The Lure of the Dark Side

Lightworkers can be beacons for those who in a dark space, but Lightworkers are also drawn to dark souls subconsciously. I have a propensity to sense those with heavy soul energy, and to be honest it can be tiring, very tiring. Recently I was on a spiritual chat room, when someone new appeared; he only said a few words, but I recognized his energy from elsewhere that had been dark. The name had been changed and I never asked why, but the fact I could pinpoint who that Soul was within seconds was more disconcerting. Some may say that’s great; that’s the idea so that Lightworkers know who to help, but with it comes the responsibilities and choices, that I inadvertently created for myself.

Do I choose to avoid them if I have too much on my plate, or if I feel I cannot help them, or stick around and see if they ask for help and see if I can? What I discovered, and why I am not helping this particular Soul is that they brought it on themselves, but don’t wish to listen to how to resolve the issue. Basically he attempted a ceremony (I say attempted because it was not successful, and should not have considered it as he was unskilled) and opened a portal for negative entities to attach themselves to him. Perhaps he read a book or website and tried to follow the instructions, but if it was that easy to get rid of negativity it would be commonplace and performing ceremonies and rituals is not. Someone may have performed this for him as Ayahuasca ceremonies are only supposed to be undertaken by Shamans, and ones with great experience. The results can be damning if not otherwise. I advised him to stop doing ceremonies; he never replied but then discussed what he did during more ceremonies with others. Clearly he did not want to listen, and thus the dark side is feeding off his fear. The fear is illogical, but that’s when negativity confuses the rational mind. Reasoning with such Souls is hard work, and then attempting to put them on a path of healing. The energies of a Lightworker are easily drained with such Souls who act irresponsibly.

The dark can lurk with or without ceremonies, spells, or rituals, but if you do use any, know the risks. It’s not like an episode of Supernatural, or a scene from a fantasy film—real life means that these entities can and do exist. Don’t open the door and welcome them in, because Lightworkers can only save those who wish to listen and be saved. There is no easy way to leave a dark space, and taking short cuts can lead to more issues. While the dark can be very painful, it’s something all Souls will experience at some point. Many try to look for blame, but this doesn’t help and creates more negativity. Understanding why something has occurred can assist only when a Soul is ready to accept an error of judgment, and that is how a Soul evolves. Some get lured towards the dark in an attempt to rid themselves of guilt, but guilt is something that needs to be experienced and worked through. Others search for an easy way, but with that comes consequences that lead to immoral and unethical paths. That is the start of a dark path. One gets lured in and tempted with an easy ride, only to find later the true cost.

For those who experience the dark through personal tragedy, or who have taken a wrong turn, there is always hope as healing an injured Soul is a little easier when you can figure out the solution and what caused it. One must be willing to face the dark, as you can’t escape forever—it may buy time, and allow you to confront things when you are ready, but is there ever an ideal time?

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

2 thoughts on “The Lure of the Dark Side

  1. I had a friend ask me Did I think “negative energies are more alluring and captivating than positive one’s?” If that’s the case, why?

    Do you think they are?

    And a related questIon, What in your opinion is the lure that the negative, dark side has for the human?


    • I find negative energies tend to appear attractive for personal gain, and the human side is easily tempted. Humans seek self-gratification more readily, and when a short cut presents itself it is tempting. Often people think there is no harm, but part of Soul Learning is not the outcome but how you get there.


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