Creating your own Spiritual Framework

What is the aim of being Spiritual? I pondered this very basic question as I culled some of my Facebook groups, and stopped following various spiritual websites. Like many, I joined them to find those who were on the same wavelength, but instead discovered people posting dictatorial quotes (under the guise of inspiration, although some were good reminders), alleged channelings from other beings, UFO sightings, more meditations, religious texts quotes, and self-help tips. Instead of inspiring me, the posts annoyed and frustrated me, leaving me feeling negative towards spirituality and so called spiritual people. What I did discover is that many people yearn to be spiritual, or think they are and pontificate to others. So what is the point of deciding to become spiritual, or to follow a spiritual way of life—what does it mean? Is any of this information helpful, or does it make people feel like failures if they haven’t followed the guidelines? The best way is to form your own framework—take what resonates, and use your own lessons to build your own spiritual construct.

Naturally, spirituality will mean different things to each of us, and we all have made a choice, consciously or sub consciously to be spiritual. However, to me, being spiritual isn’t about perfection or ascension, but is when you know and understand yourself, and are being the best person you can be. Through your own personal challenges and character building events, you can create your own spiritual framework with what you have learned, and how you learned. By building on that inner knowledge, that to me is being spiritual.

It’s not about being or trying to be a perfect person (as there is no such thing), and following guidelines in what to eat, say, read, or think. Being human means that we will all experience anger, sadness, unhappiness, frustration, and eat food that may not be as healthy as it could be at some point. I know people who do try to follow these rules and they think it makes them spiritual, but does it? In their mind they may think that eating wholegrains and raw food will make them spiritual—it may detox a body for a while, but how can that alter their morals or behavior? It doesn’t. Neither does following doctrine, but how can you differentiate between that or being inspired? Sometimes it’s better not to read or listen too much, or choose your media with care.

Being spiritual is when you realize that you have learned some lessons, and often it’s a humbling experience. You don’t need to shout it out to the world as it is your experience, but you can lead quietly by example. I have met many proclaimed spiritual people who are arrogant with large egos. To me a truly spiritual person discovers what being humble and modest means, and they use that knowledge to frame their own beliefs. I keep my distance from those who deliver channeled messages (from other beings), telling others what to do, and think. My channeling is from my Higher Self; I offer my opinion and beliefs for others freely. It does concern me that people follow these self-proclaimed chosen messengers and pay for readings, and stop thinking and listening to their own Higher Self. Many are false prophets and without getting religious, being spiritual is to discover what is right for your own Soul Path. We are all at different stages, hence why even Soul Group members will find each other at different stages of their incarnations.

There is no such thing as someone being more spiritual than another, but there are people who delude themselves that they are. You don’t need to hang emblems in the home, change your name, wear certain clothes or colors, or follow a specific diet to be spiritual. Those that do, attempt to find and seek spirituality, then cling to the belief that they are without adapting their morals or beliefs. Enlightenment is when you know you don’t need to listen to others, but exchanging theories and experiences is supportive and helps encourage others on their own path. There is always talk of ascension; people ask then what once you ascend. Not all Souls will, or need to ascend as it comes with great responsibilities. Is it the pinnacle of spirituality? This is not a question that can be answered on this realm, because ascension is  part of a process. Many aspire to be ascended, yet this occurs naturally and only when the Soul has completed all it has chosen to. The ascended Soul never discusses ascension, because that is sacred knowledge, but they will observe and guide. An enlightened Soul will always progress—that is when you create your own spiritual framework and follow your own spiritual beliefs. That is to me a true spiritual being.

©2016. S.T.Alvyn.

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