Why Spirituality Won’t Solve All Of Your Problems

I’m a great believer and advocate for realistic spirituality, and it’s always a concern when I hear people when they get disappointed that Spirit hasn’t helped. While we may hope our questions are answered, and our problems solved, becoming spiritual doesn’t guarantee either.

First of all you must understand what the basis of spirituality is and then you need to be honest and realistic with yourself—is what you want necessary, or selfish? The basis of spirituality in my book is having faith in Higher Powers, and that they may assist you if they are able to, and if it is appropriate. In my own experience there are problems that I can’t solve and Spirit hasn’t intervened or maybe not just yet. It’s frustrating, and maybe they won’t help out and leave me to figure it out the long way? I don’t always know, but if we are able to resolve things ourselves then we ought to rather than rely or expect Spirit to do it. That’s a shortcut and an easy way out, and doesn’t help growth.

One must also be honest—is this something you choose not to address and want a quick solution, or is it what you want at the cost of others? Each event and interaction in an incarnation teaches us something, and often they involve the darker side of human nature and links directly with Karma. An example of such behavior is a former friend and neighbor of mine who I befriended and helped out many a time. She is a Christian by faith, but her actions (in my opinion) hover on the borderline concerning ethics. In addition she is a practicing lawyer, so even if she doesn’t know better, she knows what is legally right and wrong. I once went to church with her and she asked for spiritual healing because she had consciously lied about something at work and felt guilty. Now, one would say that would be asking for forgiveness, however, she did this each week, at which point I said to her to just stop doing bad things and you don’t need to ask for forgiveness.

Our friendship ended effectively the day she betrayed me; we lived in a converted house of flats and one of the owners was pulling a fast one in regards to the accounts where I discovered he had failed to file the accounts, and was fined for a couple of years and used the funds we paid for maintenance to pay them off and hid it. My former friend saw the paperwork and verified it was criminal and fraudulent behavior, and we all agreed that he needed to step down and he should pay the money back from his own pocket. A letter was drafted and to be signed by those who were resident, but she suddenly refused and said she didn’t know what I was talking about. I later found out the crooked owner, whom had control of the accounts offered to pay for her new French doors with secondary glazing by creating a claim it came under external fittings. Basically she had been bribed. To cut the story short, I had to go to a tribunal to resolve things due to the betrayal, as she then backed the crooked owner and told others that I was lying. The tribunal looked at all my evidence and the crooked owner was banned from being a Director or Manager of a property forever, and ordered to step down and hand over everything immediately to a third party.

So what were the lessons here? There were many in hindsight, but mainly my former friend thought that Spirit would sort out her problems, and that she could get away with unethical behavior by asking for forgiveness in church each week and that would exonerate her. It doesn’t work like that, because if you consciously created a situation and then didn’t acknowledge it, or try to resolve it then Spirit will not intervene. Maybe Spirit did help me, although the path was tough and financially painful as the truth came out and I was proven not to be a liar. I was trying to do the right thing and no one could see that because they wanted the quick and easy way. Once could also say others were very stupid, because a piece of paper from HMRC doesn’t lie when there are fines from late tax filings and who was responsible when there was only one person who had access to the account.

My lessons included tests of loyalty; only one neighbor stood by me despite the legal evidence, and that friendships can be destroyed with bribery. I remember feeling disillusioned with helping people if all they do is stab you in the back and front when given the choice of personal gain over that of the truth or justice. The irony is the former friend has a high salary in an established law firm, and could afford the doors herself, but accepted the bribe through greed. This was the person who I fed and looked after when she was sick, cleaned up her vomit, and consoled her when she was upset for several years on a daily basis. Is it possible to forgive? That’s hard, because she had no just cause to betray me except for greed. She knew the truth and I even had texts and emails to prove what she knew, and so to forgive someone means that you are willing to trust them again, and the lesson here is not to trust someone who is capable of betraying you.

I know some of you reading this will say that we ought to forgive whatever the circumstance, but forgiveness takes time. I can’t turn back the clock, but she had never apologized, and after the whole affair attempted to talk to me as if nothing had happened. My name had been dragged through the mud, I had charges filed against me as I refused to pay my maintenance until the crooked owner resigned and paid back what was owed, and other owners who had been fed false information had sent me hate mail and tried to force me out of my home. Not one person apologized, but I think that was through shame and embarrassment that they had backed the liar who the Judge had banned for life from ever being able to manage a property in the UK. Another lesson is that justice can happen, but people won’t always appreciate the sacrifices made during that process.

I tried to resolve an issue the right and moral way, and that didn’t work out. I hadn’t created the situation, but it affected me and thus I had a right to find a resolution. I do believe in justice, but there isn’t always a cheer when it is achieved. It left me wondering what on earth was this all about as the paperwork I had clearly showed the wrong doings. I now understand that even if things are on paper, it’s what people choose to believe, and how they react that matters, even if what you do and say is undoubtedly moral and ethical. I actually went for a reading with a Sensitive at the time in regards to other matters, and she gave me a message that Spirit thanked me for helping the crooked owner learn a lesson, as he was headed down a path that would have led to prison. This is the silent part of spirituality where no one will ever know what I did, and how much I personally suffered mentally and financially to help someone learn a lesson who likely would not have appreciated it either.

That’s a behind the scenes look at being a Lightworker (I hadn’t embraced being spiritual at the time, as I was still in denial) and that Spirit may help resolve things, but it’s never easy or quick. There will be fall out, so don’t believe all those tales where Spirit helps out and there is a happily ever after—sometimes there is, and other times help restores a balance that is necessary. Spirit will always hear and listen to problems, but each Soul must be responsible for their own actions. Assistance arrives only when it is necessary (when other options have failed), but not always in the way you wish or with the outcome you desire.

©2016. S. T. Alvyn.

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