Is suffering and struggling part of spiritual learning?

Should being honest, moral, and having integrity lead to suffering, or are there some people who deserve to suffer and struggle? No one can judge who should suffer, but like Karma, struggles and suffering are not wholly dependent on wealth, status, or intelligence. There will always be a debate as to whether those who struggle and suffer are atoning for karmic past life issues, or whether it’s a spiritual way of learning in a fast track manner. Perhaps it’s a combination of both, but the question really is whether it’s necessary, and if so how much? Is it the same as a challenge? When we face a challenge sometimes there is a struggle or some suffering, but there is an end goal. When there is no end goal, one must question the role and point of suffering.

Suffering and struggling is relative to the individual—there are people who struggle to make ends meet each day of their lives, and others that have suffered constantly due to health or environmental conditions. You may see a single mother who struggles to feed her children, or a millionaire who suffers from depression and low self-esteem. Some people cope better than others, and many suffer in silence, or struggle all their lives but don’t complain and accept it. No one can ever truly understand the struggles or suffering others experience, because internal struggles are intensely painful and are hidden.

Do you trust in Spirit that things will all work out, but what happens if it doesn’t? Is that possible, that Spirit will let you down? Not all endings will have a happy result, it’s just not realistic, so one may ask, “What lesson was that, and what was I supposed to learn?” Sometimes the lessons are vague, not ones we really want to consider, but they occur nonetheless. You may think you went through all that suffering and what for? A Soul lesson you can’t comprehend? I’m afraid sometimes that does happen, as you ask, “Did I really need to learn that?” All I can say is that we have to learn everything at some point, so it’s out of the way at least. It’s like taking a physics exam (my worst subject) and getting it over and done with.

Many search for a spiritual reason or solution, but sometimes there is neither. So how can you trust in Spirit when you see others struggling or suffering, or experience it yourself? Have blind faith or trust that things will get better, wonder what lesson this is supposed to teach you (along the lines that everything happens for a reason), or accept your lot in life? Often the lesson may pass us by, or is one that we choose not to mull over. Very few of us will or can analyze each event and ascertain a lesson from it. On the physical plane, actions occur subconsciously, and it’s better that way otherwise trying to find explanations for everything is not actually living.

The premise that those with morals and integrity end up suffering and struggling more than those that act in a less honest manner appears flawed, but it does happen. Surely that’s all wrong, so how can that be spiritual? Allegedly we choose our lessons, and I stand by that, however, we are led to believe we are never given more than we can handle. If we accept that premise, then those who do suffer and struggle have chosen to, and are supposed to be strong enough to cope. Even the strongest among us can get weary, broken down, disheartened, and discouraged. Some do pick themselves up and bounce back, but not all. Is this a lesson to others to show there is hope when all is lost? We may hear the odd story here and there, but was it Spirit or Faith that helped, or maybe a chance fate of circumstance that had been pre-planned? There must be a backup plan when things don’t go accordingly, but how far does Spirit let things go before it kicks in?

I do believe we can learn about our strengths and weaknesses through suffering and struggling; we appreciate things more, or discover strengths and abilities we may never have had to use before. However, I do draw the line at prolonged struggles, because either it’s a block that we are unable to recognize or admit to, or is it a lesson where we still can’t see what the purpose is. Once someone has learned their lesson the struggles should ease off, yet that is not always the case. It’s here I wonder why Spirit allows those struggles to continue, because all it does is hinder a person’s will and growth. Spirit to me has a responsibility to encourage and not discourage, and there needs to be a balance. Yes, one must learn, but when one gets so low, and learning is negligible or barely registers, shouldn’t Spirit then pause or stop? How can the lesson be worthy when a Soul cannot fully utilize the lesson to be learned?

