How To Stay Sane And Spiritual

Spirituality has an unfair reputation at times, where people see it as a cult, or overtly religious, and many are considered cranks and crazies. I will admit there are some over zealous religious types, and I have come into contact with some crazies, so I understand the apprehension if someone asks if you have spiritual beliefs to admit to it. There are some sane ones among us, but remaining sane can be a challenge. While there maybe some misinterpretations of theories, heated debates about whether something exists or not, or what something is called—it’s all subjective. Spiritualism is taking what resonates with you, and respecting the beliefs others choose without judgment. Learning how to remain sane and balanced is possible, and here are some tips and guidelines that I have developed myself to keep me sane.

Know the difference between a discussion, and someone who wants an audience for their beliefs. There is no point in attempting to discuss things with someone who doesn’t wish to listen, and often those are the crazies. Avoid them, or ignore them.

Don’t try to do things that don’t happen naturally. Attempting to recall past lives that aren’t relevant can cause more harm than good. If a past life issue needs to be resolved, then it will surface. Otherwise it can put your incarnation into regression. A good Sensitive will not reveal unnecessary past lives, even if they can see them. I had heard of a man who had regressed, and unearthed some emotional issues, which resulted in the end of his marriage. It didn’t help him, and instead his path became blocked and lost.

Discover things for yourself  because each of us sees and feels validation in different ways. The temptation is to ask others what they think, and you may get influenced, or they may see things incorrectly and you don’t learn for yourself. Understand these things can take years before the reason is realized. For example, I wondered why I was shown a vision of a friend with her as yet unborn children. Now I understand why two years later; she had offered me a job, and I would have stayed to work with her, which would have diverted me on my path. Knowing she was going to leave work and be a full time mother would have prevented me from taking the job. I had decided not to in any case, but the vision helped me see why I would have stayed if I had accepted the offer.

Avoid clinging to quotes or those who preach. People who follow certain spiritual authors hold onto their every word, but some can seem as if they are brainwashed. This also applies to religious spiritualists who quote the bible, but sometimes out of context. Quotes are not proof in the spiritual world; they merely represent an opinion. I’ve seen too many people say ‘X said this, and so it has to be true, and you must be wrong,’ and that isn’t what spiritualism is about. There are now celebrity spiritual authors with a following, and that can be a little dangerous too. I’ve met people who declare they are groupies; not healthy or sane in my opinion.

Induced out of body activities should be avoided. Quite simply you are opening a portal for all kinds of beings to come in and out, and to latch onto your energies. The amount of people I hear who are distressed after astral projections that include fear, paranoia, and some even claim spirit attachments. This is not good for the sanity, and dabbling into these things doesn’t make you more spiritual. If you must astrally project at least protect yourself, and learn about the pitfalls.

Take things with a huge pinch of salt. In regards to signs, such as numbers or symbols, you can drive yourself crazy over analyzing what numbers you have seen, or I’ve heard of people looking for feathers as signs. Signs do occur, but looking for them or misinterpreting them can make you look unbalanced. Most signs are individual to you, and will appear if and when you need them. Some people look for signs daily, hoping it will change their lives—it doesn’t, signs merely are messages that you should be more aware of things around you, and that the Higher Powers are aware of what your concerns are. It doesn’t mean sit back and let them sort it out—you still have to do your part.

Meditation doesn’t work for everyone. Personally I don’t meditate as it doesn’t work for me, but I know it does for others. It doesn’t make someone spiritual if they meditate, and I don’t judge others, and expect them not to judge me on my choice. Choose what works for you, and what doesn’t. Never feel pressured into doing something because someone says it’s spiritual or it will make you more spiritual. It comes from within, with true intent and integrity, and not from how many books you have read, retreats you have visited, how many times you meditate a day, or workshops you have attended.

It doesn’t matter what others think of your beliefs, as each of us has beliefs based on personal experience and beliefs evolve. Recently I had a discussion on Karma and most people on the forum post decided that Karma could be changed. Most dismissed my premise that you cannot change what has already passed, but I said you can rebalance acts. Someone then interpreted that as changing Karma, however, that’s what they wish to believe. Take for example World War II; you cannot change the karmic consequences of what occurred, but you can make amends and rebalance that Karma with future acts, but it cannot change or erase the Karma that had transpired (adverse Karma generated), thus to me it is logical, but to others they wanted to see that as change. Quite simply if you cannot change the past, how can you possibly change Karma?

There are things people wish to believe, that aren’t necessarily true. It’s how they wish to perceive them, for example some consider the twin flame concept as a sign of an awakening. These are rules that many create for themselves as it suits them, but doesn’t mean they exist. Respect their beliefs, but do not feel compelled to follow suit or take them as facts.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what some terms mean. Often those who know have read about them rather than having experienced them. I know some people who have studied magick and spiritualism, but they don’t actually have the practical knowledge. Using the terms that have been coined doesn’t make them spiritually superior, because many of these phrases have just been created randomly. Don’t feel as if you must read books to keep up with others—if you need to know something, then that knowledge will find its way to you.

Don’t take channeled (or allegedly) messages too seriously. Beside being TL;DR, most are fluffed up with messages that remind you to be spiritual and that everything will be okay. The fact is trusting in these messages can do more harm than good, because things don’t always work out well for all with Karma, and Soul lessons. Blindly following messages that were not intended for you can lead you to disappointment, a loss of faith, and more confusion. If there is a message for you, you will receive it without the aid of others, unless there is personal validation.

Messages for the masses borders on egotism again, especially when these readers make money from it. Sadly, people will be drawn in to hear a message from an Archangel or Ascended Master. I attended one such lecture that was a combination of discussing channeling Angels, with a small demonstration. I wasn’t convinced, even though I was picked for a reading, which didn’t resonate, and had no meaning at all. The message was to stop being lazy and get up and do things, which was frankly an insult as I was on the verge of giving up my own personal goals to help Spirits, and other people spiritually.

Now this was in a famous establishment and from a renowned reader, so after being publicly humiliated, how would this message help me? It didn’t; I admit for a few moments I felt doubt, was I really being lazy? I questioned myself, and how dare Angels judge me when I was freelancing and taking temp jobs to keep a roof over my head while contemplating an unstable, unsecure, and blind faith spiritual path?  While Angels nudge, they could have told me myself, and that was part of my reason for attending the lecture. Channeled messages are not accurate or precise. My trust in Angels lapsed for a period, and I dismissed their validity, but my own sanity told me that messages via others are not always to be relied on. There maybe some harsh truths, but in this case they were wrong, or the reader got the wrong Soul.

Put any spiritual envy to one side. Those with exciting spiritual experiences in life tend to share them, to prove to others they are spiritual. It’s not always the case as people read too much into things, exaggerate, or choose them as an explanation or reason for as happened. There are at least two sides to each story. Often people also manipulate a series of events to suit their own thoughts, so don’t be envious of those with spiritual gifts or who have had spiritual experiences. It’s not as exciting as it is made out to be. Some experiences are useful to be shared, but they are personal to each of us and also why they occurred. The important thing to remember is that over sharing isn’t healthy either; at times it is wiser to keep experiences to yourself, besides the fact that some people will think you insane.

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