The Truth Behind Some Spiritual Myths

When one hears the term spiritual it immediately conjures up preconceptions, which are based on stereotypes and ideology. The truth of the matter is most of what you hear is theoretical and are myths. Here are some common myths, and the down to earth honest truth about them:

  • All spiritual people have psychic powers. False—many do not, but may think they do. Some try to learn to do readings, and others claim to have spiritual gifts. Those who do have spiritual gifts aren’t necessarily spiritual either, being psychic or being able to hear spirits does not automatically make someone spiritual.
  • Psychics can see the future. Not necessarily, they can interpret things incorrectly, and can only see a potential future. No one can be exact, but maybe able to foresee a likely outcome. I’ve had many predictions that have been way off, and in my own readings for others, most have occurred, or partially.
  • Spiritual people are always honest. Not always, because they are just normal humans. Treat them as normal people, and don’t automatically assume they are kind and honest, or to be trusted. Some are dishonest, others are disillusioned, and others do take advantage.
  • When you awaken you feel enlightened. The books may tell you this, but enlightenment is a process and does not always happen or straightaway. Many people expect some special light bulb moment, and for some they may find out, but awakening takes time, and it’s not all fun and rose.
  • All religious people are spiritual. This is one of the biggest myths, and it still perplexes me when websites try and put spirituality and religion together. Many religious people are not spiritual, and some spiritual people are not religious or don’t follow a particular religion. The two are very separate, but have crossovers.
  • Witches can’t be spiritual. Some are and others aren’t. It depends on what they believe in, as magic and witchcraft is separate from spiritualism too, but crosses over.
  • Spiritual people are unselfish. Spiritual people are human, but the ideal is to be unselfish and always wish to help, but that maybe under a guise. I am skeptical of those who wish to help with high fees, as a fee is acceptable, but extortion isn’t.
  • They all use the Law of Attraction. You don’t have to be spiritual to use the Law of Attraction, and not all spiritual people use it either. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  • People who meditate are more spiritual. Meditation is used for religious and spiritual reasons, but non-religious and spiritual people also meditate. There are spiritual people (like myself) who do not meditate because it doesn’t suit them and they don’t like it. It doesn’t make someone more spiritual either, although some claim that it does. You can’t prove who is more spiritual than another!
  • Spiritual people all believe in reincarnation. Many people do believe in the afterlife, but not all do.
  • Supernatural events are spiritual. These are different in many ways, but may cross over too. Supernatural events may occur without any reason, as do spiritual events, but the transition of a Soul from the physical realm to the spiritual realm is a spiritual event and not a supernatural one. A supernatural event can be an item that flies across the room suddenly, which could be a spirit trying to get attention. However, when a building collapses and misses hitting and killing people, that can be considered both supernatural and/or spiritual.
  • Spiritualism is a cult. There are some movements that claim to be religious or spiritual that have cult tendencies. When information is withheld, or there are no independent reviews, then one should be wary in case it is a cult. Sadly, these cults prey on those who look for spiritual guidance and then get brainwashed. When people blindly follow a movement or a leader, one should exercise caution.
  • Channeled messages are accurate and should be followed. Any channeled messages are usually for an individual, and even if they are used as a conduit the person must interpret them correctly. Many are long-winded, and remind people to do good (that’s what humanity is about) and no one can confirm the source of the channel. There is no proof that they are correct, and to follow what is said blindly is unwise. Follow what your Higher Self tells you, as that is the only source that you can trust implicitly.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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