What is ‘Spiritual Sickness’?

First of all this isn’t to be confused with soul loss, negativity, or the Dark Night of the Soul. Neither will it happen to many people, but inadvertently some spiritual people can cause others to experience ‘spiritual sickness’. Naturally it’s unintentional, but knowing what it is means that you can recognize the signs early on and then can do something about it sooner rather than later.

I’ve experienced ‘spiritual sickness’ a few times, and it’s not pleasant (and I do not wish it upon others), but once you know the cause, you can find a way to heal yourself. There isn’t much written on this either, perhaps because it may frighten people from pursuing a spiritual path, or those that have experienced it didn’t really understand what was going on.

Spiritual sickness occurs (or you are more vulnerable to it) when you are tired or a little run down, usually from a lack of sleep. At first you feel exhausted (the other Soul is feeding off your energy), then you suddenly get symptoms (these vary depending on the Soul or connection who is responsible for your sickness) out of the blue and no medicine works, even for a simple cough or cold. That’s when you know you have a spiritual sickness. It can be brought on in a number of ways:

Mirroring a Soul that you are assisting or communicating with—this occurs when you are assisting a Soul who is transitioning, or if they ask you to help tie up unfinished business. Often these are Young Souls who struggle to communicate, and can be impatient. What can happen is when little progress is made or if communication is limited, they may send a message so that you may see at first hand what happened or if you have doubts, a sign that they do need help. For example, a Soul who was strangled to death and seeks assistance justice, may transpose a feeling of choking so that the Sensitive can be assured that is how they died. This is how some convey messages, in a primitive manner, without realizing the negative consequences on the Sensitive.

Losing energy from the negativity of a charge or or a connection—with emotionally charged Soul Connections or charges, their negativity and fears can impact the Guide or Mentor. This is different from shielding from negativity in general, because there is a chosen bond that must be consciously broken. Initially one would think to shield, but by doing so you also break off the connection with the other Soul and cannot guide them (effectively without getting sick). It’s much better to encourage them to shield, but as most will be Young Souls, they may struggle with this (not know how, or not shield effectively), and as a result leave the Sensitive no choice but to temporarily break from them. When they are in fear or doubt, there is little you can do if they will not listen, but to protect yourself you must do more than shield, you must break the connection until you are healed. This is because such a connection is tightly bonded, that they will feed off your positive energy, while their toxic energies infiltrate yours because of the connection. You cannot guide anyone when they are infecting you.

You cannot shield from ‘spiritual sickness’ because it maybe used as a method to convey a message in a dramatic fashion, usually from a Young Soul. It can be a short or long sickness depending on the intensity, bond and also the physical health of the Sensitive. When it concerns a charge or a connection, you cannot explain that they maybe responsible to them, because they will feel guilty (and create more negativity). While you can attempt to explain this to others, many will not understand how their actions can make another sick, nor will they won’t know how to handle the situation either, but that is why many Guides can control their emotions well, bordering on absolute pragmatism and even ruthlessness. It is often the naïve and innocent actions, and energies of the Young Souls who create spiritual sickness without realizing it, and all a Sensitive can do is to attempt to counteract their fears and doubts. At times that does not work, and the Sensitive must block them off which means disconnecting from them until they are healed. One may think they can shield and still maintain a connection, but this causes delays to any healing, and may exacerbate and prolong the negativity of the connection. By making a short break it also sends others a message that they need to redirect their energies and that their actions have consequences for others.

Some of you may ask why Souls do this, and why can’t a Sensitive protect themselves? Souls don’t do this intentionally, but when there is a connection a Sensitive can see, hear, and feel all the thoughts, including the bad ones where they may experience the last moments of an incarnation. Younger Souls have limited means of expression, which is why there are multiple door openings and closings, and the smashing of items to get attention. By making the Sensitive see and feel through their eyes, it sends a message requesting help, even though they may not realize it is counter productive. A weakened and ill Sensitive is not much use to them, hence once a Sensitive realizes a Soul has overstepped their boundaries they must tell them to stop and to break the connection. It may take time, but the Soul in need will understand, witness what has happened and will hopefully learn from this.

