The Disruption Of Unexpected Paths

During an incarnation, our path will change multiple times, and often it won’t be that obvious, or sometimes it is a drastic and necessary change. However, what about paths that suddenly alter and affect multiple paths? Despite wishing to plan our lives, our incarnations already have been sketched out, and even though there are options, they will be limited to what was decided before the incarnation.

In theory, the result of the US Presidential Election has and will alter the paths of many. If we look at things, there have been many attempts to challenge the validity of the incoming President (Trump), and so far these have been thwarted. Is there a reason for this? It clearly has and will disrupt many paths, and this all arose from several individuals making choices that benefited them. Those choices will alter the paths of millions. Perhaps they weren’t conscious of that, but are now. If anything, that is one immense Soul Lesson to learn.

On the other hand, some of us crave a different path and can’t see one, or those who feel they want a change discover the path they were on wasn’t that bad. This, I suspect millions of Americans will discover in a few years time, however, many will be loathe to admit this publicly. The alternate path is not always better—that is a fallacy, but free will allows us to choose to take that risk, if only to learn what contentment is.

My own path has been affected by the choices others have made, and each of us are dependent on the choices our parents make, even those who are abandoned or adopted. Their choices may disrupt the anticipated path, but Souls will survive, and in some cases make them stronger if not cynical. Humans can be self-centered, so few of us will sit and evaluate the consequences that our actions will have on others. That’s something Old and Ancient Souls do subconsciously, only because that have seen the same scenarios multiple times. From this, other Souls will learn valuable Soul Lessons, well, hopefully or they will carry over to the subsequent incarnations.

How do you handle an unexpected path, or can you avoid them? If we take the US Presidential Election as an example, people had the opportunity to decide their path through voting; some chose to stay at home, and others voted for a third party purely for their own conscience, but effectively made a non-vote. So, people did have opportunities but chose not to use them effectively. The same can apply with former lovers reappearing; there is a choice to do something or nothing. There is no guarantee that doing something will end up with the desired result, but by being active that enables the Soul to progress on the path.

Many paths will lead to clarity, and that is something we are all in search of. Maybe some of us want more through discontentment, and that I fear is what may have led to the result of the US Presidential Election. It’s a bit late now (they can’t turn back on that old path, as it no longer exists) for those who feel they made an error in voting. The alternate path has been created, and it looks dark and murky. When there is no other path, often the Soul will learn and realize that the quiet path was in fact the better option, and that it wasn’t that bad after all. That is the lesson learnt when people seek other paths that lead to disruptions, and insecurity.

All paths pose risks, and when they are disrupted, all you can do is tread with caution and awareness, and then look carefully to create an opportunity for another path. A new path can be created, but only once the Soul has acknowledged the lesson learnt, and with it lessons of appreciation and humbleness. It may sound simple, but often arrogance, shame, and ego come into play and block a new path being created. Those are typically Soul Lessons that span multiple incarnations, and hence why many may remain ‘stuck’ on a path and not understand why.


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