The Journal of a Rebel Earth Angel: Volume II


I finished my first journal (get it free here) back in 2013-14, and initially thought of publishing a journal annually. That didn’t quite work out with distractions, even though I had written everything—editing can take so much longer. I published the second volume last week, and I remember someone emailing me and asking when the second one would be out. Here it is a few months late, but there was some heavy editing to do, including a small shift in my perspectives. The great thing about going back to reading your writing a year later, you can see any frustrations and emotions captured in the moment. By editing them, you learn, and also that while it was bad then, that you still survived.

The journals contain my inner most thoughts on spiritualism and lightworking, in more detail than my blog posts here. I chronicle my journey, dilemmas, doubts, frustrations, and describe the less glamorous side of lightworking. Lightworking isn’t glamorous in my opinion, and like all jobs, there are pros and cons—it’s just no one really wants to focus on the cons.

I don’t mind publishing them for free, like my site because if my experiences do help someone then it’s worth it. It’s listed on Amazon and Smashwords, so people can choose where to download it. I hope those of you who read it can take something from it, even if it’s to question a little more or to be more aware of what is around you. I’m working on the third volume already, and it’s a new phase and one where I have no idea how it will go. It’s scary, but also I know that it will be okay, and I keep seeing a beach hut by the ocean. Now I just need that to happen.


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