Bleak Spirituality

I wrote briefly about the ‘shift’ I felt just over three years ago, but I was cautious not to write too much, mainly because I did not wish to be accused of being a witch, terrorist, negative, or a doomsayer. As an Ancient Soul I have learned to choose my words and timing carefully. The simple fact is that there has to be a natural balance in the Universe and at times that means there will be periods of bleak spirituality. So what does that mean exactly? Currently the world is going through an unstable period with the threat of a World War looming (we all knew it would happen, and many have been attempting to prevent it), where materialism supersedes basic human rights, superficiality is the norm, and where dictators operate under the guise of helping the people. Combined, it throws a dark shadow over spirituality, and while I do believe that the light will always be stronger, it doesn’t stop the effects of the dark because people are led to believe it’s normal and right.

Selfishness isn’t right, and while yes, self-preservation is normal, when one is selfish to gain and cause harm to another, well that’s a moral question of balance only the Soul can decide for themselves. It’s not for me to judge, but is for that Soul to make a choice, and either to learn, or prolong that lesson. I have many that say to me that they can’t understand why things don’t work out even when they are positive, why bad things happen to good people, or no matter how hard they try they feel there is no hope. Now some spiritualists will come up with a theory, or say that you weren’t using the Law of Attraction correctly, but the fact is not all spiritual lessons will have what are deemed positive outcomes on the physical plane.

This is when people question the role of spirituality (and I too do from time to time) because it would be foolhardy to sit back and expect divine intervention or rely upon it. There are times where you have no choice but to do that, but in instances where you can do something, then Spirit will expect you to at least consider this. That may not sound particularly spiritual, but being spiritual is about accepting bad situations for perhaps an unexplained reason, to try and resolve them, and to prevent them from reoccurring. Assume Spirit is the ‘parent’ and therefore their role is to guide rather than to sort out all your issues and errors, because if they did, then you wouldn’t learn, therefore defeating the purpose of an incarnation. At times, one learns more from a fall, and as painful as it is, it is an inevitable part of Soul Growth. A good parent supports and guides, rather than one that smothers and dictates growth.

What is bleak spirituality? It is a time when the forces around us impact one another, therefore we are all connected by the actions and choices of those miles away, and whom we may never meet. There is a fine line between what is moral and legal as I state in nearly everything I write, but finding that balance is what a realistic spiritual person does. Currently in the USA, the political framework is awry with those in power who purport their support to the majority of the population. Many have been misled and fooled yet the legal framework created allows it to continue. One can ask, how can this be rectified, and one must wait until the next elections in Congress, but by then many lives will have been affected, and will a war have broken out?

There is another side to bleak spirituality where no matter what someone does, things just don’t work out. It’s not about being negative, maybe Karma has a role, but is a reluctant acceptance that all the positive energies in the Universe will not and cannot change what has been predestined according to Fate and the original Soul Lessons planned. Not everyone will have happy, fruitful, and peaceful incarnations. I know that may not be very spiritual but it’s honest and realistic. We all however will have some small moments of happiness, and so while an incarnation maybe predominately full of woe, it will not be completely fruitless. Take for example a friend of mine who is a healer, and has helped others all her life; she has been left with COPD, one lung, and may lose her property. One can question why has this happened when this person has done no ill will to others, and it would be remiss of me to make assumptions. While she bears no ill will and makes the best of the situation, it is human and natural to be disillusioned, frustrated, and confused spiritually. Why, because we are led to believe if you do good deeds and have good intentions then Spirit will provide. I know for a fact this does not always happen; when there is no food or when one becomes homeless it is indeed a bleak time. All the assistance and sacrifices made to help others is then questioned when tragedy and a bleak period strikes. It takes an enormous amount of humbleness and loss of pride and dignity to ask for help, which is why to offer is spiritual, but to offer and mean it. There have been times I have taken up that offer only to find it wasn’t made in good faith. You then struggle to trust, and that is another lesson that all Souls learn.

I write this not to knock spirituality but to present an honest view; the glossy websites offering an empowering video or meditation download may make you feel better, but cannot alter the grand plan. My message is not to expect too much and you won’t be disappointed, but that doesn’t mean you should begin to be selfish. Rather, don’t compare your life to others, or anticipate how you want things to turn out. There will be bleak periods when nothing seems to go according to plan, and it’s hard—so tough that you can lose faith and hope. However, all I can implore is not to give up, and to keep opening doors, help others with a good heart, be honest with yourself, and think about the effect your actions has on others. It may have little effect on the present incarnation, but at least your integrity remains and your Soul knows it is doing the right thing.

I don’t want to get political here, and while each person has a right to their own political beliefs, but supporting a regime that deceives and helps destroy society and humanity is not a responsible act. Instead it empowers and gives them false credibility. Perhaps they could not see the truth and were misled or blinded by what they wished to believe, or through selfish gains? However, actions cannot lie, and rhetoric is one thing, but to deny the causality of actions is dishonest and the impact has created a bleakness on the spiritual cloud.

What this means in a nutshell is that more disarray will occur, factions between the nations will grow (the UN has done okay so far, but has no actual power), and even when war breaks out and ends, it’s the human scars that will remain. Yes, more terrorists will attack and get thwarted, communities that have taken years to build will be broken up, meanwhile the less well off sector of society who can vote still fight for equality, as governments try to balance the economy and the livelihoods of the less fortunate. That will always exist, but today people expect more, and should they? A government in society should help those during hard times, or who are less fortunate due to circumstances beyond their control—that is their duty, but not to give aid to those who seek it as a way to have an easy life. Society needs to differentiate between those who need aid and those who take advantage of aid because they know it exists.

Is it the end of the world? Not just yet, but humanity isn’t being as interactive in preserving it as it could be and is unstable. I’m not just talking about climate change, extinct species, the destruction of nature, but also how humanity is evolving or rather that it isn’t. Of course that’s my opinion, but think about it—during the Victorian era where there were slums and workhouses, people living on the street, and where the poor were forced to work long hours with no benefits or guarantees. Compare it to today where people live in trailers, social housing or on the street still, a large proportion work on zero hour contracts or short term contracts with no benefits, and the poor, instead of going to church to get food, there are food banks. Has humanity actually evolved? Some may say that is spirituality providing for you; I disagree—even if you are a good person, and work hard you can still fall on hard times, but having to accept charity to survive isn’t something to aspire to. Each Soul should have the means to provide for themselves; to be spiritual is to help those less fortunate and not just financially. Therefore, isn’t it a catch 22 situation if a spiritual person depends or relies upon another to survive?

What can be done about the bleak spiritual phase? I could say pray, but many have been doing that, and while it can help one must remember this phase is a consequence of physical realm laws that have superseded that of the basic moral laws that humanity was founded upon. How can it be rectified? Less greed, lees selfishness, an honest approach to what is moral and feasible, and a society to help those in need, yet not to empower those who seek to govern by threatening others and to harm society. It’s perhaps time for some of the legal physical realm laws to be adjusted to save humanity from a darker phase. Indeed, it is a bleak time for humanity and spiritually too, yet it will pass, but those of us present must learn from this, and try to prevent a bad situation from getting worse. Is this part of the plan or was this created by the failures of humanity? I’ll let you decide that, but the Universe is complex and reacts to situations. There is always more than one path, and the fates of many were dependent on the choices of a few. Is it a resistance against the establishment, and what kind of world are we as a society shaping for future generations? At times people only realize and learn what is necessary, or what is good when they have seen the dark side of humanity, and sadly this is a time when people en masse will learn the hard way the consequences of their selfishness or poor choices.

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