Is Love The Greatest Power?

What is love? Is it something we can quantify, control, or understand? It’s something all humans yearn for, and many search for true love, and some will even pay for it, so how can it be a power when it controls people? Surely power is something that people use for good and growth? Meeting of the minds

There are of course several types of ‘love’, from loving a pet, or parents who love their children, but the ultimate kind is when people find or think they have found their soulmate. The misconception is that people believe they only have one soulmate, where in fact most people have several, and get disappointed when relationships end or fail (and think they are doomed to be alone). Learning to cope with an end of a relationship may have been the purpose of the soulmate agreement, but films, books, and myths don’t like to highlight that, basically because it’s not very commercial. People always want and expect a happy ending, but that isn’t always the purpose of a soulmate relationship.

To me power is something that is consistent, and that can be developed. I’m not sure love comes into that category, as while it can help people to grow, it also arouses envy, fear, and pain. Can the greatest power be controlled? Few people can control their love for someone; it is passion that controls love. How can unrequited love be powerful when it leads to rejection, pain, and loneliness? However, those are important lessons that a Soul must experience, and through love they can be learnt.

The greatest power to me is honesty and integrity because through that you gain power within yourself. It’s not reliant on others, but the Soul chooses how to utilize that power. Love maybe the most powerful emotion, but emotions can fluctuate, and people fall in and out of love. How do you know if you are in love, and whether it’s real? Too many people assume the answer is love, but what of those who have never loved another? Does that make them failures in the eyes of society? While love is important, it’s not something that can be bought, traded, protected, or is ever guaranteed because it depends on another Soul. Some may choose to love from a distance or release a loved one to allow them to follow their own path. Few will deny there is no pain or that an element of loneliness is involved when the latter occurs, but from that, the Soul does grow in strength. I have been there, and it’s not an easy choice to make, and yes, you do always wonder whether it was the right one. One can only make a decision based on the circumstances at the time, and there is never a wrong choice, but maybe a better one in hindsight.

Love is powerful in that it can control people. Many notorious murders are crimes of passion, or people do things they wouldn’t normally do in the name of love. Can one say that is a good thing, when it renders a person to act irrationally? Older Souls or Ancient Souls tend to be pragmatic in love, and don’t fall in love easily. Some may fall in love with those who are not in the Soul Group, or pass a Soulmate over. I have loved and let people go, quite easily in hindsight, not because I didn’t love them, but because I knew their path lay in a different direction to my own, and to avoid too much pain, it was better to release them. Love maybe powerful, but like the oceans, it can be unpredictable and uncontrollable, and to me power should be controlled, and never destructive. Honesty enables the Soul to grow, and while love can too, it can also unconsciously destroy others. Love is more than sex or an attraction—it’s a meeting of the minds, where one can be wholly themselves and can evolve, and growth is power.

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