Interpreting Messages, Signs, and Symbols

How do you know when a Guide or an Angel has sent you a message? There is no simple answer to this, because each message, whether it be a vision, sign, or symbol (this includes repeating numbers, phrases, and words, or hearing the same song played), is individually tailored to the Soul. Very often signs get missed, which is why when you do see repetitions that’s a clue that it maybe a sign. If see the same numbers, that may have a meaning, or if you keep meeting people with the same name, or you hear the name of a place constantly, then it’s very probable that is a message. Once you establish it is a message, you then have to decipher what it means.

This is the tricky part, and only you will know what it really means. You may not know straightaway, but eventually you will understand why the message was given, and its importance. Places, names, and symbols all have different meanings to us as to what we associate with them; therefore there is no single interpretation. For example if a gas fire appeared in a vision to some people it may represent issues to do with the home, or indicate a message of security. However, in my case it would indicate a time of danger and to be cautious due to what I associate with a gas fire. As a child when there were blackouts, the only source of light and heat was the gas fire, and I sat in the dark with my brother scared (as we were left alone) hiding, because there had been a burglary a couple of weeks before.

When you hear certain songs, perhaps the lyrics convey a message and the radio just happens to be on, someone sings it when you are in a coffee shop, or the song plays when you are in a store? Even when you know that it’s a message, you still have free will to decide what to do with it—act on it, or think about it. Sometimes a message will take a while to decipher—weeks, months, and possibly years. I look back and realize how many signs I had missed, but at the time I wouldn’t have known what to do with the message. They are triggers, but sometimes with earthly distractions we don’t notice them.

Messages, signs, and symbols are little nudges—hints at what is the best path to take. It doesn’t mean that things will happen automatically, but is like having the door opened; you still have to choose to walk through it and to look inside. Too many people cling to the 11:11 awakening number and anticipate things will happen automatically. What these symbols represent is that there is an opportunity or change coming up and to be aware of it. I have had many signs and symbols, and some things did occur, and others may have without me consciously noticing. The important thing is not to cling to them and to wait and see what happens—that’s not the purpose of them. Messages come to those who need guidance because either they need a lift, or they need some advice as to which direction to go in.

The best way to interpret signs, symbols, and messages is to be aware of your surroundings, and take note of things that seem to happen randomly (they don’t except for a reason). Piece them together and consider what they mean to you, and what the message may relate to. It maybe something that you have tried not to think about, or that you thought had been resolved. Other times symbols show you where you need to go, or where your focus should be. Another example is when you see items like a piece of fruit—the message maybe in the name of the fruit, or how you feel about the fruit. Once I had a vision of an orange, but I had no idea what it meant, as I don’t eat or like oranges; I thought it might mean to go to Orange County, or a town called Orange (Connecticut), but I found myself retracing some of my Guides steps, only to find I was walking along Orange Street. I found out later, my Guide was known for pacing up and down Orange Street when he worked nearby, waiting for the ships to dock. That was his way of reconfirming who he was to me at the time. So you can see symbols can mean different things for each of us, therefore we must try to clear the mind to allow the symbols to form a coherent pattern, so that we can understand the full message, and not just the odd word or sentence. Realistically, many of us only get a few words or a phrase, and then have to figure out the rest, so don’t be disappointed if the message is partial or cryptic. That’s the norm.

Notice the signs, and take note of the message that is being sent. However, do not cling to them or expect things to occur because they have appeared. Sometimes signs can be misinterpreted as well as missed, and later signs may arrive more directly to help interpret them, as well as being repeated to make it more obvious. When one is blocked, signs may seem oblivious, or things are so clouded they aren’t visible. In these cases, messages may occur when the body is resting during sleep, and signs and symbols will appear in dreams. That’s another way the Spiritual Realm can help guide us, even when we are unaware or blocked with doubt or negativity. Connecting to the Higher Self helps enormously here, as they can help interpret the messages, and that can be through a feeling or a thought. Don’t doubt yourself or your intuition; it is more powerful than an online search or guidebook. Signs are markers to guide us, and to reassure us that we are on the right path, or if we need to change direction.

First published on The Soul Expedition.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

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