When It Feels Like Spirits Or Guides Have Abandoned You

There is a misconception that Spirits and Guides are with us all of the time—they are and they aren’t because they have other Souls to watch over as well. One of the issues I see these days is that people are told Spirits and Guides are always around, but that doesn’t mean they will be active 24/7. People misinterpret what it means, that they see and hear everything, but that doesn’t mean they will intervene all of the time.

While it may seem like they have abandoned you, they haven’t even when you reach out and there is no response, or one that you can see or feel. Sometimes it maybe subtle so you don’t notice, and that is often intentional. When you try too hard, you can’t see what is in front of you. I see it as a sign that there is a Soul Goal involved or a karmic issue to be resolved, and in order to succeed, the role of a Spirit or Guide must be limited.

There is also the expectation that Guides should guide, and Spirits should communicate when we ask them to, and that also isn’t necessarily true. One should not assume or expect help just because they have asked for it, as there maybe other factors involved, especially with other parties, and what happens to you may affect the outcome of a bigger plan. Quite simply, it’s not all about you.

I have read on other spiritual websites and oracle cards that you should ask your Angels and Guides whenever you need it, and yes, they will listen, however, it’s not always their place to help. It also opens up the question, ‘What situation can I ask for help with?’ Asking for help when you feel lost and confused, versus a dilemma such as ending a relationship? One requires guidance, and the other is a choice that was self-created and doesn’t need actual help, but is one that seeks moral validation in what they are doing. Is it true they only help you if you ask? I would say no, because they will help those who don’t ask, because sometimes those Souls need a boost of faith and the Higher Self may have asked on behalf of the Soul.

On the physical realm it is quite different though; with Earth Angels help should be asked for (or an indication, for example someone reaching out for advice even though they don’t say the actual words, help me) because during an incarnation the Soul is often unaware of the goals it seeks. In order for that goal to be achieved, a recognition that help or support is necessary. I have found this to be the case with some charges, when I thought they were aware of their lessons, but weren’t. I helped them by guiding them, but then when I realized they hadn’t learned, had I failed or had I helped too much that they missed the point of the lesson?

Spirit Guides come and go, and with Older Souls they take a back seat. They are more like watchers and the librarian, keeping an eye on things and only intervening when they need to, or answering queries when approached. They offer advice and warnings too, but subtly. Younger Souls will have multiple Guides, and those relationships will develop as the Soul evolves. A Young Soul may click with one Guide more than another, and may feel abandoned when another takes its place. Different Guides are requires for specific events and reasons, and once you realize that, you will understand why some Guides have taken a step back and allowed another to come forward for the time being. Yes, some Guides only remain for a specific event and then leave; there will still be a bond, but a less intense one. They won’t ignore you if you speak to them, but it is no longer their remit when you are no longer their charge. It’s similar to an old teacher at school, they are still there to listen and advise, but it’s no longer their job or responsibility.

Troubled Spirits; the ones that are earthbound or that have asked for help tend to have difficulty in communicating. When they are frustrated they can either over communicate or go quiet when they feel there is no hope. A Sensitive may try to contact them, but it’s like a cellphone; they can let it go to voicemail or ignore the call. Neither is helpful when someone is trying to assist them, but maybe that’s a message that they understand that you can no longer help, or that patience is required. This is the case in particular for Young Souls who don’t understand the boundaries between the different realms. On the Spiritual Realm there is no concept of time, whereas the physical realm is governed by time.

Spirits and Guides will pick and choose when and how to communicate, and it’s not always well planned either. Often it is at night, or the early hours of the morning when the body is more receptive to messages without distractions. Other times can be random when they need to nudge, but they will always be around. Relying on Guides and Spirits isn’t healthy, so when there is no answer consider the fact that you may know the answer already and need to face it. Alternatively it may not be time for you to know something, and they are unable to answer you at present. It doesn’t mean your feelings of abandonment aren’t real or valid, but Guides don’t come forward until you really need them or if they have important information to impart. Usually we have the answers we seek, even though it may not be what we want, and when Guides are silent that’s what the message maybe.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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