A Dark Time Looms…

History exists so that we, the human race can learn from the mistakes of our ancestors, so when humanity is doomed to repeat the same errors, what can you do when no one listens? Today was a dark day in history, where Trump officially became the President of the USA. Obviously Trump supporters would disagree, but many would concur that this is indeed a dangerous time in the world. I hear people chime in with the checks and balances old chestnut, and that they hope it works. The key word here is hope because Trump has a habit of paying off people—everyone knows that or they disappear.

Humanity is flawed and will never be perfect, but one has more choices these days than say a century ago. Instead, technology can be used to cheat the system (I’ve had more Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian attempted hackers than you would believe). There were people who could have stopped this, and some attempted but were prevented. As a person who believes on Fate and Destiny, one wonders why this has happened. The fact is Fate doesn’t always deal out fun and nice things, and Destiny is complicated when it can conversely push others to highlight the misgivings in humanity. Was this the work of Fate?

Last night I watched a documentary on those who voted for Trump and those who didn’t. I was astonished at the lack of culpability the Trump voters exhibited; most said they voted because they wanted jobs in dead industries such as coal mining that Trump promised them he would revive. Well, logic dictates that consumerism is dependent on demand and supply, and there is no demand for coal, and it’s not as if you can put in on sale if you can’t sell it. When asked if it doesn’t happen, the miners simply said, “Well, we gave it a shot.”

This can only lead to the conclusion that the voters aren’t that bright, because they handed power over to someone with empty promises that may destroy systems that have taken decades to implement. Another said the rest of America thinks more of the environment than their jobs—again, a dead-end industry versus saving the planet and the ensuring the future for generations cannot even be compared. Simply, get another job is my answer, and if you aren’t qualified, then go back to school to get qualifications like the rest of the world. These people voted for selfish reasons and not for the good of the country, but what was good for them. This is one of the issues in humanity, where people only can see what benefits them rather than everyone. Maybe they need to spend more money on education in these areas as it’s clearly lacking.

Many have been taken in by the rhetoric of Trump, my own mother included who suggested I should work for Trump (either she has dementia or she doesn’t know me, and it could be both). It’s apparent some people will not listen, or have the ability to listen, and choose to say wait and see. In my lifetime, that’s a phrase used when people expect doom and gloom, who don’t wish to appear pessimistic, and is followed up by, “I though as much,” later on.

I’m sad that I am living through a dark age, while others try to be optimistic I’m a realist. What can be done? People need to be educated on the consequences, and how not to make the same mistakes again. We, the people need to stand up for what is right and just in humanity. That has always been a battle, but while humanity fails to work together there will never be peace or harmony. Spiritually one may ask why has this occurred, how can someone who is a dictator be elected? The simple answer is that people are greedy, and they want and expect things, and the thing is not everyone can be rich or have the perfect job. That doesn’t mean people need to accept their lot in life, but to live within their means and take responsibility for their choices and actions. It’s tragic that this election has shown the true frailties of humanity, where racism, hatred, and bullying have resurfaced and have been accepted as commonplace. I feel the world has gone back a few steps on the moral compass, and maybe this is part of the Shift that I felt three years ago. It has come to pass, and the voyage is going to be stormy for the world and humanity.

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