Is Scraping By The Spiritual Way Of Life?

Many of us are dazzled by the high profiles of some psychics, and the freedoms that those who choose a spiritual way to live, but is it all it is cracked out to be? The simple fact is that it looks straightforward, but in reality isn’t. I know a number of spiritual folk who struggle, yet they don’t complain, but I know life is not easy for them. Many do scrape by, live on the road, worry about how to pay the bills, and whether they are doing the right thing. These are genuine and real concerns, and when anyone tries to discuss the not so bright side of spirituality, they get chastised.

Life and living isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be so hard that a Soul can’t focus on things without worrying day to day how they will survive. I mentioned this once on a forum, and someone answered that Spirit will provide somehow. Now if that means living in a shelter and eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is that providing or scraping by? It’s not a way to live, but a way to survive, and I would not say that is being provided for. I find the phrase demeaning in some ways, as if that is all you are worth and you should have faith. I do believe in faith, but practical faith.

One should not profit from spiritual work, but yes, they are entitled to ask for remuneration for their time. I have discussed this on numerous occasions, and find charging extortionate fees for what is essentially guidance and advice that isn’t substantiated is abhorrent. Yet, how does someone make a living if they choose a spiritual way of life, which is not the same as a spiritual career? To me a career is geared around money, and how to be profitable, whereas a way of life can be that, but also a vocation where one works although not solely for profit.

The attraction of living a spiritual life appears to be full of peace, calm, kindness, and happiness. It is true this is possible, yet many scrape by instead or live off charity. Is that right or spiritual? Does it mean if you choose a spiritual way you will be poor? Note, there is a difference between being spiritual and those who market self-help and empowerment workshops. Some tire of the difficulties of a spiritual life, and I don’t blame them, really I don’t. While some are able to be self-sufficient, you will find most will have a savings account to help them out, or family members who will loan them some funds to keep them going. Make no mistake, spirituality is a profit making business for some, and those who truly wish to be spiritual can get disillusioned quite quickly when they become dependent on others for the basics in life.

Those who choose a spiritual way of life and who give up certain things can end up scraping by later on. It’s hard to turn back and return to the life you once had because deep down there is a need to exert faith and prove that you weren’t wrong. Instead some cling to what they can, grasp at the remnants of their self-esteem and dignity, and try not to appear like a charity case. It’s humbling to say the least, but is that a necessary part of spirituality—to lose everything and rely on the good nature of others? I don’t think it should be, but the reality is that it does happen. How many are content and don’t worry about the rent or where the next meal comes from? We are no longer in an age where churches get food donations, except for the soup kitchens for the homeless. Even if that were the case, a spiritual person can still learn to be humble without losing everything and relying on charity.

The reality is that a spiritual way isn’t always practical. There are those who move from one spiritual community to another, do odd jobs to make ends meet, and rely on work exchanges for food and board. Isn’t that a little too much like biblical times? Spirituality should progress with society, and so be practical and keep the faith, but don’t depend on Spirit to bail you out each time. It’s not their job, and they don’t always come to the rescue. Help doesn’t always come, so then what do you do? You learn to be self-reliant.

To be spiritual is to be self-sufficient and to accept help only when you need it and not to expect or depend on it. That is the one of the misconceptions many have about a spiritual way of life. If I had known what I do now, would I have chosen this path? I honestly don’t know, because mentally there is no support except battling with your faith, and communicating with your Guides. I have learned much about humanity though, both good and bad, yet the struggles tested me as I questioned the validity of my spiritual path. Scraping by is not something to aspire to, but is something that you may have to accept if you choose this path. That’s another thing no one tells you about the spiritual way of life.


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