How do you decide to help a Soul in Distress?

Souls exist on the physical realm and the Spiritual Realm, but does helping one take precedence over another? Recently I have faced this dilemma, and I had to search deep for my reasons for or against helping.

Take for example, you see someone being attacked in the street; that is a Soul in distress that asks for help. Do you stop and help, hope that someone else will instead, or decide it’s none of your business and carry on? Each of us has that free will to choose. Sometimes you aren’t able to actively help; maybe you are in a car and can’t stop so you call the emergency services instead to do your bit. The difference is that you can physically see the person and Soul in need, so you are certain that they need help.

What about those of us that can hear the spirits of the Souls that are earthbound and need help? They are still Souls, but we can’t always be sure they are genuine because we can’t always see them. However, they are still Souls in need, and because fewer people can hear them does it mean we should help them if they do make contact? It’s a tough call, because sometimes they slip through, and you can’t help all Souls. Many may have unfinished business, but is that for you to do on their behalf? In the case of unnatural deaths like murder, maybe it’s necessary because like the film Ghost they may follow you until their murderer has been caught, or justice has been served. Others may need assistance to cross over, but again one must build up trust and that can take time for a Soul that has been earthbound for an extended period of time.

There are issues attached to this, which is why many psychics are reluctant to aid the police in looking for bodies or missing persons besides possibly becoming suspects in the case. Souls, especially Young Souls and those who were murdered are traumatized and as such don’t give clear messages. Often they are hard to decipher or they take rash actions that don’t always help their case. It makes the psychic look foolish at times, but when messages are so vague, it’s like talking to a baby learning to speak—you have to read between the lines and try to decipher what they mean and misinterpretations do occur. Talking to them is not straightforward, so if you imagine trying to understand what a baby is trying to convey, it’s on the same level of communication. What does a Sensitive do? Tell the Soul to wait for someone else who has more time and that can understand them, or risk looking silly in helping a Soul no one else can see or hear?

I pondered this very thought, and as my friend said, What if you are wrong?” That was my greatest fear, accusing others without any evidence except what a Soul is telling me. Then I looked at the bigger picture—if I didn’t help, and no other Sensitive came along to help, then those Souls (if it was true) would replay the whole scenario in the next incarnation. Torn between wanting to help a Soul get justice for being murdered, and tearing up a family by unearthing a covered up murder, what choice is there? If I didn’t help or try, then justice hasn’t been served, and while Karma will play out, that Soul then suffers and cannot heal. The other party may either feel they have gotten away with things or live in guilt and torment. The other question to ask is what if I’m not wrong and I didn’t help, and there isn’t another opportunity for that Soul to be helped during the present incarnation of the murderer? (For the record I have not been wrong as yet, but when it comes to murder, I don’t mind being wrong.)

Another question to ask is “Do I have a right to make this choice affecting others lives, and that of another Soul?” I don’t have a definitive answer to that one, because each of us has to judge that alone. The questions I had to ask myself revolved around whether I was destroying another life and family if I decided to pursue the matter? Then I realized if the person had committed a murder then that is not my fault; they brought it on upon themselves, and have already created adverse Karma. How do you know if a Soul is asking for genuine help? Only your intuition can tell you that. If you can help a Soul in need should you? When only a few can hear a Soul in distress, it’s like a pedestrian being knocked down by a hit and run, and you and another are the only ones there to help. You don’t feel you have a choice, but you do. The only difference is on the physical realm, time is a factor and the need for help is visible; in the Spirit Realm it’s neither.

I have helped Souls that have been centuries old, and I thought that was hard, but those who have recently transitioned are as hard. They are unclear about what has happened, whom they can trust (especially with a murder), and ask for help but are unsure how they can help you. In many cases their deaths aren’t even reported, or are classed as an accident, so how can you prove any of this without the help of a CSI team? Souls on both realms do ask for help, but we can only do what we can. The Soul in need must also cooperate, but a Soul in need is equal on both realms. Just because not everyone can see a Soul in distress doesn’t mean they are less entitled to help, but it does require a much deeper level of faith, and also a firm hand—to tell the Soul in need they must help wherever they can, to learn to send clear messages, and direct whenever possible. Justice is never easy or straightforward, but is possible.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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