Are There Limits To Responsibility?

As the eldest child I’ve been responsible my entire life (my sibling is 11 months younger), but I have noticed that many people shun responsibility or pass the buck whenever they can, mainly because it makes life easier and more carefree. So are there limits to responsibility, and how do you know when you should be responsible? Today is the last day of 2017 and the year has been filled with people who have not taken responsibility for their actions, or more likely they did not think their actions would have consequences they would be responsible for. Each decision or choice we make alters things not only for yourself but for your peers in society.

Take for example the election in the USA ,where the current administration is causing chaos. Some may dispute this, but the reality is it’s a country that is more divided and unstable with an administration with senior staff either being fired or being forced to resign. Who is responsible? The person who hired them of course, but then who voted in that person (Trump)? The voters, and the ones who decided not to vote so they too are responsible for putting someone in power who lacked experience and whose ethics and morals are questionable.

The other day there was a fire in the Bronx which was started by a three year old playing with burners on the stove and who was unsupervised. The mother didn’t realize what had happened until the fire had spread and she fled leaving her door open. As a consequence that door was opposite the only stairwell and within three minutes the flames had gone up the stairs and those above didn’t stand a chance. Without a doubt the mother is responsible for not supervising the child and putting a child gate in front of the kitchen as well as not closing the door, which allowed the fire to spread. I know some of you may say you can’t blame someone for an accident, but an accident is something that is preventable and this incident was preventable. Harsh as it seems the mother is responsible for the deaths because she alone could have prevented the incident in several ways.

There is also spiritual responsibility, where only you can decide whether you are responsible for things, or whether it is not within your remit. If you are a Lightworker where do you draw the line when you are assisting or guiding? Are you doing too much for them or not enough? Only you can tell and it’s a learning process in itself, and one that never ends. When you read for someone you also have to decide how much to reveal, and are you doing it to warn and guide them, or because you think it’s what they ought to do? If you think it’s the latter, then you should stop and think again for a Guide should never decide, but they can warn when options are presented. Readers have a huge responsibility in what they say, and I recall the words of one that shook me and changed my outlook in many ways. Part of me wishes I had never met her, but maybe she wasn’t as responsible as she could have been?

Recently I have been commenting on a blog in regards to Prince Harry and his proposed wedding. At first I thought it is none of our business because people need to learn from their own mistakes even if we can see them. However, because of his position it does make it a public issue, and one should be free to express any concerns. Personally it doesn’t bother me that he will get hurt (I know that doesn’t sound very spiritual, but we must all learn how to deal with pain), but he must also learn to take responsibility for his actions and his actions will affect many not only in terms of tax payers money, but also for the stability and reputation of the monarchy. With his privileged birthright comes responsibilities; ones that each member of the royal family must take on. Each decision they make affects future generations as well as affecting the other members of the family. This means they must share celebrations as well as tragedies and errors that are made, or to help avoid them if at all possible.

My fear is that a world war is imminent and who is responsible or who will be blamed? Who can prevent or avert it and is it their responsibility? Will the USA or North Korea be held responsible, or both? With responsibility there is often blame. However, one must accept responsibility can lead to errors or negative outcomes because nothing is perfect. Those who are in a position of responsibility can help guide others, but we are all ultimately still responsible for our thoughts and choices.

In time you learn the different layers of responsibility and you may notice those who prefer not to accept responsibility as weak, afraid, and who sugar coat things. They don’t like failure and they don’t want to be associated with the failures of others. Then there are some who get bailed out all the time and who never learn what true responsibility is, and for them it can be a pretty painful lesson. The greatest responsibility you will ever have is to yourself; to protect your body, mind, and soul, and to be the best you can be ethically and morally. That’s not always easy, but it’s a good time to remind yourself to be kind and look after yourself mentally and physically, because your physical body and your soul are your responsibility.

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