The Consequences Of An Incorrect Or Bad Reading

The day I sat in a room with a psychic and heard all the answers to my questions before she could tell me, was a sign that I didn’t need to ask for readings again. There is no point when I know what they will say, but every now and then a reconfirmation is useful. However, an incorrect (mistaken reading) or a reading carried out by someone who isn’t gifted may carry consequences.

I recently came upon this myself, and I strongly believe that the best readers are those who are naturally gifted and who hone their skills through experience, rather than those who try to teach themselves. No one can read everyone, because there are times when the Higher Self will reject a link, when information is not made available for a reason, or if the Soul in question is on a plane that the Sensitive is not privy to. The best readers are those who can admit when they cannot read someone, and while some of you may see this as an antithesis of a good reader, it is a sign that they are honest and won’t be making up things or trying to read someone who should not be read. I’ve had a few readers say they couldn’t read something I had asked, or even read for me and initially one would think they are not so gifted, but in fact they are more so, because they know when there is a shield. It’s like an invisible gatekeeper that keeps things confidential where there the password is not available.

It takes a skilled reader to be able to say they cannot read someone, and maybe through ego some will attempt to read and create what is more commonly known as a generalization in vague attempt to look as if they can read everyone. It may satisfy some, and act as a placebo, but for others it can have dire consequences of self-doubt, or on the other hand an inflated ego of self-importance. These are the dangers and can hinder the Soul Growth in either direction.

So how do you know if you have had an inaccurate reading? Could you possibly just not like the reading and it’s better to think that it was wrong? I am sure that may have crossed your mind as you began to read this. I asked for a reading knowing that it would probably not give me the reconfirmation I sought, and the reader in question made a point of saying that it is how the Soul is seen, and not how the Soul wishes to be seen. That is true, but only from someone who can see the Soul and not through a Guide, because it would be the Guide’s interpretation and not the reader even though some channel through a Guide. That’s why those who channel through Guides don’t get accurate readings as the Guide is the middleman, and things get lost in translation.

I decided to write this article because I feel it’s important to stress asking for too many readings, or to take them literally can lead to dire consequences such as confusion and a loss of faith. As soon as I got my reading (for which I thanked the reader for his time and energy) I didn’t recognize anything immediately, and a couple of sentences in I knew it wasn’t my Soul, as I know my Soul and I didn’t connect to anything said. Could I be wrong and not even know or recognize my own Soul? Possible, but very unlikely and what was written bore no resemblance to me or my life thus far.

Readers can get Souls mixed up, which is why I often ask for a date of birth as a clarification point, and why other readers ask for an object to hold that the sitter uses all of the time. This is to ensure the correct Soul is being contacted. It’s possible and easy for readers to make mistakes, especially if a Soul is reluctant in being read. Therefore, readings that are remote can be off. The distance readings I have experienced have all been off, where nothing resonated at all. That said, I have had some readings face-to-face that have been inaccurate too, so it depends on the skill of the reader.

I had asked for a Soul reading, and as I do these myself I am more aware of what can be revealed and what is not on a Soul level. I feel the reader in question maybe confused with souls, auras, and chakras, because to me chakras are based on the physical realm and not the Soul. I’m not really into new age trends, and the reading was based on my chakras! That was my first signal that this wasn’t a Soul reading but an aura reading, you see because the Soul is whole and made up of fragments that relate to different Soul Lessons and experiences.

Initially I was told my crown was moderately active, my third eye and throat were over active, and by then I had stopped reading because I know the latter two were completely untrue. I don’t believe chakras relate to your Soul Growth, but your physical state, but I carried on to give the reading a chance because most readings will have an error of at least 25% because of the possible choices we make in the present and future, but the past should always be correct as that cannot be changed. The reading continued saying I had passed my mid-point on my journey, again incorrect as I have over the years different Sensitives who have reconfirmed to me how far I am in my journey and I am at the end. So are they all wrong, and this reader right? My instinct said no because many of the previous readers over the years have confirmed things that no one else would have known, and were able to sense other elements within my Soul.

So far, the reading didn’t relate to me at all, and there was mention of some painful memories in a lower chakra that he would heal. That again struck another chord and a generalization because all Souls retain some painful memories locked away to prevent them from making the same errors, and they should remain there. No healing is necessary because they are mere blueprints, but I paid little heed to the reader who said all had been healed and I would not feel any pain, because well, I knew it wasn’t true.

The reading continued, and said my third eye was too active and his guides suggested I slow down and stop any spiritual work, and to stop meditating. Well, first I don’t meditate, but if someone enjoys it I wouldn’t suggest them to stop, and as for psychic and spiritual work, my third eye has been lazy for the best part of a year. I haven’t done many readings (a handful that had been on the back burner for a year), I haven’t touched any of my manuscripts for months, and I have written a very small number of spiritual articles on my blogs. So you can see for someone it maybe confusing to say the least to hear all these recommendations, because if I were to take it literally, it would mean to stop all my spiritual work (which I have done when I felt I needed a break), whereas the messages I have had myself have been to urge and encourage me to continue.

The reader then suggested a couple of books for me to read where I will find my answers, and I’m sorry that is a cop out, because we all have the answers within us, if we have clarity and humility to see what we seek. You see the other day, an old Guide came back and gave me a message, and it was he who liked to push me, and so if I accepted the reading it would render all the messages I had from my Guide as invalid. Now, I know that is not the case as his nudging and pushing did come to fruition.

Therefore, you can see an inaccurate reading can create self-doubt and confusion over what has transpired, and from what your own Higher Self and Guides have conveyed to you. It does more harm than good, which is why in my own readings I don’t advise as such, but point out the potential aims of the Soul and the lessons it had been aiming for. I deleted the reading within minutes, because it wasn’t mine and had no place in my inbox. Usually I keep readings and go over them in case something resonates later on, but in this case I knew that would not be and I clicked delete without any hesitation. The danger I see in this is that some who are more fragile would accept this and follow the recommendations, which could stall their progress. The Higher Self will never lie to you, you may have some uncomfortable truths to accept, but that is the reality of how the Soul grows.

I have learned a few things from this experience—it has reminded me again that I do not need nor should I seek readings, and that my intuition and Higher Self are the best sources for guidance. That where I sought confirmation and validation of the messages I have had, the inaccurate reading reinforced them by way of they meant something to me and me alone, and are applicable even if I haven’t quite figured out how they all fit together. It’s another reminder that there are no short cuts to finding out the answers, although these days I have fewer questions because I know there are no answers for them, not on this plane at least.

My message is to have faith in yourself, and listen to your Higher Self because you can trust yourself to know what is right for you. While the physical self may deny some elements of the Soul, the Higher Self will never do that. For a nanosecond as I read the reading, I thought was all that I had done and known a sham and had I read it all wrong? But I knew I wasn’t, and that all the visions that have come to light were not coincidences, and they occurred to help others whether they chose to actively use that advice or not. As they say, readings are for entertainment purposes only for a reason because nothing is definitive in the spiritual world, and readers can and do make mistakes. Perhaps I have helped the reader learn Souls are not based on chakras, and that if a Soul cannot be read that there is a good reason for it. Even by my giving permission for others to read my Soul, doesn’t mean that they will have access. That is something many novice readers have yet to learn, because Old and Ancient Souls speak in terms where not all Souls will be able to comprehend as yet.

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