Connecting (or not) with other spiritual folks

When I first embraced a spiritual path, I assumed all spiritual like-minded folks would want to connect, but the reality is that it’s no different from the connections we choose to form in everyday life. Sometimes we click with people, and others we just never do. It’s the same with family, school friends, and work colleagues; some we feel more comfortable with and others you avoid whenever possible and not always for any discernable reason.

During my earlier days in my spiritual quest I sought out spiritual folks in the belief that they would understand me and I could connect with them. However, I found out that is not always the case, and to be honest it’s a little disappointing at first. You get excited because you hope to find people that you can discuss things with and who won’t think you are cuckoo. Those hopes can get dashed when you do find the spiritual community is no different from the everyday people we encounter, except there are a few more radicals, those who are religious, and some that are just quite frankly nutty, and the dangerous ones that exhibit cult-like tendencies. You certainly don’t want to connect with just anyone who says they are spiritual.

This same issue arises when Sensitives do readings, for they must connect with the Higher Self of the Soul they are reading. Some won’t wish to be read, and at times even when you can read them (and are given permission) it can be difficult to read and connect with them. Why is that so? It’s not always a case of being blocked, but a connection is a two-way thing; listening and speaking. If one side isn’t able to express or articulate themselves, no matter how good a listener the other party is, they can’t make a good connection.

I recently asked some friends if they wanted me to do some card readings for them as they all seemed to be in a quandary. They wanted to do certain things, but felt they were too risky and insecure. All were a little afraid, but what I didn’t tell them is that I didn’t need the cards to do a reading. Cards are often for show and to help the sitter see with their own eyes the answers they have selected. I do use cards to connect with other souls who may have a message for others, and that is usually the case in remote connections or with sitters who hold back and are afraid of asking the questions they really wish to ask. Cards help reaffirm loose connections, but aren’t necessary to make a connection. My friends declined, mainly because I know they didn’t want to hear what they needed to.

Often when people attend spiritual gatherings whether it be a church, event, workshop or a meeting, one naturally assumes all will get on and connect easily. I’m afraid it doesn’t always happen, just as you won’t get on with all the fellow students in your class at school. Somehow people assume spirituality will create an automatic bond, but that isn’t the case and not because there are different types and levels of spirituality. It’s a case of respect for others beliefs, and whether you connect with the other person irrespective of their beliefs. I have some friends who have different spiritual beliefs and we connect well, and I know some others who on paper I should get on with in terms of shared skill sets and beliefs who seem so far removed from me.

A spiritual connection when it happens is great, but don’t expect too much because you can get easily disappointed and disillusioned with spirituality. There are some who are passionate about certain types of spirituality such as Buddhism and quote constantly, and others who resonate with certain writers or schools of thought. It’s fine if they respect your views, but once they start to indoctrinate you and preach, is that a true connection or are they displaying cult traits? Often these people will rush to connect with anyone who wishes to listen, so be aware—a connection is like a relationship, you must nurture it and decide if it is trustworthy.

I personally go with gut instinct and usually I am right, and sometimes I try to give others the benefit of the doubt. I’m fortunate to have had a few good connections, but I no longer yearn or hanker for them as I used to. They are great when they happen, but a shared spiritual interest doesn’t guarantee an automatic connection. It doesn’t mean either side is more spiritual, just not spiritually compatible because spirituality is something within us that constantly evolves, and therefore as we grow we no longer need to seek, because connections will find their way to you, usually when you aren’t looking.

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