Closing Portals and Closing Prayers

A few of my readers have asked me, “What is the closing prayer?” and “How do you close a portal?” but neither of these questions can be answered simply or with a couple of sentences. First of all one must understand that portals can be opened consciously and subconsciously, therefore, there are many open portals that haven’t been closed because people were unaware that they had opened them.

The best person to close a portal is the person who opened it, however, that is not always possible. Whenever there is a guided meditation or a spiritual exercise where someone is put in a trance or is instructed to visit another realm (such as imagine you are in a field) then that opens a portal. A portal is another name for opening a doorway to enter another dimension; therefore, many of us do this when we dream, especially during lucid dreams. When we are asleep, the Higher Self will automatically close that doorway, but this is not the case when this is a conscious action. To close a portal, one must choose to leave; many guided meditations use staircases or a river as a gateway, and by climbing down the staircase or crossing the river is symbolic of closing the portal.

A closing prayer should be used when there has been a conscious journey to another realm, as well as an opening prayer to protect the Soul from any potential entities wishing to latch onto them or to use the portal. This provides some protection, a little like a cat with a microchip entering the house through the cat flap—only certain Souls may pass through, but there is the chance some will attempt to sneak through. A reader also asked what is a closing prayer, and there is no blanket answer as it depends on why you chose to enter the other dimension. Therefore, the closing prayer should be similar to the opening prayer that asked for protection, and instead thanking Spirit for their protection. An example of an opening prayer would be:

“I ask the Powers of the North, to guide me on my journey; To the Powers in the East, to aid my safe and speedy passage; To the Powers in the South, to help me find what I seek, and To the Powers in the West, to protect my surroundings.”

The closing prayer in response would be:

“I thank the Powers of the North for guiding me; To the Powers in The East in ensuring a safe passage; To the Powers of the South for showing me what I needed, and To the Powers of the West for protecting me on my journey.”

Many Souls who do journey have a totem or power animal that guides and protects them, but for those who don’t, many make their journey and use something symbolic that they cross or enter to define the dimensional boundaries. This could be crossing a bridge or road, entering a house or room, staircases, crossing a river, or entering a forest or wood. Some Sensitives have the ability to close open portals that others have inadvertently left open. This is a little harder to do, but is a task only certain Sensitives undertake when their Guides have asked them to assist. This requires an energy exchange and also a cleansing of the area, as usually they have acted as gateways for Spirits to cross into the dimension uninvited. While it may not be easy to persuade them to leave, leaving the door open for more to enter is not wise. Many do leave of their own accord and find another portal when they fail to seek what they desire.

Opening and closing prayers should be tailored to what you are requesting, for example, on a Soul Retrieval journey one may ask for assistance in showing which prior life issue needs to be addressed. On a personal level I don’t recommend opening portals for curiosity, and to do it under guidance. Closing portals is essential, however, I am realistic in that I know many will be left open accidentally or partially. If you open a portal always protect yourself, and then close the door and thank The Powers That Be, even if the journey wasn’t as successful as you had hoped.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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