Empaths and highly sensitive people may encounter similar symptoms, but this is not necessarily ‘spiritual sickness’, but is usually when an awakened empath or Sensitive are learning their boundaries around negative situations. Spiritual sickness is much more intense, and occurs only after an established bond has been made or agreed. This is why some people get confused with the two, and think they should have erected higher and stronger shields. However, shields do not work when there is a conscious bond. This has happened to me, and now I realize that I must make that call—to break the connection in order to stop the sickness. If you don’t it will continue, so it’s best to do it as early as possible despite charges or connections feeling confused or being left in fear. They will need to conquer their inner fears alone, and understand the wider implications of their actions. You cannot teach someone not to be afraid, they need to confront their fears, which are often unfounded. Spiritual sickness is rare, with a small minority who have experienced it, but it’s real—very real.

Getting spiritually sick from a connection or charge is more common for Sensitives. If the connection is a highly emotive Soul (not necessarily an empath or highly sensitive person) this can be problematic, as it can leave the Sensitive drained and in a constant state of ‘sickness’. The aura of negativity can be draining, and while the connection may flourish it’s the energy of the Sensitive that they feed off. This is a challenging situation for a Sensitive who wishes to guide and mentor, but at the same time makes themselves vulnerable to an unstable Soul. You may choose to shield, but then any guidance will be limited, and the sickness will remain. Shielding does not allow for healing, because of the energy exchanges—it takes more energy to heal than it does to guide. Therefore, if you use all the energy to guide, there is none left to heal. You cannot do both, when it comes to healing your own Soul. Each must decide for themselves what action to take, as there are different levels of negative intensity, and a Sensitive must make the call when or if to stop, and whether to reconnect or not.

I have experienced ‘spiritual sickness’ several times—the first time was the hardest as I was unsure whether I was imagining it, but when you are suddenly ill for no reason, and no medicine works, and you have had some intense spiritual activity, then you know you have a spiritual sickness. In my case I had both a Soul that needed help, plus a charge at the same time exuding excessive amounts of fear and doubt, and my physical body couldn’t cope. The best way to handle things is to walk away and break the connections, and then take control. I did return to help both separately, but it was draining, and realize now I should have been firmer. I can now feel and spot the signs of spiritual sickness, but it’s not something many people will believe in or understand, because very few people have that degree of sensitivity for it to affect them. Yes, most people will also think you are mad, because while there is a logical explanation, it’s not a tangible one. This goes beyond science, but when you have a fever for no reason, or a cough with no infection and nothing can help alleviate those symptoms, it could be a spiritual sickness if you are a high level Sensitive. Sadly, you may not be able to tell many people this without the risk of being locked up in mental hospital, but just because not many people experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The key message I want to bring to Soul Connections and charges, is that Guides and Mentors can be affected by your actions. You must take some responsibility for your behavior and reactions (even if they are human), and in order for someone to help you, you must help yourself and that of your Guide. It may sound harsh, if you are making your Guide spiritually sick, then you are not learning and may result in that Guide leaving in order to heal and protect themselves. Ironically trying to tell this to Souls that need to transition is actually a little easier, because they know the chances of finding a Sensitive they can trust to help them is rare. In most cases they back off until the Sensitive re-engages, and learn to be less impulsive and appreciate the task of the Sensitive, and work with them.

Balancing lives in separate dimensions is hard enough, but that is why spiritual sickness does exist—there is no prevention, but spotting it early can reduce the impact. It is a lesson for the Soul in need, connections and charges to consider the consequences of their actions, as no one is immune. Trying to explain why I am ill for no apparent reason does get harder (a good one is a sudden allergy), but this is one of the reasons I choose my company carefully, I don’t answer voicemails or emails unless I want to, and can be guilt free when I opt to press the ignore button on my cellphone. A healer can’t heal when those whom they assist make them sick.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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