A Double Déjà Vu?

When you experience a double déjà vu (is there such a thing?) it’s really rather strange because you end up doubting yourself more than usual. A déjà vu is a marker for a Soul in many cases to remind them that they are on the planned path, or that it’s a recall of something that is significant for you to learn from during the incarnation. My experience didn’t fit into either category.

It wasn’t until after the incident occurred, I thought to myself ‘this has happened before, and I said exactly the same thing,’ so has my memory lapsed, or was it a double déjà vu? What happened was this; I was helping a neighbor sort out her drawers as they were going to be taken out and replaced with new fitted drawers. At the bottom of one of them were a pile of documents and photos, and I went through them with her. I asked her who the baby was in the photo, and it was her, and I said she looked so cheeky. In the pile was a hand drawn cartoon as well, and while I taking items out she told me the story of the artist and that he had been a famous cartoonist on a daily paper at the time. I didn’t pay that much attention as I was busy clearing things out, but then it struck me that the exact words I had used, I know had used before.

Initially I thought I may have seen the photo before, but then realized that the photo was buried under piles of clothes and old soaps (as elderly ladies do) to scent the drawers, and there were no other copies because it was the 1940s and was a one off photo. In those days they were expensive and her parents weren’t well off, so having one photo would have been their limit. It wasn’t until I left the house that I realized I’d seen the hand drawn cartoon before as well, but again how as it was buried until piles of stuff that hadn’t been touched for years? I would have also remembered something so unique.

I can’t explain it, and even when the words came out of my mouth saying, “You look like a cheeky baby,” I felt as if I had said them before, but I simply couldn’t have as she has no photos of herself on display. It may have been a vision that I felt had happened? I thought again, maybe the photo and cartoon had been left out and she had shown them to me before, but they were together with a photo of her mother and her grandfather, and the photo of the grandfather I had not seen before, and they looked as if all the items had been kept together for a long period of time.

What does a double déjà vu mean? What is the message? Perhaps it’s to remind me that I am supposed to be helping my neighbor (she is terminally ill and is a spinster with no family bar a few cousins), because sometimes I can be a little too protective and pushy in order to protect her from potential scammers. No one likes to see the elderly scammed, and that means sometimes I take the phone off her and tell the scammers to stop calling, or I cancel things she has ordered which are a rip off and don’t give her a chance to object. Perhaps it’s the spirit of her mother sending me a message that I should intervene?

Unlike other déjà vu experiences when I recall events, places and how I feel, this was different because it seemed like a repetition for a reason I am yet to ascertain. In addition, when I experience a déjà vu the recall is instant, whereas this time there was a pause, and it’s only when I heard myself speak did the words sound familiar and it unnerved me whereas a déjà vu has never unnerved me before.

It also struck me that I maybe one of the last people to see my neighbor’s baby photo and to share that moment laughing and discussing where it was taken, for she has no one to pass it on to, and that made me sad. My neighbor has degenerative MS and soon she won’t remember much of what she has told me. Perhaps the double déjà vu was a message from her Higher Self wanting me to know that I was supposed to be helping her and it was okay to be a little direct? Ironically, I wasn’t supposed to be helping her clear things either as she had arranged for her cleaner to come and help her, but I had on the spur of the moment while I came over to make sure she had some lunch, said I would help remove things out of the drawers so she could sort things out for the goodwill shop.

You see sometimes we don’t always have the answers, or logical ones that make sense and we just have to go with the flow. If I had let the cleaner tidy out the drawers I wouldn’t have discovered the photos and cartoon, and if I had seen them before, then why did I ask who the baby was in the photo? I can only conclude that the double déjà vu comes to us when we feel we maybe overstepping the mark in a relationship, and to remind us that we are there for a reason and to help. One thing I have learned about lightworking is that finding that balance between stepping over the line and doing what you feel is right is never ever clear-cut. I guess when I had my wings clipped for helping too much it put me on the offensive, because I was reprimanded, but I learned the hard way know when to say ‘no’ and not overstep the mark. Just because you can help doesn’t mean you ought to or that it’s your remit. Maybe the double déjà vu is letting me know it is my remit and was giving an extra nudge?

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