What being an Indigo really means

I’ve stayed away from spiritual forums, and unsubscribed to the spiritual emails from various sources recently, because nothing resonated.  In fact, I found the content was more of a distraction to me and an annoyance. Somehow the headers try to entice you to read how you can enrich your life and become a better person, but really it’s another email for a workshop, seminar or book. What if you are okay with everything, but just want to connect with other spiritual folks? Not everyone needs help! Of course there are free webinars and downloads, but who is really taken in with those? You can’t judge unless you’ve looked at them, and I’ve looked at a few, enough to know you have to scroll for about 5 minutes to find a ‘special’ one time price… Call me skeptical, but I don’t have the time or inclination to watch videos and have a short attention span, but people like YouTube as it gives them revenue, and also for those who make a living from it, it highlights their profile.

When I was ‘told’ I was an Indigo, I was actually more annoyed that I was being classified, but since then people have realized the term is more of one that the spiritual community has created. All it means is that someone is naturally intuitive, but that also means that they have a choice whether to use or harness that gift or to leave it and ignore it. It really doesn’t mean you are more spiritual or advanced than anyone else, although many websites and books will have you believe that is the case.

One shouldn’t take spirituality too seriously because no matter how much you try to plan, or try to do what a guidebook says, what your Soul had planned will always supersede that. I do feel too much pressure was put on the Indigo label, and people began to expect too much from it and when it didn’t happen they were more confused. I’ve read a few charts where the person appears to be have Indigo traits, but they chose not to be spiritual and that’s their choice.

I was once a member of an Indigo forum, and there were a few interesting folks, but a greater number of nut cases. I just chose not to log in again. You see, being an Indigo and having a list of traits you can identify with doesn’t mean that you are connected for that reason or validates being an Indigo for we are all influenced by external factors; environment, the media, and peers whether we are aware of it or not. The majority of true Indigo folks aren’t influenced, but that doesn’t always mean they are rebellious, and many do opt to remain silent. Why you may ask? It’s because they don’t need to validate their actions or beliefs to anyone.

To me being an Indigo doesn’t define me and never will. Any traits I share with others maybe pure coincidence, and I find those traits are more akin to Old or Ancient Souls. It means I won’t take any nonsense and will speak up as and when necessary, even if it gets me into trouble. I like and need a clear conscience. I’m tolerant, and tolerable, but tire of people who are fake, who (while I am for freedom of speech as long as it doesn’t harm), should learn to keep their thoughts to themselves. As I have gotten older, I choose my words with more care, and share opinions only when they are asked for. I also have a tendency to avoid things more, mainly because I don’t wish to offend and I don’t have the desire or inclination to have to explain myself to anyone.

In short I am accountable to myself, and use my gifts and knowledge with discernment. What I have learned is that you don’t have to help everyone and that you can’t. You must choose those you wish to aid, or maybe it’s because no one else can, but it’s not obligatory. I know some of you maybe reading this and consider this is selfish, and how can I be spiritual? However, spiritualism isn’t about sacrifice or becoming a martyr. It’s not about jumping in when someone asks or help, because sometimes it’s a wolf cry or someone who just wants a quick fix. Yes, as an Indigo I can see things others cannot, and I choose to share these thoughts rarely because I realize very few will truly understand what I see. It’s not all that pretty either and people always think spiritual things should be positive, but in reality let’s face it there are bad and tragic things that happen to balance out the good. That’s how the Universe exists, but by not acknowledging the bad doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

Many Indigo gifts are never used or honed, and no book can help you there either. Some are used subconsciously and that is generally enhanced intuition, knowing if someone is good or bad, or if a situation is dangerous or immoral. I’d like to believe all Souls have this capacity, yet I have met many that simply don’t or they have not learned how to use it. There is nothing special about being an Indigo, all it means is a person has the potential to have Sensitive gifts and abilities, therefore, an Indigo astrological chart may reveal that potential, but it may never be realized or nurtured through free will. Gifts are honed through experience, and ones that no workshops or training can teach. It’s called living, and being being aware of your surroundings, the truth, and taking responsibility for your actions, because an Indigo incarnation has awareness, but in this increasingly destructive society that is being created, it’s not actually such a pleasant thing to be aware of.

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