In my own experience taking the path of morality and integrity can, and does lead to struggles. Is that fair? We may keep trying to remember the bigger picture, and to lead by example, but to what end? To have internal struggles and suffering, by trying to do the right thing. How can a moral person lead by example and not be a martyr? It doesn’t encourage others to take the moral path if they see others struggle. If your morality leaves you homeless, and dependent on the kindness of others, was it worth it? Life is about encouraging others and inspiring them—how can you inspire another to be spiritual, moral, and to be a person of worth when others see them struggling and suffering? No sane or sensible person would choose that path. Those of us who endure the struggles may wonder what is it all for—in the end we distance ourselves and do it for the self. Often it’s because it was a one-way path. To inspire, one must have encountered and overcome struggles, but as they linger on, one wonders, “How much more?” and should moral people struggle more, just because they can cope?

Then do people try to attribute suffering and struggles to Karma? Perhaps it is possible, but as someone asked me, how can you differentiate between that and a Soul Goal? You can’t always, but once the adverse karma has been balanced, it theoretically should admonish the suffering. What about those who experience one incident after another, where there never seems to be a respite? I don’t feel that the Soul learns effectively through constant suffering and struggles, because what is left to encourage them? If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, what motivates you to want to carry on the journey? That’s when a Soul will just stop, not necessarily give up, but wonder what it’s all for, and what is the point? A Soul needs more than Faith to wish to continue at times— there needs to be something more to look forward to than a lesson learned; safety, peace and tranquility. Others call it enlightenment, however, if you are homeless, living hand to mouth, or are unemployed, can that be called an achievement of enlightenment? I’m not sure and I wonder if it’s possible. When I find out I will let you know, because one can learn from the lessons of suffering and struggling, but when they persist, one has the right to ask why.

All I can say in a message to Spirit and all the other beings, is that there is fine line and a limit; don’t push it. Those of us that are lightworkers and that lead by example don’t have an easy time in an incarnation of duty—making it harder deters many from accepting the call (creating more work for those who remain), and many will also switch off when it’s too much. In all relationships there is give and take—one may also say in time things will fall into place, but waiting too long results in a weary Soul that doesn’t wish to continue. Time maybe infinite in the Spiritual Realm, but not the physical plane—the human body has a time limit. Either they will reject more lightworking duties, or as in the case of Old Souls (but not limited to), choose not to incarnate again. How does that help humanity Spirit? It doesn’t; struggles and suffering should be relative, because as more humans witness and feel the pain of others, many never want to return. What does that teach us all? That while we can learn on an internal level, it discourages and demotivates on a wider external level.

To evolve there needs to be a balance. I, for one may have learned a few difficult lessons through my struggles, but does that endear me to want to reach out and help others by being a martyr? Honestly, when, and if my struggles fade away, I’ll be glad to be able to rest and breathe. Some are inspired by the path I have chosen, but they pity me too. They can see my struggles, admire my strength and faith, but is that what it’s all about? The Soul may learn its lesson, but the Soul must also live on the physical plane—once the lesson is learned, the struggles and suffering should be over theoretically, but not for all of us. This doesn’t create a quality of life, or an incarnation where the Soul learns as effectively. Naturally there are external factors to consider, but even when Soul Contracts are involved, the well-being of the Soul should always come first.

Taking an invisible moral high road, and behaving with integrity does not make you immune to suffering or struggling; it may create some beneficial Karma, but Karma operates alongside, independently of Soul Goals. While we can learn about ourselves through struggles and suffering, is it spiritually logical? Can we ever prevent or stop the struggles or suffering, or are we partly responsible through our own actions. It’s more likely a little of both, yet struggling and suffering will continue to exist in humanity— maybe it is to teach us all to help and support others more? If suffering and struggles ceased to exist, or became less prevalent, then the world would be a better place to live in, and more Souls would choose to reincarnate.

With the current globalization trend, where money, property, and status, dominate, there are philanthropists that do help to ease existing issues, but circumstances as well as people create struggles and suffering. Perhaps people should consider the consequences of their actions—will it lead to others struggling and suffering, and if so how to limit or avoid it? Sadly, human nature and multinational corporations don’t always think like that, and create more suffering and struggles than are necessary in this world. Profits come before laying off workers who need to support their families. Perhaps that’s the kind Spirit won’t interfere with, hoping humanity will learn from it? I’m not sure the world is listening though—the message hasn’t been received…

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.


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