What is ‘The Shift’ and what does it mean?

Back in late Fall 2013, just before Thanksgiving I looked out and felt ‘a shift’ in the atmosphere. I mentioned it to my friend Bev, and she nodded. I added that it wasn’t a good shift, and after a pause she agreed. We were volunteering on a spiritual retreat in the Berkshires, and rejoined a room of spiritual folk who had come for a weekend of spiritual workshops. The majority were in a buoyant mood, but oblivious to what I had felt.

A shift is when there is a noticeable change in the dimensions that surround us; when the veils that separate each dimension become vulnerable, or become so whisper thin that pockets and holes appear. Portals that have been left open and abandoned expand, and allow all spirits to pass freely through the dimensions. I awoke from an afternoon nap recently and felt a huge emptiness and darkness around me. It wasn’t the first time it has happened, but when a shift occurs a very real picture and sense of reality appears. The truth is that it’s not that pleasant, but do we have control or should we brace ourselves?

Since feeling the initial shift 18 months ago, much has happened in the world, my own life, and to those around me. The predictions I had foreseen occurred, and on an international scale, terrorism coupled with, wars, a refugee crisis, and bombings have become daily headlines. As a Sensitive we don’t get to choose to hear good or bad messages, just messages. More often they are messages to warn, and the occasional one with good news is to alleviate fears.

What the shift means is that the world and the Universe we live in is unstable, and this is due to how humanity has developed as well as how nature and the earth have been evolving (or slowly being destroyed). Glaciers are breaking up, rivers are running dry, storms and earthquakes occur with no warning, and somehow liberty and human rights precede the right to be protected from those who wish to harm humanity. Spiritually what can we do? If people cannot see the error of their ways, how can you help humanity? This shift is increasing in its pace, and it is happening to force humanity to see the truth, that the destruction of society and earth is in their hands.

I want to and need to believe there is hope. Some say the shift is about an ascension, but not all Souls wish to or need to ascend. Indeed many Souls remain stagnant after an incarnation, nor does a shift necessarily accelerate ascension. Things may become clearer to some, but you only truly ascend after transitioning, and that is a choice made at the incarnational review, not during an incarnation. The shift I experienced is gaining speed as events in the world have an effect on other countries whether they like it or not. As the veils between the dimensions erode, there is less protection and events have a knock on effect.

My advice is to prepare for a rocky journey—it will get tougher as humanity will be challenged. Perhaps it has been a long time coming, and only a united front and an acceptance that change is necessary can make this shift less of an endurance task? For each of us it will be different—how you approach the shift will either prepare you for what may come ahead, or if you choose to ignore it, then don’t be surprised when things that seem out of your control occur. A shift warns us that events will move fast, and that lessons need to be learned from them. Humanity needs to wake up and see the reality of the existence it has created—repair the mistakes and help heal the world. It’s not impossible, but it’s not going to be an easy ride either. A shift doesn’t mean you should be afraid—merely aware, and that it is not a singular event, but a series that are all interconnected. The actions of each of us affects humanity collectively, therefore we have a responsibility to one another as Souls and humans on earth. When a major shift occurs, it reminds us of that.

©2016. S. T. Alvyn

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