Taking Spirituality Too Seriously

Is it possible to be too obsessed and take spiritual matters too seriously? It’s like life, some people take things too seriously and overthink, and on the other scale others are too laid back. Being spiritual is a choice, but when it becomes an obsession, is that dangerous? I think it can be, because minds can become closed, and that’s when conspiracy theories arise, or when people are fixated on things and they cannot see any other way.

Recently on some forums I have noticed people scaring others, writing about demonic and dark spirits that will get you, and another obsessed with a past life they aren’t living and spending time on ritual and ceremonies in an attempt to help themselves. These are the people who others consider the crazy ones, and basically it’s because they have trapped themselves into a spiritual box, and do not want to see things any other way. The worst thing is if someone agrees with them on a forum, which validates their beliefs. I find this so dangerous, as people no longer think or see things rationally.

I don’t take spiritual matters lightly, but I take certain things that don’t resonate with a pinch of salt. That’s much healthier—to have a balance. I see this too when people get obsessed with card readings, and it’s wrong, because they are relying on forces, rather than living. I have a friend who is dependent on readings, so I no longer read for them, but try to guide them because what I say is not what they wish to hear.

One may always think there is a spiritual explanation or reason for events, and there well may be one, but it won’t always be revealed even if you ask. Taking spirituality too seriously is not healthy, because it can make a person blind to what is actually happening. To truly see what is around us, the mind needs to clear and open. I now have more laid back days, because spirituality is part of life, and while we have lessons to learn, one must also learn not to take things too seriously. We learn more when we are not conscious about things, and that is the natural and best way to learn anything.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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