger on anything they touch.

About a decade ago, a friend recommended a psychic who was the mother of her old roommate. She was visiting town, and so we both decided to have a reading. Most of what she said was spot on, but I didn’t get the answers I wanted to hear which was about my love life, so I asked her is there anything else Spirit wants to tell me. Her reply was, they said not to do any black magick. At first I was going to protest that I don’t do any magick at all, but deep down I knew what they meant. I’d read a few magazines that told you how to do certain ‘harmless’ rituals and carried those out, and those were to seek justice for those who had wronged me. I also had harbored ‘bad’ thoughts of harm against a few people, again those who had crossed me, but I had no idea at the time my thoughts could manifest, and that is actually black magick. I had innocently used black magick, but I know to that is no excuse for me either. I replied that I hadn’t, and she told me that I shouldn’t use any magick at all, and I haven’t (consciously) even though I have that ability. Rituals are not harmless by the way because you are invoking assistance from another realm.

You may wish to know what the outcome was, well, my brother nearly died, one former employer ended up in hospital, and another one did actually die. I must live with the consequences, and I have been paying for them too. Black magick is when you choose to harm or manipulate another for your own gain whether it’s intentional or not. One can say it’s a coincidence that these incidents happened to me, yet those close to me raised their eyebrows and rhetorically asked if I had anything to do with some of the events, and I never ever speak of my spiritual gifts with people. Very few people know I have them, and I never discuss them. There was guilt too, as I nursed my brother back to health after an illness the doctors could not diagnose (months), and I learned from then on to walk away from those who anger me instead. I have also learned in time to let things go, and to trust in Karma. Some may think they have gotten away with things, but it takes a bigger person to trust in the karmic laws and not to seek vengeance or justice unless it is in a court of law,which is a physical realm system of justice.

Black magick is evil, destructive, and selfish which then creates an enormous amount of adverse karma. It also means that in subsequent incarnations those who were harmed will have soul contracts in order for karmic debt to be rebalanced. It comes in many forms from stealing energy and soul light through manipulation, using spells or rituals to control others, and it can also harm those who try and protect those who are being controlled. This kind of magick is only effective on the weak, and that can mean those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, those who are being threatened (fear is a great weakness), those who lie and deceive (that makes them weak and vulnerable). A soul that is dark and grey through maybe depression, tragedy, or sadness (maybe through a loss of a loved one) are also weakened, and thus black magick can be more effective on these souls.

How can you avoid someone who maybe using black magick on you? A veil or shield of white light is always good protection, do not give in to threats but accept whatever consequences will arise (they won’t be as bad as the adverse karma generated, trust me), if you are sad, depressed, unhappy or in mourning then keep your distance from those who have dark energies, and that includes no phone calls or emails until you feel stronger. Those who use black magick will often appear to look as if they are helping, by saying the right thing and doing the right thing, but that is merely to gain trust. Remember, your eyes and ears can deceive you, and on the physical realm they are not as accurate as your soul instinct. Learn to trust it because it will not lie to you.

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